Radiant And Unique Potions And Poisons Hd

After some research that lead to dead ends mainly, I don't also understand if this is possible. I would certainly simply choose the potion's appereance to resemble its effect prefer the non-crafted potions carry out. I came throughout Radiant and also Unique Potions which alters the default bottle of self-made potions yet for my expertise this would certainly still lead to all self-made potions making use of the very same mesh and also texture even if effects differ. Can someone direct me to a mod for this situation or tell me if this is at all feasible to mod?


Everypoint is possible, some things just haven't been done yet.

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If you're looking for a distinctive mix you have the right to constantly use tes5modify and also rerelocate sets of potions managed by one mod and allow an additional to impact the rerelocated sets. This is what I execute to produce diversity in my potions.

I use Radiant and also distinctive potions glow through silly level of information and also Potion Replacer. Had to make a replacer patch for Potion Replacer as it's worths are unwell balanced.

Potion Replacer as it's values are unwell balanced.

What execute you suppose by this? For any worths of the potions themselves (effect, duration, etc.) Potion Replacer carries forward the USKP changes.

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Off topic: my favorite potion prettifier.

On topic: The means it's put up is that eexceptionally crafted potion supplies a specific mesh, and also eexceptionally crafted poison offers a 2nd mesh. This is bereason there are literally hundreds of kinds of potions that the player have the right to make, and there are not entries for each type of potion in vanilla Skyrim. In truth, I'm not entirely sure how skyrim potion crafting functions. I think each there's a document for potion, and also one for poison, and I don't understand wright here in the game it defines what the effect is. (I think it functions the exact same way enchantments do, and I haven't looked at that bit of code).

It could be feasible if someone was willing to someexactly how limit potion crafting - i.e. only allow you to craft particular levels - minor via extreme or whatever - and also need particular recipes. That means it would certainly be feasible to make a document for each potion that might be crafted. Unfortunately this would certainly make a substantial mess of alchemy in basic and also the alchemy menu in certain, and be a pretty massive undertaking.

My knowledge of this is pretty limited however, as much as I know it's technically possible however would certainly require basically recreating the whole alchemy system from the ground up, and the recompose wouldn't be as amazing as the current system in miscellaneous means, so it's most likely not worth it.