Power center with push-button digital manage panel and also backlit LCD readout One solar valve and one motorized valve actuator Water and solar temperature sensors Built-In Diagnostics Integration through IntelliFlo and also IntelliPro Variable Speed pumps for maximum efficiency and also power savings

Solar pool heating is a smart investment. Make the many of it with the smartest, many efficient solar controller you deserve to buy: SolarTouch™ automation from Pentair Water Pool and Spa®. Only the SolarTouch solar mechanism offers you the precision and reliability of complete digital manage. Just set the digital thermostat and SolarTouch will monitor the temperature of the pool water and also solar collectors. Whenever the sunlight offers enough energy for effective heating, the SolarTouch controller opens up a motorized valve and sends filtered water to your collectors. If temperatures drop, the system shuts the valve to keep cold water out of your pool. SolarTouch technology brings you these advantages:
Exclusive digital temperature regulate assures the most precise, efficient heating feasible. Temperature control can be set in one level increments.Exclusive solar valve allows collectors drain as soon as not in usage, avoiding stagnant water or unsafe heating conditions. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seal and also rugged motorized actuator provide years of maintenance-cost-free procedure.Exclusive LED indicator lights confirm that SolarTouch automation is functioning. Service indicator LED indicates when attention is necessary.

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Further features include:

Pool-cleaner pump protection—stays clear of damage to your pool cleaner pump that have the right to outcome from air in the solar collectors at start-up.Control of a solar booster pump (not included)—for systems that need added circulation. Activated just as soon as solar power is obtainable.
If you choose the energy and also money savings of a solar collector, you’ll be amazed at the IntelliFlo® and also IntelliPro® Variable Speed pumps. These pumps have actually conserved more money for pool owners than all other variable rate pumps combined. Now, today’s IntelliFlo and also IntelliPro Variable Speed pumps sell you all these cost-conserving advantages:
Estimated savings of up to $1,500 every year on your pool power costs-approximately 90% versus conventional pumpsUltra-efficient irreversible magnet motors, as supplied in progressed hybrid carsPrecise matching of motor rate to your pool’s needs8 programmable speed settings and also built-in timer for maximum effectiveness and savings.

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With the ability to run at lower speeds, you accomplish near-silent pump operation - about 4 times quieter than many traditional-style pumps.Exclusive software program and digital controls for simpler programmingSuperior pool filtration for cleaner water, thanks to longer run times at optimized pump speeds.Totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor design for long life and also quiet operation.Integrated keypad—no need to purchase individually at an included expense.Built-in diagnostics safeguard the pump for longer business life.
An IntelliFlo or IntelliPro Variable Speed pump lets you access all the energy-conserving power that SolarTouch automation hregarding offer. You can:
Maximize solar effectiveness by choosing the specific manufacturer recommended circulation prices to your solar collectors.Control the flow to and from the collector.