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I made the attached table comparing the 3 smaller sized Lunt Solar Telescopes. The numbers are based on the telescope specifications from the Lunt website and making use of the CSGNetwork Telescope Calculator (online). I"m just seriously considering purchasing the 50mm and the 60mm. I"ve acquired some GREAT advice from a member below currently (THANKS BILL!!!) however wanted to throw this table out tbelow for general conversation.

Lunt 50mm B600 Lunt 60mm B1200 Lunt 80mm B1200 f/7
$3350 Light Grasp = 51X) Light Grasp = 73X) (Light Grasp = 131X)

EP (mm) Resulting Magnification 25 14x 20x 22x 20 17x 24x 28x 10 35x 50x 56x 7 50x 71x 80x 5 70x 100x 112x

The primary reason I now think spending the additional $800 on the 60mm over the 50mm would certainly be worth it (besides a larger blocking filter) is the increase in magnification (e.g. for a 7mm eyepiece the Lunt 50 = 50x magnification vs Lunt 60 = 71x). This is for visual only and also yes I execute note the increase in Light Grasp too!

Yes, the Lunt 80mm has actually MUCH more light understand however not much more magnification than the 60mm for the price. But the 80mm is really out of my price variety for currently. And yes I have looked via the 80mm!


In your suffer, would certainly the greater magnification calculation values analyze right into real life visual viewing pleasure for the 60?

$800 would certainly buy a lot of extra equipment, gas, mac and cheese, and so on.

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P.S. The price of the Lunt 50mm in my table INCLUDES ordering the Feathertouch focuser to rearea the Helical!

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P.S. The price of the Lunt 50mm in my table INCLUDES ordering the Feathertouch focuser to relocation the Helical!

Good choice!!




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I had actually pretty much determined on a 60mm solar scope before I descended on NEAF. Being a hydrogen alpha neophyte I didn"t desire to spend "too much" and I assumed 60mm (I went with Lunt LS60THa/BF1200) was a severe but not overwhelming financial commitment.

As for the money I "saved" acquiring a 60mm vs an 80mm, I did obtain an ASI174MM since I desire to perform imaging.

I"m certain I would run out of seeing prior to I ran out of eyepieces to get me the magnification I want, so that was not a consideration.

EDIT: I re-review your write-up and also realized you were asking about the 50 versus the 60. I did not want a helical focuser yet did not understand the 50 could be had through FT.

Regardless, the "sweet spot" was 60mm for me ..

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It"s pretty dark out tright here in the hot sunlight. If you decide to double stack (which you most likely will) then the additional light will certainly make it worthwhile. I have the 60mm front filter for my 60mm and also I"m just starting to have to squint. It"s not dim, yet I wouldn"t mind if it were brighter. Of course a shade/towel over you helps a bunch and then the brightness is pretty good. The added refixing power of the 60mm will assist a tiny. I wish I had gained the 80 just for that. The Charlie Bates world have a dual stacked 100 that they lug dvery own and it"s awful. I do not think it"s as clear as my 60. They do not think so either. It could just be the seeing below.

Just for recommendation 12mm in my 60 is about what I constantly clear up the zoom on. It shows the full disk plus a tiny. I commonly don"t obtain roughly to observing till later on in the day, so I hardly ever gain to zoom in much.

ismosi: ASI174MM, yup. Nice cam. I"m going to be taking it DSO"ing right here in the near future.

With the B1200 you"ll be collection for using a electronic camera.

Get a moped. Macaroni is additionally great through just butter, salt and also pepper.

Astromart. There"s a 60mm in Reno for $2800 with a 50mm front filter, Lunt zoom, etc. Crayford focuser...are they really worse?