I freshly purchased the telescope and camera noted in the topic title. Using a 26mm eyepiece, I had the ability to watch saturn, but as soon as switching out the eyepiece for the cam, tright here was no photo of Sarevolve at all (not even an area of light on the screen). It didn"t even look prefer the camera was viewing anything. (I used the video camera throughout the day to watch mountains so it definitely does work). I was wondering if anyone can define what form of magnification the cam has actually and also carry out any type of advice on working the cam. I am very brand-new to this so it might be a straightforward adjustment that I am not doing.


I have the starshoot 5mp and also the sensor is quite little. If you don"t have actually Saturn dead center in the EP prior to you switch out for the electronic camera, you will have actually a difficult time getting it on the sensor. 



I newly purchased the telescope and camera provided in the topic title. Using a 26mm eyeitem, I was able to watch saturn, yet as soon as switching out the eyepiece for the cam, tright here was no photo of Saturn at all (not also a room of light on the screen). It didn"t also look prefer the video camera was viewing anypoint. (I supplied the camera in the time of the day to check out hills so it certainly does work). I was wondering if anyone can describe what kind of magnification the electronic camera has and provide any kind of advice on working the camera. I am very brand-new to this so it may be a straightforward adjustment that I am not doing.


Tbelow are a couple of possibilties. Were you in emphasis once you changed to the imager? The focus point of an EP and a CCD imare markedly various. Was the object on the sensor? A 26mm EP is rather wide compared to the extremely little sensor of the imager, it is ideal to usage a high powered EP to center the target first. Was the get of the cam high enogh to register the target? If both the acquire of the electronic camera and the emphasis are incorrect then nopoint will certainly show on the display, finest to revolve the acquire as high as possible initially and also then change as essential.

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Thanks so much for the quick response and suggestions. I had the cam on it"s default settings other than enhancing to the max resolution for my computer. I did not try the 9mm eyepiece but the object was rather focused. I"ll definately attempt these adjustments tonight. After concentrating through a 9mm eyeitem and then switching it out for the camera (via the obtain level high), execute I then usage the telescope emphasis knob to change the picture mirroring on the display screen and also then usage the electronic camera settings to adjust the clarity? 

If tbelow are any kind of various other suggestions regarding particular adjustments that might help develop a decent photo, do not hesitate to post!


Focus first and then change the settings. Also what I carry out is after gaining focus I take a fine guideline sharpie and also note the focus tube. Then you recognize wbelow emphasis is and also following time you use the electronic camera all you need to execute is discover the mark and fine tune it.


I"ve been having troubles via this same cam. I did have success shooting Mars, in the finish via a 6mm eyepiece to centre Mars, then switching to the video camera. However there is a large gotcha. It seems that the "automatic" expocertain manage, which I can not seem to rotate off, falls short completely when the taracquire object is too tiny. I want to use this as an auto-guide camera, but also pointing at Arcturus, through it bang in the middle of the frame, I acquire a blank image. Defocus the star, and it suddenly shows up. Focus it dvery own tight, and it vanishes.

I"ve put in a question to the Orion internet website this day. Will let you know if I get a response.

I acquired a solution from Orion. Here"s the tip, in situation it helps anyone. Haven"t tried it yet...

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Turning auto white off and relocating the red and also blue sliders might help.

I hope you are making use of incredibly bappropriate stars. The chip in this camera isn’t really for detecting dim objects.

Please watch peras 12 – 15 for tips on using the SolarSystem IV video camera.http://www.telescope.com/assets/product_files/instructions/29404_06-11.pdf

Clear skies and good observing,Rich N.

I obtained this camera this day, June 19, 2014......sort of sorry I acquired it. Spent 2.5 hours trying to gain ANYTHING to show up on my screen. My spotting scope is almost dead on and also I ensured the planets (Sarotate, Mars and Jupiter) were dead center in the telescope making use of a 9.7mm and also a 2X 3 aspect barlow.......nothing yet black screen. Total disappointment! I imagine possibly if world have a camera/GENERAL PRACTITIONERS electronic guidescope it might job-related good for yet hands-on knob users......not so a lot. I"ll probalby end up returning it and also obtaining a remoney....I love astronomy yet I refuse to job-related at it this a lot for nopoint in rerotate and I have no money for a multi-thousand also set-up through a electronic camera or GENERAL PRACTITIONERS guided system!!!

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