Both electrical and also hydronic radiant heat units have certain benefits for particular applications. The adhering to highlights the advantages Heatizon"s low voltage radiant warmth units have:



The ZMesh heating aspect is installed directly under the floor surconfront without any floor buildup. The 12" wide ZMesh is rolled out over the location to be heated then nailed and/or stapbrought about the timber subfloor.

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Gypsum or concrete slab is forced for installing a hydronic system. It is estimated that it costs approx. $4.00 or even more per square foot to install a hydronics in-floor heating system than it does to install Heatizon"s in-floor heating system.

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Evenly Distributed Heat

Electric radiant heat warms your floors evenly because it offers 100% of the system"s enegery. A hydronic device, yet, heats the floor less the better ameans the hot water gets from the boiler (watch illustration below). Hydronic units usage just 65-85% of the system"s power.



At better elevations, electrical radiant warmth still is 100% effective, where as hydronic units are also less effective than at sea level.

Heating System Comparison
EfficiencyLow-VoltageRadiant Heat SystemHydronic(Hot Water)Floor RadiantHydronic(Hot Water)Baseboard
Efficiency at 100% of capacity100%65-85%65-85%
Efficiency at 50% of capacity100%35-65%35-65%
Efficient - relative thermal100%100%50-75%
100% of power is ceded towarm elementYESNONO
Ideal sized capacity of "Off Peak" conditionsYESNONO
MaintenanceLow-VoltageRadiant Heat SystemHydronic(Hot Water)Floor RadiantHydronic(Hot Water)Baseboard
Annual Maintenance Required - filters to clean or changeNOYESYES
Easy to repairYESNONO
Controls - straightforward and also reliableYESNONO
Cost SavingsLow-VoltageRadiant Heat SystemHydronic(Hot Water)Floor RadiantHydronic(Hot Water)Baseboard
Expandable - conveniently and econimcallyYESNONO
Floor covering - Compatiblevia allYESNOYES
Floor room compelled for installation (mechanical room)NOYESYES
Decorating constraints for furnishings, wall coverings, and so on (no registers, grills, radiators)NONOYES
Installation and also Operation - simpleYESNONO
Structural building price boosts required to accommodateNOYESNO
Venting forced to exterior and combustion air requiredNOYESYES
Concrete forced - continuous or lightweightNOYESNO
RemodelingLow-VoltageRadiant Heat SystemHydronic(Hot Water)Floor RadiantHydronic(Hot Water)Baseboard
Retrofitability - in existing concrete or ashpaltYESNONO
Retrofit right into joist area effectivelyYESNONO
Simple alteration for remodelingYESNONO
Easy and effective for big or small areasYESNONO
Minimal floor area elevation boost (1/8" or less)YESNOYES
Health & SafetyLow-VoltageRadiant Heat SystemHydronic(Hot Water)Floor RadiantHydronic(Hot Water)Baseboard
Health & Medical (does not distribute dust, pollen, allergyns through the air)YESYESYES
Environmentally-friendly (Greenhome, glycol, etc.)YESNONO
Safety (no high-voltage, no warm surfaces, no combustible gases)YESNONO

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