The Fallen, Hive, Vex, and also Cabal. Nasty little blighters. Here"s exactly how to kill them all.

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Tips for killing all Destiny enemies

You"ve currently captured up on how to beat the early on Fallen enemies in Destiny, however tright here are three more races of baddies and also 3 more planets to come (two, actually, if you"re going to be pedantic about the Moon.) Destiny"s goals sell throw 5 or six opponent kinds at you at when, so learning what you"re dealing with and also having methods to succeed is crucial to getting to the end of the campaign.

Here"s just how you kill every little thing.

How to kill The Fallen


Dreg - Dregs are, as the name implies, the lowest caste of Fallen. They"re basic meat, however they can be distracting in numbers and also will easily duck for cover. A few well-inserted shots through pretty much any kind of weapon will check out them off, and also clusters of them deserve to be conveniently erased through grenades. Don"t waste your Supers on Dregs.

Vandal - Vandals are even more annoying than Dregs, being harder to kill, quicker to take cover and favour mid-variety combat. The are variants of Vandal, which bring various tools, but they"re only really dangerous in a crowd. On there very own, they do not last lengthy against standard weapons. Pulse rifles are an excellent alternative for managing Vandals, and be mindful before lobbing grenades at them: they"re even more than qualified of gaining out of the way.

Captain - Careful with these. Captains deserve to use Arc shields and also have actually the ability to teleport out of the line of fire. The white line above their health and wellness is the shield level, and if you knock it as well low the Captain will retreat and also attempt to recharge. Flank them if feasible, and try to use an Arc damage weapon.

Shank - Shanks are floating drones supplied as support for various other Fallen. At low levels they"re simple, and deserve to typically be dispatched through a melee strike or a few shots. Later, you"ll see Shanks via Solar shields: use Solar damage to finish them easily.

Servitor - This is the fabled "large eye", a hovering world via a short-range teleport. They"re slow-moving, making it basic to targain the central weak spot, so take out any accompanying troops initially. Servitors deserve to heal themselves, yet they"ll never reason you also a lot trouble.

Skiff - The Fallen"s dropship, a unit that dumps reinforcements into battle. They"re sensibly harmmuch less. Target the turrets if a Skiff gets frisky through you, however otherwise just disregard them. Don"t, but, neglect the points it"s transporting.

How to kill The Hive


Thrall - Thrall are rush devices with no tools which simply exist to surround and kill you. Shoot them as a priority, preferably through an auto-rifle. If they gain too cshed, switch to a shotgun and melee attacks. They may be harmless at selection, yet a load of them can reason you serious difficulties up close. Get rid of them quickly.

Cursed Thrall - A variant of the regular Thrall, Curse Thrall explode either once they get cshed to a player or get shot. Targain them in a load of various other Thrall to create a grenade-favor effect and kill everything approximately them. Cursed Thrall glow white, so you can easily spot them, and for great reason: the explosion is incredibly effective. Don"t get almost everywhere near them.

Acolyte - The Acolyte is a dumb Hive. They"re easily eliminated with your primary weapon or melee attacks, but they get more exact if you let them uncover cover. Just shoot them and also they"ll die.

Knight - Knights are serious organization. They come in a number of variants, all of which are bad news. The many widespread Knight uses a projectile weapon and shields itself via a black wall, however in this state they are at risk to flanking. They have the right to absorb many health, so take treatment when you view them in the load. And, whatever before you do, don"t obtain close to a Knight through a sword: it"ll most likely kill you.

Wizard - Wizards can be infuriating. They float, ducking and also diving above combat, and pound you with white missiles while healing various other Hive. You"ll require a precision weapon and also some distance to eliminate them, and don"t also think about grenades. What you"re looking for right here is DPS.

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Ogre - Despite their dimension, Ogres aren"t as fearsome as they look. They have a beam of Void energy that shoots from their single eye and a ground smash that damperiods opponents front and ago. Don"t acquire close, continue to be in cover to prevent the beam and simply smash it via precision fire. They"re slow-moving, so they shouldn"t cause you also many type of troubles. They bring many health and wellness, so the odd rocket does not go amiss through an Ogre.

Shrieker - The Shrieker is a stationary turret which just shows up, normally wbelow you least want it to be. You hardly ever before view them - they spawn just a few times in the project, but they"re powerful, shooting Void energy from long distance. Stay in cover, and also usage precision fire or rockets.

Tomb Ship - Anvarious other dropship, this time transferring Hive. It can phase in and out of the sky, and also is even more dangerous than its Fallen counterpart, the Skiff. Aim for the turrets if a Tomb Ship becomes problematic.

How to kill The Vex


Goblin - Goblins are robotic cannon fodder. Aim for the boy; if you shoot the head, it"ll come off and the body will charge at you regardless. Goblins are fairly weak, so just drop them via your typical tools.

Hobgoblin - A Goblin variant through sniper tools referred to as Line Rifles. They put up a flaming shield as quickly as they"re hit, however this is a plus. Shoot them, watch them put the shield up and line up the shot in the meantime. As shortly as the shield drops, blast them. You have to have turned Mr Hobgoblin right into Mr Dead Hobgoblin.

Harpy - Anvarious other floating drone along the lines of the Shank. The eye is the weak suggest. At greater levels, and in teams, Harpies can cause a good deal of damages and be tough to deal with thanks to their high mobility. Keep relocating, and be all set to switch to a shotgun if you get surrounded. Use Arc weapons to ruin Harpies on Mythic challenge.

Hydra - You"re in trouble here. The Hydra is a huge, hovering Vex fronted by an energy shield and also Torch Hammers. You should acquire in cover and also try to land also shots on its eye. Stay out of this guy"s way: failure to execute so will certainly result in quick death.

Minotaur - A group of Minotaurs is the worst point you can view on the basic Destiny battlearea. This is a straight-up disaster fight: smash them with Arc weapons to rerelocate the shields and also just attempt to lay down as much fire as possible to sheight them regenerating. Minotaurs teleport commonly and also will certainly attempt to get close to you to engage in melee combat. By that allude, you"re probably looking at the regenerate display. Pummel them through every little thing you"ve gained as quickly as you have the right to.

How to kill The Cabal


Legionary - The Cabal"s Warhammer 40K-esque typical trooper. They have actually jet packs and also jump about to attempt to obtain cshed to you, but they"re slow and also stagger as soon as hit, making them as easy kill for auto-weapons.

Phalanx - This is fundamentally a Legionary through a shield instead of a jet pack. They aren"t specifically dangerous but they"re tough to kill. Aim for a limb or exposed leg. Once hit, the Phalanx will throw up its shield and stagger, making space for further hits. They"re also fragile to flanking.

Centurion - Very nasty. A large Cabal, the Centurion brings substantial fire-power, a jet load, shields and a ton of wellness to the party. Use a Solar weapon on the shields and also consider Supers and also rockets to carry them dvery own. Like the Wizard, the Centurion will certainly hide to recharge its shields. If it gets into cover when you"ve depleted the white line, attempt rushing it via a shotgun. Fear is for the weak, remember.

Colossus - The Colossus is a big robot which can make you quickly dead through its ground pound and powerful long-variety fire. Use precision headshots from a distance and also never get cshed.

Psion - Small, Dreg-like Cabal which dart around and shoot from cover. They reportedly have an Arc energy weapon, however they"re so weak they hardly ever before get a possibility to usage it. Shoot them easily.

Harvester - The Harvester is the Cabal"s dropship. Aget, aim at the turrets if you should, but it"s typically much better to let it vanish and also resolve the troops it deploys.