This Pine Top fence-write-up cap accent light renders an extraplain style alternative for any kind of drivemethod, deck, pool location, or other location in the garden.

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It provides energy-effective light illumination because it doesn’t need conventional power to occupational.

This fence-short article light functions 4 white LEDs, a solar panel on top of the item that captures Sun’s power, and a dusk to dawn sensor that transforms the light ON and OFF automatically.

The light comes in 4-inch and also 5-inch vinyl short articles and 4-by-4-inch wood short articles. Made of sturdy ABS plastic through a weatherproof finish that comes in a range of colors such as black, copper, white, the fence-short article cap comes in miscellaneous actions (view specification listed below for even more info).

The light demands no wiring making it really easy to install anywhere you want.

The light requires 2 batteries (which are contained in the unit) for functioning. As proclaimed over, a solar panel is located on the height of the cap that store refuel the batteries which produces power to lit-up the lights effortlessly.

The light lit-up 8 or periodically even more than 8 hrs after a full battery recharge.

The item comes in gift wrap, so if you desire to sfinish it to someone as a gift item you have the right to execute it conveniently.

As with any kind of commodities tright here are some pros and also cons via this fence-short article cap, some customers complained that the summary does not inform that this lights isn’t a great for working in winter season, really disappointed worry bereason most of the people favor to install one time and it must work-related round the year.

Some complained that the mounting device is really dumb and also fear that it might loss off while mounting the lights, or concerns about screwing them into the fence post.

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Also the plastic cover is not a great top quality, sometimes it cracks while installing/uninstalling the unit.

The batteries installed appropriate underneath the solar cell bereason of that the batteries acquire very warm from the Sun’s heat, provides them as well warm and decrease their life time.

Not a simple job to disassemble the unit, the screws are at a weird angle so the head gets stripped when you unscrew it and also one last really annoying thing is you need to disassemble the whole unit to gain at the batteries.

But tbelow are things you can execute to prevent the above points, such as for mounting the item on a fence or a wall surface, run a thin bid of clear silsymbol about the bottom.

Its invisible, it will certainly store them from falling off, and helps seal them from the negative weather results rather.

And if you want to change the batteries ssuggest run a blade roughly the silsymbol to pull them and gain the batteries reinserted.

And here is somepoint which excites you to buy this item; this light is brighter than a lot of other article lights because it has actually four bappropriate white LED’s.

It additionally have a nice square shaped huge solar cell on peak of unit, which gets enough power to work-related throughout night once it obtain totally charged.

Last yet not the least is the price of the item, which is in a normal range for anyone to afford it.

Specifications of Plastic Fence-Post Cap Light

4 white LEDs2 rechargeable AA 900mAh NiMH batteriesWeight 8 poundsDimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.1 inchesMade of resilient plastic via a weatherproof finish1 year replacement warranty