Military surplus solar panels

Years ago I met a DIYer in Arizona that made, by hand also, his 2,000sqft rammed earth home, which was 100% solar which he purchased from a armed forces excess auction. I am curious if others have done this and also if it is worth it or not, considering the recent advancements in solar panels.

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In the US tbelow are govt and armed forces excess auctions below and also there.

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a variety of ARCO solar panels have been popping up in The golden state newly. These were initially supplied by state highmeans depts for road signs. I've tested some of the panels and also they geneprice around 80-90% of their nameplate rating, despite being in the desert for decades. The thing you have to look for is clouding of the panel (from negative sealants) or physical damage (cells cracked). But this deserve to be a reasonable resource of panels if you can find enough of them to compensate for the unpreventable damaged ones in eextremely lot.

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Was this an earth ship? this sounds like an earth ship. If so, he most likely has passive cooling and also heating and whatever. The solar component is ultra low, so whether those panels perform worth a damn is marginal. How huge was the array? did he quote his Kwh/m (or year) generation?

6 or 8 panels. I don't recall the kwh generation. yes, an earth ship, but had actually clerestory, one wall was rammed earth in tires. inside you wouldn't understand - it was tiled floor, spacious, and adobe wall and also firearea. I remember they had actually correct electronic devices in the home however monitored big appliance use for certain times. don't believe electricity was offered for heat/cool.

Outside and approximately the city of Prescott, Az you will certainly find these houses. Very fun stuff, however hellavthe majority of work-related to construct yourself :)

Military excess is going to vary a good deal in availability and also quality. Transportation of items can also be an problem.

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