At initially glance, cushion reduced and also radiant cut diamonds might look fairly comparable to the untrained eye. Although these 2 cuts share some traits, a number of attributes set them acomponent. Let’s discover the differences between cushion reduced vs radiant cut diamonds and view what facets to take into consideration once choosing one.

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What Is a Cushion Cut Diamond?



Like many kind of various other diamond cuts, cushion cut and also radiant cut diamonds deserve to look similar at initially glance. They both have large tables, square or rectangular form and also brilliant facet pattern. However before, at a closer look, the difference in style becomes evident.

Cushion cut diamonds have slightly rounded, curved sides that develop a pillow-choose appearance. On the other hand, radiant cut diamonds have actually cropped corners that are frequently at a 45° angle, giving them an angular shape.

Cut and Facets

Both the cushion and also radiant cut belong to the brilliant-reduced group. This suggests their facets are arranged in a way to maximize a stone’s brilliance and also sparkle. However, from a normal viewing distance, one can notice that they have actually a different face-up outline.

The difference is led to by the distinction in the form and also the variety of facets. The cushion cut has 58 bigger facets, while the radiant features 70 smaller sized facets.

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Brilliance and also Sparkle

Since the cushion cut has actually larger facets, it may exhilittle much less brilliance once compared to the radiant cut. This is especially true for the classic and antique variations of the cushion cut. However, a lot of of the modern-day cushions are exceptionally close to the radiant in terms of brilliance.

The radiant reduced is well-known for providing better brilliance than the cushion cut. It has a bigger table and countless facets, which allow reflecting a huge amount of light, producing a beautiful sparkle.

Colour and also Clarity

Brilliant cuts tfinish to hide imperfections in a diamond, as a result of their facet setup and also light performance. Since both cushion and also radiant reduced diamonds belong to the brilliant-cut team, tright here is no significant distinction in between them in terms of colour and clarity.

However, save in mind that the cushion reduced might have reduced brilliance as a result of its changes, definition the fregulations and colors in the rock might not be masked as well as they would certainly be in the same high quality radiant cut stone. That is why the colour need to be compared on a case-by–instance basis.