Radiant armor remnant from the ashes

Keep in mind – because Remnant maps are procedurally produced, some players won’t discover the item at the collection place, though the same principle of just how to gain the item uses and you’ll just should scout a little more. The trick items will certainly generate within a set “zone”.

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Also worth discussing is that some keys don’t spawn for everyone as each world is different. An easy trick to acquiring trick items rapid is to sign up with a co-op session of someone who has a specific trick that you require and also you can acquire it that means.

Radiant Armor Set Location

You’ll must uncover a NCOMPUTER in Yaesha after killing The Warden. This NPC has actually a “pay scrap for a secret” dialogue choice. Exhaust the choice and you’ll be able to buy the Radiant Armor pieces from him.

Remnant From the Ashes

Other Secret Items Locations

Magnum Revolver (trick handgun) LocationTo acquire the effective Magnum Revolver you’ll should find a Strange Coin and carry it to Ace (in Ward 13), you’ll likewise be rewarded through 300 Scrap.

The Starray Coin have the right to be found close to the end of the initially dungeon dropped alongside a corpse. Alternative coin place – dungeon in between Westside and Artery.

Pocket Watch (key amulet) LocationThe Pocket Watch is presently the rarest item in the game as it is extremely effective as a result of the Stamina rebirth and Stamina expense reduction. To acquire the Pocket Watch you have to discover the NPC Mud Tooth in the craburned helicopter, talk to him till you exhaust his dialogue alternatives.

The NCOMPUTER Mud Tooth always spawns in a crashed helicopter, which is reported to generate in the zone instantly after you’ve completed the first dungeon. In instance you didn’t acquire the helicopter spawn, you can re-roll the human being and attempt again.

Twisted Idol (secret amulet) LocationTo obtain the Twisted Idol you’ll need to kill the Wailing Tree. Doing so is basic as a pistol is sufficient. But be careful, as soon as the tree gets damaged it will spawn opponents. The Wailing Tree will start talking in an alien language as soon as you gain close to it. If you wear the Twisted Mask to talk to the Tree it will award you through the Bark Skin Trait (watch below). Note that after you’ve eliminated the tree there will certainly be no way of acquiring Bark Skin, so gain it beforehand also.

Wailing Tree is located in the Wailing Wood zone (you can usage the checksuggest to take a trip there).

Bark Skin Trait LocationTo acquire the Bark Skin Trait you’ll need to sheight to the Wailing Tree. To perform so, you’ll need to wear the Twisted Mask, after talking to it you’ll gain the Bark Skin perk.

The Wailing tree have the right to be found in the Wailing Wood zone.

Twisted Mask (secret helmet) LocationTwisted Mask is a secret search reward that you acquire for beating the Mad Merchant. To begin a fight versus the Mad Merchant you’ll need to very closely pick dialogue options: “Are you okay”, “Are you a scavenger”, “What’s through the mask”, “That mask is doing somepoint to you”, “Let me check out the mask now”.

The Mad Merchant deserve to be located in the Junk Town on Planet.

Sniper Rifle LocationGetting the Sniper Rifle is exceptionally quick and simple. All you need to execute is go inside the Church. Once there, locate the basement. In the basement you’ll find wood pelallows and also behind them a purple glow. Break the wood pelallows and also you’ll discover the Sniper Rifle tbelow.

The Sniper Rifle have the right to be looted in the basement of the Church in the Church zone.

Drifter’s Armor LocationThe Drifter’s Armor collection can be discovered in a covert room inside the Founder’s Hideout. Find the room that has actually a monster corpse chained to the wall. You’ll find a cabinet to the best, break it and it’ll open up a passage to a hidden floor. The Drifter’s equipment deserve to be found on that concealed floor.

Drifter’s Armor is discovered in the Founder’s Hideout zone.

Submachine Gun (SMG) LocationTo find the Submachine gun you’ll should carry out a pair of points. Head to Ward 13 B2 area and discover the locked doors that need a Ward 13 Keycard to open. Once those are opened, head dvery own the hallmethod to a room on the left and also loot the Fuse. Go back to where you came from and also go dvery own to B3 location. Place the Fuse into the power switch on the wall to turn on power which will certainly allow you to open up doors to an additional area.

Once you swipe the keycard to open up the doors, turn the power back off, head with the astronomical Vent and also discover the covert room to the appropriate side. Inside you’ll obtain the Ward 13 Master Key. Head back to the B2 location which you unlocked formerly (wbelow you found the Fuse) and also follow the rooms/hallmethod via the red lights. You’ll end up at the Ward 13 Master room which has the trick SMG.

The secret SMG have the right to be discovered in the Ward 13 Master room.

Elder Knowledge (trait) LocationTo obtain the Elder Knowledge key trait go to Ward 13 B2 area and open up the locked doors via the Ward 13 Keycard. The trait can be discovered on the work-related desk in the second room to the left.

The Elder Knowledge perk is situated in the Ward 13 B2 reactor location.

Ezlan’s Band also (ring) LocationTo uncover the Ezlan’s Band you will have to scavenge the Monolith Area in Rhom. One of the residences includes a corpse with the Ezlan’s Band also beside it.

Ezlan’s Band also can be found in Rhom → Monolith area near a corpse.

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Ring of Evasion LocationRing of Evasion deserve to be found on Planet near the end of the zone (apartments) or Subway.

Void Armor LocationThe Void Armor is uncovered in an enigma location near the Monolith checkallude. You’ll have to settle a riddle in order to open the surprise passage which leads you to a room with a shrine that allows you craft the armor.

Watch the video below for an instance on exactly how to resolve the Void Armor collection puzzle (for some the solution is different).

Osseous Armor LocationTo get the Osseous Armor you’ll should head over to the Wasteland also Merchant area and find the NPC with the “Eye” towel on his confront. Talk to the NPC and also choose this collection of dialogue alternatives to have the ability to purchase the Osseous Armor pieces: “I’d prefer to carry out business with you”, “What type of keys do you know”, “Tell me a secret”. Pay him for keys till he allows you to pick to perform organization with him and also then click “Let me watch your wares”. This will certainly enable you to buy the Osseous Armor items.

The Osseous Armor is located in Rhom → Wasteland Merchant area.

Spitfire Gun LocationTo get the Spitfire Dragon flame gun you need to defeat Singe without destroying his tail. This will certainly reward you through the Blazing Heart, a source that’s compelled for the crafting of the Spitfire gun. Later on, head earlier to Ward 13 and also craft the Spitfire gun.

Smolder Sword LocationTo craft the Smolder Sword you’ll also should defeat Singe, yet this time by ruining his tail first. This will provide you the Dragon Links resource which is essential to craft the Smolder Sword. Go back to Ward 13 and also craft the Smolder Sword there.

Wastelander Flail LocationTo gain the Wastelander Flail you’ll have to complete a dungeon (some say in Rhom). Once you uncover yourself in the dungeon, it will certainly use a curse to you which constantly drains your life. To acquire life earlier, you’ll have to kill opponents in the dungeon. Upon completion of the dungeon the curse will be removed and also you’ll enter a room which includes the Wastelander Flail, along with a checkpoint to teleport out.

The Wastelander Flail can be uncovered in a dungeon in Rhom.

Bandit Armor Set LocationIf you’ve obtained a Pocket Watch you have the right to talk to a Bandit boss Brabus in an Earth dungeon. You won’t need to fight him as he’s the boy of the NCOMPUTER Mudtooth that hands you the Pocket Watch. If you provide the Bandit the Pocket Watch he’ll reward you through the Bandit Armor set.

The Bandit Armor set is situated in a bandit dungeon on Planet.

Akari Armor LocationBy doing assorted dungeons in Rhom you’ll receive a glowing rod. Once you uncover a dungeon that has a vault that has actually chambers. Each chamber have the right to be unlocked with a Glowing Key and also it will reward you with one piece of the Akari armour.

To uncover the Akari Armor you’ll must finish Rhom dungeons and obtain the Glowing Key.

Scavenger Trait LocationYou have the right to discover a “Tarnimelted Ring” within an Earth dungeon, if you go earlier to Reggie (item vendor) in Ward 13 and also ask him about his story, he will certainly cite losing a ring. This provides you a prompts to offer him the tarniburned ring, and he will give you several hundred scrap and also the Scavenger trait.

To obtain the Scavenger trait you’ll must carry out Earth dungeons.

Root Circlet LocationTo get the Root Circlet ring you’ll need to execute a dungeon on Earth. Find the NCOMPUTER in the sewers and talk to him, as a reward he’ll provide you the Root Circlet.

Braided Thorns LocationGetting the Braided Thorns and also Root Circlet have the right to be done at the same time. Once you’ve acquired the Root Circlet from the friendly NPC Root Worshipper on Earth in Marrow Pass, go ahead and destroy the three hearts in that dungeon. Doing so will make this NPC hostile, killing him will reward you the Braided Thorns ring.

Hunter’s Pistol LocationTo acquire the Hunter’s Pistol you’ll must perform Planet dungeons until you uncover a dying human NPC. Talking to her will certainly approve you the Hunter’s Hideout Key which deserve to be offered at the finish of the dungeon to unlock doors which contain the Hunter Pistol.

Twisted Armor Set LocationTo obtain the Twisted Armor collection traverse Planet till you find a large crate being taken over by root. By finishing the “make it through the metamorphosis” occasion you’ll be able to purchase the Twisted Set which grants life rebirth.

Elder Armor Set LocationTo get the Elder Armor you’ll need to endure an event comparable to the Twisted Armor one. This occasion is situated in Yaesha.

Radiant Armor Set LocationYou’ll have to find a NCOMPUTER in Yaesha after killing The Warden. This NPC has actually a “pay scrap for a secret” dialogue option. Exhaust the choice and you’ll have the ability to buy the Radiant Armor pieces from him.

Petrified Maul LocationSome say acquiring the Petrified Maul is tough because you need to break Ent’s legs. Ent is a boss on Earth and also as soon as you encounter him usage a Shotgun to shoot off his legs. Finally, killing him will provide you the Petrified Maul.

Sporebimpend LocationTo acquire the Sporebloom shotgun you’ll have to kill Ent on Earth without breaking his legs. Doing so will reward you via the Sporebloom. If you’ve currently eliminated him by breaking the legs, you deserve to sign up with one more player in multiplayer who hasn’t and acquire it that method.

Leto’s Amulet LocationGetting the Leto’s Amulet is reasonably basic. When you’re in the initially dungeon be on the lookout for a wall that states “only the penitent guys might pass”, squat and also walk to the wall. Doing so will permit you to pass and loot the Leto’s Amulet.