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The Liftgrasp / Chamberlain LA-412 gate opener is a residential and also light commercial direct actuator via solar capabilities. Gate Materials: Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Chain Link, and others.Weight and length: Up to 16" in length OR 850 lbs Max level of opening: 100 degrees.Gate Message or Column size (pull to open): Max 7" x 7" short article or gate installed 4" from the rear confront of a column.Push to Open: Yes, setearlier above does not apply(Not Included)Solar Compatible: Yes (10 Watt Panel Included)Power: Battery (Included with traditional box)Operating Temperature: -4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C)

The manufacturer argues that experienced installation required. uses more skilled assistance than anyone. If you require help deciding if this gate opener has the abilities that are ideal for your gate we have actually live application experts easily accessible 9am - 9 pm EST 7 days a week or attempt our exclusive gate opener recommendation tool 24 hours/day.
DIY Installation


For over a decade has been the premier online retailer of gate openers and also gate opener accessories. Since of our comprehensive technological and installation expertise, we are authorized to sell to the DIY market. If you purchase a LA 400 or LA12 gate opener system from and install it yourself, your warranty eligablitily will certainly be well-known by LiftMaster and also sustained by You deserve to access our trained technical staff 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, EST. The LA 400 and LA 412 have the right to be mounted through easy family tools and also carry out not require any kind of specialized tools. Wiring forced for the installation is easy and also straightforward as it is all low voltage wiring.

When you DIY install your gate opener system, you will certainly conserve $1000s of dollars over the life of your gate opener. You will have actually working knowledge of your gate opener installation and just how the gate opener works. This will certainly make it much easier for you to troubleshoot your mechanism and also perdevelop regimen maintenance, if necessary in the future. uses more experienced assistance than anyone. If you need assist troubleshooting or installation support via your gate opener,we have actually live technical support experts accessible 9am - 9 pm EST 7 days a week or attempt our exclusive gate opener referral tool 24 hours/day.
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Most people don"t also realize the make of their garage door opener because they"ve never before had a problem that required contacting the manufacturer. This type of relicapability is now delivered in their LA-412 gate opener.

The Liftmaster / Chamberlain LA-412 Single Gate Opener is a low voltage device, eliminating the should run expensive 110 volt AC power wire to your gate. The solar panel (10 Watt Panel included) charges the battery, so tright here is no reason to run wire to any kind of other power source. Additionally, the LA-412 meets the high safety requirements of UL 325 listing for a trusted, safe gate opening gadget.

The Liftgrasp line of gate openers now attribute built-in MyQ modern technology. Liftmaster"s MyQ innovation permits you to control your MyQ permitted Liftunderstand tools ideal from your smartphone. When associated to the Liftmaster 828LM Web Gatemethod (not included), you will have the ability to take benefit of the built-in MyQ connectivity. The MyQ technology offers you the included convenience of regulating all of your MyQ Liftunderstand openers right from 1 gadget. is the DIY aspect. better adds to many of our gate openers for much easier DIY installation. We have developed exclusive components (example: simple adjusteady mounting brackets), customized instructions, and market a complete spectrum of accessories to truly cover all facets of the installation of your gate opener. In addition we have the biggest staff of manufacturing facility trained technicians in the US.
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CONTROL BOARD, EASY READVERTISEMENT DIAGNOSTICS - The LED light diagnostic on the regulate board permits basic diagnostics of problems or missing relationships. This permits efficient repair and also swift continuation of normal electric gate procedure.SOFT START/SOFT STOP Soft start/soft soptimal is a attribute in which the regulate board, during the set up process, learns where the opening and cshedding points are for the swing of the gate. Then throughout normal procedure the gate operator immediately slows the motion of the gate to smoothly meet with the entrances destination allude. This reduces stress on the gate and also operator for extended functionality.BI-PART LATCH - Designed to enable one gate leaf to begin opening or cshedding individually for those gates that have actually overlapping leaves. ADJUSTABLE CLOSING TIMER Set your gate to cshed in between 0 and 120 seconds after reaching the complete open position. ELECTRONIC LIMIT SWITCHES - Set the limit switches through simply the press of a switch for precise, easy setup. ON BOARD RADIO RECEIVER - It is compatible through a number of wiremuch less remotes and permits procedure of a variety of tools with one remote - such as the garage door and the gate opener. INPUT TERMINALS - For convenient addition of accessories requiring favor loops, sensing tools and controlling gadgets.

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QUICK, SAFE AND SECURE MANUAL RELEASE - The LA-412 operator comes through a manual release vital that can be used should the power fail and the backup battery is not charged. This ensures that the drivemeans gate have the right to be opened without damaging or disconnecting any type of components. HIGHEST LEVEL OF SAFETY - This operator is designed via sepaprice pressure adjustments for obstructions. If the gate meets an obstruction while it is opening it will reverse to cshed, and if it is closing it will reverse to open up. Furthermore, the LA-412 is UL 325 Listed. HIGH LEVEL OF CONVENIENCE - The Liftunderstand MyQ technology enables you to control your gate ssuggest from your MyQ application allowed smartphone and also 828LM Web Gateway.SOLAR-READY ULTRA-RELIABLE SYSTEM - Simple solar convariation delivers power as soon as you require it many and also is extremely power effective at all various other times to maximize solar performance.PROGRAMMABLE AUXILIARY RELAYS - quickly add added features, such as warning lights/alarms.SYNCHRONIZED CLOSE - Simultaneously closes gates.KEYED MANUAL DISCONNECT - When unlocked, allows gate to be operated manually.INHERENT REVERSING SENSOR - Detects obstructions or enhanced tons. Reverses gate when closing or tops/reverses the gate once opening.FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPLIANCE - Allows gate to auto open upon loss of AC power or battery depletion.SURGE SUPPRESSION - Provides commercial surge and also lightning security against strikes as much as 50 feet amethod.COMMERCIAL-DUTY CAST ALUMINUM HOUSING WITH HEAVY-DUTY DC MOTOR - Powerful sufficient to perform in the a lot of demanding applications.ANTI-TAILGATE - Prevents unauthorized accessibility. Gate will pausage as soon as closing as auto pulls onto interrupt or breaks photo bean. Once automobile backs up, gate will continue to cshed.QUICK CLOSE - Closes the gate immediately after a vehicle pulls off the interrupt loop. has actually the sources you require. How do you use your gate opener mechanism once you acquire it? is the only retailer to give a genuine answer to this question. We have construct videos for installing many kind of of our gate openers and commodities and also write DIY concentrated manuals for the majority of gate openers and also have actually individual instructions for each accessory to be mounted via each gate opener.
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The ordering choices for the Liftunderstand residential gate opener series involve choosing your desired frequency and also the size of the manage box. Standard box measures: 14" x 10" x 6," wright here as the bigger upgraded box measures: 20" x 17" x 6."

Tbelow are two options: w/ Standard box: comes via the conventional control box. w/ large regulate box: comes via the bigger, upgraded control box. (Please note the bigger box is to keep a larger battery - batteries are not had via the larger box) Also if you need a dual gate opener mechanism, yet are unable to run low voltage wire underneath your drivemeans, Liftmaster has a solution for you. You can sindicate purchase 2 single gate opener devices and via the developed in network-related communication. This will permit to single gate opener devices to job-related as a double opener device.

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Batteries (with traditional box) Control BoxOperator Arm through Power CableControl Board Bolt on BracketsLow Voltage Transformer10 Watt Solar PanelLiftmaster Receiver
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Products: 2) LiftMaster single-switch Transmitters (811LM)

Please describe hand-operated for Tools Needed. Depfinishing on the kind of gate, power supply and contributing environmental components added devices or provides may be needed. Please testimonial the product manual associated with this gate opener design for even more details.
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“The LiftMaster LA412 and also LA412 Dual solar gate openers are rated as much as 550 pounds and entrances as much as 16 feet in length. The LA412 kits come through your choice of regulate board enclosures, a 10 watt solar panel, and your alternative of transmitters. LiftMaster offers the LA412 a 2 year warranty. The LA412 has a lockable release that permits you to unlock the arm, so you deserve to manually open your gate. The motor on the LiftMaster LA412 is around 2 and also 1/4 inches in diameter and also around 4 inches long. The worm drive gear transmission is made up of stainmuch less steel and brass gears. The equipment transmission spins a shaft that both controls the screw drive and also the limit switch device. This shaft is riding on sealed sphere bearings. This gate opener has actually a secondary limit switch that tells the gate opener, that the gate has actually been unlocked. This is a well made gate opener, with the only exemption being that the limit switches are electric and not magnetic. This form of limit switch is at risk to contamination and might should be reput at some suggest in time.The LiftMaster LA412 has the alternative of two various regulate board enclosures. Each control board enclocertain includes the same LiftMaster control board. The manage board on the LA412 and LA412 Dual has every one of the necessary plugins for any accessories you wish to include to your gate opener. These can incorporate departure wands, exit loops, edge gadgets, miscellaneous security tools, and also locks. One down side of this regulate board is that it is very complex.The larger regulate board enclocertain, is made to hold a bigger battery that you need to provide. One downside of this box is that it does not organize a larger group dimension 24 deep cycle marine battery in this box. A battery of this size will certainly be useful to you if live in a room that does not acquire many sunlight for some periods of time. The traditional regulate board enclocertain comes complete through 2 batteries.When you order from, you have the option to pick the transmitters. Gate Crafters consists of 2 transmitters of your alternative, you deserve to either obtain LiftMaster transmitters or you have the right to pick the Estate Swing transmitters. When you pick the Estate Swing transmitters you will certainly receive an enhancement receiver. A couple positives of the Estate Swing transmitters is that we have actually successfully tested them up to arrays of 1400 feet, they are much less expensive than the LiftMaster transmitters, and you will certainly be able to usage the Estate Swing wiremuch less key pads also.Gate Crafters was started in 2002 with the goal of offering our customers through high quality gate openers. Our specialists understand gate opener inside and out and also will be able to answer any kind of questions you might have. We have actually technological assistance available 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, eastern time. So please provide us a speak to, send us an email, or use our live chat on our website, we are even more welconcerned answer any question you might have.”

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Liftmaster/Chamberlian"s residential operations are situated in Elmhurst, IL and maintains a large reaching branch of international offices. Its production has actually been in Mexico for more than 20 years. In company for over 100 years this agency is renowned for its garage door, gate operators and also other accessibility oriented innovations.

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