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Heating Hardhardwood and Laminate Floors

Low-voltage for Heating Hardlumber Floors

FloorHeat attributes a self-regulating, semi-conductive polyethylene heating aspect (obtainable in rolls 9 and 12-inches wide), that can be conveniently installed for effective, energy-efficient floor heating applications. The lightweight polymer heating facet is so thin that no floor buildup is compelled, and it will not impact your floor"s weight fill. The resilient, self-regulating radiant heating system provides safe, also heat distribution, making this mechanism a particularly attractive option for heating hardtimber floors.

This innovative floor heater has actually been installed in dwellings and businesses for almost 2 decades, proving itself to be a favorite among many type of expert installers. Because the FloorHeat STEP"s distinct heating facet is self-regulating, you deserve to be assured that the mechanism not just gives safe warmth for your floors, but that it is extremely efficient as well.

Low-voltage for Laminate Floor Heating

The FloorHeat STEP floor heating aspect is easily accessible in various widths and also sold in rolls. The low-voltage floor heater can effectively heat just around any type of type of floor, but its characteristics make it especially well suited for installation under laminate and hardwood floor surdeals with.

FloorHeat STEP"s versatile, yet very resilient heating facet, can be reduced to length on the project site. The innovative polymer heating aspect deserve to also be nailed or stapcaused the subfloor (for nailed hardtimber applications) without damaging it. (However, take note to protect against nailing thru the bus braids along the sides of the heating panels.) The durcapability and also adaptability of the facet facilitates quick, simple installation and also energy-effective, evenly spread warmth for your floors.

In-floor Heat for Carpeted Floors

Would you like to add luxurious warmth to your carpet floors? FloorHeat STEP radiant floor heating elements deserve to be safely placed directly under carpet flooring surdeals with, making this an excellent heating system for warming carpeted floors. The heating aspect can be mounted easily and conveniently. Call a floor heating expert today to learn more, at 888-488-9276.

Low-voltage FloorHeat STEP Features and also Benefits


FloorHeat STEP features a thin, resilient 9- or 12-inch wide versatile heating aspect that deserve to be cut to length on the project website.

FloorHeat have the right to be placed closer to the surconfront than most other radiant floor heating systems.

FloorHeat is self-regulating, so it draws just the energy forced to keep the appropriate temperature.

FloorHeat is 100% effective, interpretation that all the electric power is transferred straight to warmth.

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FloorHeat have the right to be installed under virtually any flooring, including: hardlumber, tile, carpet, laminates, vinyl, and also marble, and so on

FloorHeat is appropriate for renovation/retrofit applications and also new building jobs.

FloorHeat is so thin that no surchallenge buildup is important.

The floor heating facet can be stapled and also nailed via for basic installation.

Low-voltage FloorHeat STEP System Components

The Power Unit

The power unit, along with the step-down transprevious, converts line voltage to low voltage. The progressed circuitry in the power unit regulates the system, ensuring safe, exact, and also optimal performance.

Due to the fact that FloorHeat STEP operates on low-voltage it does not need a ground fault switch. For typical applications, the system is usually associated to a 24-volt transprevious, however FloorHeat deserve to also be powered by solar or wind-power sources. The FloorHeat STEP radiant floor heating system is maintenance totally free, easily zoned and also incredibly power reliable.

The Activation Device

kosid.org floor heating thermostats are 100 percent automated, enabling you to save energy and also have the radiant floor furnace activate and also shut off once desired. You deserve to regimen the floors to heat just before you gain up each morning and then shut off as you leave for occupational. Then the system have the right to activate again, simply before you returning residence from occupational.

Thermostats with an in-floor sensor (to measure floor temperature) and thermostats via ambient sensors (that detect room temperature) are accessible from kosid.org.

The Touch Thermostat deserve to be offered in conjunction through the regulator on the STEP Power Supply, via the STEP AC Controller or via a DC Controller.

The Heating Element

Manufactured in the USA (ISO 9001 certified manufacturer), the FloorHeat STEP radiant heating facet is a distinct, low-voltage, flexible polymer heating element that comes in different widths. The element attributes a thin profile and can be reduced on site; and also bereason the heating facet is self-regulating, it is very reliable. When the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance in the heating element rises, lowering the usage of electrical power. As the aspect gets warmer, much less electrical energy passes through it, ensuring that the FloorHeat system will not overwarmth, making this among the safest, most energy-effective systems on the industry.

The flexible polymer heating aspect is likewise not affected by weight tons or people walking on it in the time of the installation. The functional floor heating panel is generally offered for renovation as well as new construction tasks, and also because of its thin profile, there is no require for any floor buildup. The FloorHeat STEP system deserve to be set up to successfully warmth all forms of floors, including, tile, stone, hardlumber, laminate, long lasting and also carpet, etc. The low-voltage radiant heating element provides FloorHeat STEP an excellent radiant heating option for safely heating hardtimber floors. This exact same polymer heating facet is also offered for roof de-icing applications, and is just one of the few - and finest - remedies for heating metal roofs.

Low-voltage FloorHeat STEP Installation Tips and also Info
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