Midwest renewable energy tracking system


Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS)

kosid.orgsconsin electrical suppliers usage the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS) to track renewable power generation and also demonstrate compliance via the kosid.orgsconsin Renewable Portfolio Standard.  M-RETS tracks renewable power generation and assists participants in verifying compliance via their individual renewable power portfolio objectives and needs.  It also facilitates trading of renewable power credits throughout the area to help in meeting policy requirements and goals.

History of M-RETS

In April 2007, Governor Jim Doyle and also the Public Service Commission of kosid.orgsconsin (kosid.org) announced that kosid.orgsconsin had actually taken the lead in the Midwest to implement a local renewable power tracking mechanism.  kosid.orgsconsin joined the claims of Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota and the province of Manitoba in implementing this device.  The agreement marked a milestone in meeting the region"s renewable power goals, helping the assorted jurisdictions to collect information on renewable power production and giving a system for monitoring their respective purposes.  In July 2007, the kosid.org launched the system, designed to save the prices of renewable energy dvery own and encourage added renewable energy development in the public interest.

In February 2011, the kosid.org transferred its contract via the M-RETS administrator (APX, Inc.) to a local nonprofit establimelted to overcheck out M-RETS for the lengthy term.  The kosid.org functions via the local nonprofit, M-RETS, Inc., to oversee management of the tracking device and also advance and also execution of its plans and also steps.

kosid.orgsconsin Launches Renewable Energy Tracking System

Midwest Region Works Together to Meet Renewable Energy Goals

M-RETS Website

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