Pagan solar eclipse rituals

Even if you resigned yourself to not looking directly at the sunlight throughout the solar eclipse bereason you missed the watercraft on securing proper eye wear, you deserve to still use this impressive astrological event to your routine advantage.

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Charge your runes. Runes have actually deep ties to solar energy. If you have a set, leave them under the eclipse to absorb this amazing solar energy.

Call the power of the lion. For the eclipse tomorrow in the US (August 2first, 2017), the moon will certainly be in Leo, supercharging this zodiac sign’s power tremendously. Any spells that the lion might improve, such as spells for confidence or courage, are best carried out on this day.

Create a huguy sunlight dial. If you will be celebrating the eclipse at a public routine or via your cstove, organize hands in a circle in the time of the eclipse and chant to raise power throughout this epic astrological moment.

Gather the light. Leave any type of crystal points you need to absorb the magic of the eclipse so that you can “keep it” for future use.

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Make sunlight cakes. These are so perfect to pass approximately for cakes and ale or just as a solar eclipse “party favor.” If you’ve never before made sunlight cakes, here’s exactly how.

Burn some sunlight magick incense. While most blends easily accessible at occult shops cater to the moon’s power, tright here are incense blends and also potions made particularly for the sun’s power. This is the perfect time to explore sunlight magick!

Do a gold glitter blessing. Any craft store has glitter easily accessible in gold tones. Get some, pass it out ideal prior to the eclipse, and also then let everyone scatter it like confetti. It creates a super mystical vibe and also is a great means to raise power.


Place a piece of red jasper or garnet near your heart. Wear a red jasper or garnet necklace during the eclipse to draw the substantial power and influence of the eclipse’s solar power towards you.

Pass approximately a chalice of mimosa. Ovariety juice and also champagne both have actually solid solar associations, making them the right pour for spiritual chalices. Pass some approximately during the minute of totality.

Make a wish. In a spiritual tradition that places so a lot emphasis on the power and beauty of lunar power, the power of moon is no even more noticeable than in that rare minute once it actually blocks out the light of a celestial body that is 400 times its dimension. Stand in the majesty of her shadow and ask her to make points take place for you.