Kidney shaped solar pool covers

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The thickness of this pool cover is long lasting however flexible enough to be folded or rolled when not in usage.
Use a silver solar cover for your inground pool to lure heat yet block UV rays, dirt, leaves, and also more.
Designed through a blue backing and also silver-colored air bubbles, this round solar pool cover absorbs and also distributes the sun’s energy.
A dark solar pool cover attracts and holds warmth, bring about less warmth loss in addition to evaporation.
This affordable choice need to be handled closely because of its 8 mil thickness, but will certainly alleviate UV expocertain and also debris in your pool.

While it might look choose a huge item of plastic, solar pool covers are especially designed for usage on above-ground and also inground pools, along with hot tubs. A solar pool cover offers a variety of benefits, making it an essential part of pool care and maintenance for a lot of homeowners.

Choose a pool cover based upon the dimension of your pool, and your priorities for a pool cover, which might include increasing water temperature making use of solar power,staying clear of warmth loss via evaporation, or reducing UV expocertain which effects chlorine levels. Also, take into consideration the type of material for your pool cover and also the thickness; these components influence durcapability and attribute.

Ahead, the ideal solar pool covers for your swimming pool or hot tub.

Best Overall:Sun2Solar 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

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Size: 15 x 30 feet | Shape: Rectangle | Thickness: not provided | Material: Plastic | Weight: Approx. 30 pounds

What We Like

Minimizes transforms in water chemistry

Easy to roll

Trim to fit

What We Don"t Like

Not available in round or oval shape

This blue solar pool cover gives the necessary attributes you require and is available in a selection of sizes to fit your pool. Made of a functional resin, it strikes the balance in between being thick sufficient to be long lasting and thin sufficient to transmit warm from the sun.

The bottom of the Sun2Solar pool cover is covered in air bubbles, which should be placed dvery own right into the water—leaving the smooth side encountering up. The surchallenge of the light blue cover will certainly absorb UV rays from the sunlight, while the bubbles will certainly transmit the took in energy into the water below. While it’s true that clear solar pool covers transmit more of the sun’s power into the water, they let in even more UV rays that reason significant changes to pool water chemistry—requiring even more chemicals to stop algae and preserve right water problems. This light blue cover is an extra functional option for homeowners that are searching for a pool cover to keep out debris, lock in warm at night, and absorb the sun’s power throughout the day.

Best for Inground Pools:Pool Supply World Velox Silver Solar Cover


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Size: 16 x 32 feet | Shape: Rectangle | Thickness: 16 mil | Material: UV Resistant | Weight: Not Listed

What We Like

Protects versus UV rays

Extra durcapacity from 16 mil thickness

What We Don"t Like

Heavier to fold or roll

This silver solar cover is a good pick for inground pools. The UV-resistant silver-colored material permits the sun’s power to pass through to the water below yet likewise protects versus some of the effects of UV exposure on pool chemicals. A thickness of 16 mil suggests added durcapability, which is handy if you plan to use a pool cover reel to quickly save your inground pool solar cover. Whether you setup to use your solar cover throughout the day or at night to proccasion a steep drop in water temperatures, this Velox Silver Solar Cover has your pool extended. It’s easily accessible in various sizes ranging from 12 x 20 feet to 25 x 50 feet.

Best for Above-Ground Pools:Summer Waves Adjustable Round Solar Pool Cover


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Size: 10-15 feet | Shape: Round | Thickness: Not Listed | Material: PVC | Weight: 9.3 pounds

What We Like

Drawstring adjusts for miscellaneous pool sizes

Made of long lasting PVC

What We Don"t Like

May be loose on smaller pools

Only fits pools approximately 15 feet in diameter

Inground pools benefit from ground insulation, however above-ground pools need to contend through ambient temperature loss via the sides of the pool. Plus, these pools are still topic to heat loss via evaporation. In reality, the UNITED STATE Department of Energy reports that each pound of 80-degree Fahrenheit water lost from a pool via evaporation outcomes in a loss of 1,048 BTU of heat from the pool. A solar cover for above-ground pools solves these problems, while likewise minimizing the time you have to spfinish skimming your pool of leaves, bugs, and pollen.

The Summer Waves Flexible Round Pool Cover is sized for above-ground pools through a diameter of 10 to 15 feet. A drawstring cord permits you to pull the cover snugly roughly the pool perimeter. Keep in mind that smaller sized pools won’t have actually as tight of a fit, but it does carry out a solid surchallenge to store debris from falling right into your pool. It’s made of a thick, durable PVC that is also opaque for UV resistance.

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Best Round:Midwest Canvas Space Era Solar Blanket

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Size: 16 feet | Shape: Round | Thickness: 12 mil | Material: Resin | Weight: Not Listed

What We Like

Silver bubbles to carry heat

10 year restricted warranty

What We Don"t Like


For a round solar pool cover, think about this alternative from Midwest Canvas. The Gap Age Solar Blanket is a 12 mil thick solar pool cover, which is thick enough to withstand frequent set-up and removal. It fits pools of miscellaneous diameters, depending upon which choice you choose. You deserve to always trim the cover if it’s a tiny too huge. This variation stands out for its ‘area age’ silver air bubbles, which deliver the sun’s power however minimize the impact of UV exposure on chlorine levels in your pool.

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Best Oval:Midwest Canvas Supreme Solar Cover for Oval Pools

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Size: 16 x 32 feet | Shape: Oval | Thickness: 12 mil | Material: Not Listed | Weight: Not Listed

What We Like

Clear for better warm absorption

5 year warranty

What We Don"t Like

Recommfinished for over ground pool usage only

If you have actually an oval-shaped pool, shop for a solar cover that matches your pool’s shape and also dimensions. Round pool covers might leave the end of an oval pool exposed, while rectangular solar pool covers may have actually as well much overhang.

The Supreme Solar Cover from Midwest Canvas is made to match the form of oval pools and also comes in 7 various sizes. Like many type of other top solar pool covers, this one is likewise 12 mil thick. It’s clear, so it will the the majority of of the sun’s energy to pass through and warmth the water underneath the cover. Keep in mind, though, that this may likewise mean you’ll have to add even more chlorine to the water.

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Best for Hot Tubs:Spa Depot Thermo-Float Spa Blanket

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Size: 8 x 8 feet | Shape: Square | Thickness: 16 mil | Material: Not Listed | Weight: Not Listed

What We Like

16 mil thick material

Reduces evaporative warmth loss as much as 95%

What We Don"t Like

Only accessible in one size

A hot tub solar cover keeps out debris but likewise conserves energy. A spa blanket, as they’re sometimes referred to, reduces heat loss—keeping your warm tub warmer and also ready to go via less energy usage. This option from Thermo-Float is made of thick 16 mil material that is sturdy and also energy-effective. Unfavor thinner solar pool covers that are 8 or 12 mil thick, this version stays clear of up to 95 percent of evaporative warm loss.

It actions 8 x 8 feet, yet the manufacturer advises you to trim it to fit your spa via an overhang of around 2 inches. The plastic bubbles have to be inserted facedown; they will absorb solar power and also transfer it into your hot tub water.

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Best for Heat Retention:In the Swim Premium Plus Solar Blanket

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Size: 16 x 32 feet | Shape: Rectangle | Thickness: 12 mil | Material: Not Listed | Weight: Not Listed

What We Like

Aluminized cover to move heat

Blocks UV rays

7 year limited warranty

What We Don"t Like

Heavy to move

If your primary objective for a solar cover is to maintain your pool’s temperature, then shop for a dark-colored solar blanket. This blue-black version from In the Swim is designed to retain warmth and also proccasion evaporation. The solar cover is 12 mil thick and also features an aluminized bottom to boost warmth transport from the sun’s rays to the pool water. It have the right to raise water temperatures approximately 15 levels, while at the same time reducing the amount of debris that lands in your pool.

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Best Budget:Sun2Solar 800 Series Solar Pool Cover

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Size: 18 x 38 feet | Shape: Rectangle | Thickness: 8 mil | Material: Not Listed | Weight: Not Listed

What We Like

Blue resin blocks UV rays

Trim to fit

What We Don"t Like

More prone to tearing

A pool cover is a smart way to save both time and money given that it can protect your pool from debris, heat loss, and minimize the result of UV rays on your chlorine levels. If you’re also looking to minimize your spending on the pool cover itself, then this choice from Sun2Solar is an affordable solution.

Made of 8 mil thick resin, this is not the thickest solar pool cover on the market yet it will certainly acquire the job done. Be sure to pull gently once establishing up or rerelocating the cover from your pool. It’s obtainable for tiny to big swimming pools and also have the right to be trimmed to fit your pool particularly. The light blue shade of this solar cover will certainly absorb the sun’s energy while reducing its results on your pool’s chlorine levels—which can minimize the amount and also price needed for pool chemicals.

Final Verdict

The Sun2Solar 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Pool Cover (watch at Amazon) is our height choice. This rectangular cover functions thick plastic construction, which renders it wonderful at retaining heat and also preventing evaporation. For a round solar pool cover, we recommfinish the Midwest Canvas Space Period Solar Blanket (view at Pool Supplies). It deserve to be trimmed to fit the dimensions of your pool and also blocks UV rays while still enabling solar power to pass through to the water below.

What to Look for in a Solar Pool Cover


Choose a solar pool cover that around matches the dimensions of your pool. However before, know that a lot of pool covers can be trimmed to fit the specific size and also form of your pool without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re in in between solar pool cover sizes, go with the larger size and use scissors to cut it down to dimension. You may also must trim a pool solar cover for a uniquely shaped pool, favor a kidney pool.


The thickness of a solar pool cover is measured in millimeters. Typically, you’ll find 8, 12, or 16 mil choices, though various other thicknesses (choose 14 mil) are periodically watched also. Thickness is a vital consideration as soon as buying a pool cover since it results exactly how heavy the pool cover is together with exactly how long lasting it will certainly be. Thicker pool covers are much less most likely to tear or rip when placing the cover on your pool or removing it. In addition, thinner pool covers typically allow more of the sun’s power to reach the water below the cover—however additionally may enable for even more heat loss throughout the night.


Tbelow are three main products for solar pool covers: vinyl, polyethylene, and also polypropylene. Vinyl pool covers are very sturdy however have the right to be hefty. Polyethylene and also polypropylene covers are incredibly common; pick a thicker cover if you desire a cover that is more tear-resistant.

When it concerns material, you’ll also have options regarding the color of the solar cover. Opaque (or solid color) pool covers will certainly block UV rays that impact pool chemistry but additionally cause less passive heating from solar power. Clear solar covers enable the sun’s rays to pass via to the water below and can result in the largest temperature increase, yet also commonly reason an enhanced need for chlorine. Silver or light blue covers that autumn in in between opaque and also transparent are regularly a good deteriorate. Solar covers made of these products block some UV radiation while still allowing for solar heating.


How perform solar pool covers work?

Solar pool covers occupational to retain heat and also minimize evaporation. They contain tiny air pockets that capture warm from the sun that is then moved to the water in the pool. Solar covers also act as an insulator so that warmth can not escape the water in the pool. It"s a great method to minimize pool heating prices as it uses heat from the sunlight to insulate and also minimize evaporation as opposed to a conventional pool heater which requires electricity.

Are solar pool covers effective?

Solar pool covers are efficient as long as you use them repetitively. Using one overnight deserve to reduce warm loss and also make the water warm sufficient to swim in the next day. They"re even efficient at reducing chemical depletion in the water and also keeping bigger debris out of your pool.

Do solar pool covers reason algae?

Although it can be suggested that better temperatures in pool water may reason algae to prosper, solar pool covers alone don"t frequently cause this. Tright here are a number of points that deserve to reason algae growth including the visibility of nitrates, very heat temperatures, rain water, or imbalanced chemicals. Having low chlorine levels in your pool can reason algae to grow exceptionally swiftly. You"ll additionally want to make sure rain water does not acquire stuck on optimal of your solar pool cover as this ca rise the hazard of algae development also. As long as you clean and also care for your cover and pool frequently, you shouldn"t have any kind of troubles.

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