Non Reflective Solar Panels

Many kind of businesses are in search of means that enable them to take more manage over solar power manufacturing. Industrial customers investing in solar energy are looking to keep their future power bills under their very own control, also contributing to ecological protection. This has made solar energy well-known roughly the people.

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Solar panels are widely offered by various industries. While the benefits of solar are many, there have actually been problems of visual dianxiety such as flash blindness and veiling. The hazard of an ocular affect is a worry for locations such as airports, wbelow pilots, tower personnel and even armed forces personnel have the right to be disturbed by a glint or glare from the solar arrays. This has actually began to end up being a barrier towards the reliable implementation of solar.

Possible solution(s)

The way out this problem is technology-based – a layer of the anti-reflective (AR) film is coated on the glass of a PV solar panel which enhances the panel’s transmittance by reducing the reflectance on the surconfront of the glass. However before, the life of AR coating is restricted bereason of herbal corrosion and cleaning of panels.

Anvarious other reliable choice to reduce reflection is by texturing the surface to make the glass anti-glare. The anti-glare glass roughness is better than that of the normal glass. When the diffusion effect is boosted, some of the reflective light deserve to be transferred into transmitted light, which makes it effective for power generation, also on cloudy days.

The outcome

Anti-glare solar panels have the right to proccasion light contamination across:

AirportsMilitary Areas

How we are transforming the scenario

All PV panels with Vikram Solar have the right to be customized to the anti-glare version as it is the AR film that is the key here. Once the panel is coated, the anti-glare glass significantly decreases the light intensity, and tbelow is no stimulation to the huguy eye, making it a smart alternative for tasks close to airports or equivalent areas with strict anti-glare demands.

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Metaplasco MADAGASCAR is a agency functioning in the supply and also installation of solar units.

1 – We want to understand if you have photovoltaic modules monocrystallines of low luminance of reflected ray, with dark aluminum framework or without structure.This task is cshed to an airport and also we are in search of solar panels that may not dazzle the pilots of planes.Could you give us a quotation for 72 kWp if you have panels via even more than 300 Wp per unit.

2 – We would certainly like additionally to know if you have a collection of tools for cleaning photovoltaic panels: a high push cleaner, 2 functional garden hoses of 20m in size, 10 brushes through 2 rotating discs, 10 brushes through a rotating disc, 5 lances telescopic, etc.Could you please quote us at the CIF price for 2 lots.

Thank you

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