Radiant Cut Diamond Vs Emerald Cut

At first glance, emerald cut and also radiant reduced diamonds are pretty equivalent in shape. Although these two cuts share some traits, some features collection them acomponent. Let’s discover the distinctions between emerald reduced vs radiant reduced diamonds and view what facets to consider when picking one.

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What Is an Emerald Cut Diamond?



One of the key distinctions in between the emerald and also the radiant reduced diamonds is the method they are cut. The emerald cut belongs to the step reduced team, while the radiant cut is in the brilliant-cut team.

The step cut stones function parallel facets, which provide them a clean and sleek look, making it much easier to check out their pattern. For this reason, it is important to purchase emerald cut diamonds via greater clarity and also colour qualities.

In compariboy, the brilliant-cut stones have actually even more fire, brilliance and scintillation, but the facet pattern is not that straightforward distinguishable for an untrained eye.


The facets of an emerald reduced diamond are rectangles parallel to each various other and the stone’s girdle.

The facets of a radiant reduced diamond have actually triangular and also various other non-rectangular shapes. In various other words, radiant cut diamonds execute not look as “linear” as emerald reduced diamonds.

Brilliance and Sparkle

The facets of a radiant reduced diamond are positioned and shaped to maximize the stone’s fire, brilliance and also scintillation. In emerald cut diamonds, facets are not reduced with this goal in mind. They are reduced to emphasize the stone’s clarity, yet they also tfinish to have actually bigger more dramatic flashes of light.

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If you compare these two cuts in terms of brilliance and sparkle, the radiant cut will certainly exhibit even more brilliance and sparkle than the emerald cut.

Colour and also Clarity

Diamond sparkle straight affects colour. If you compare two diamonds with visible yellowish tints, the even more sparkly diamond will look much less coloured as the higher level of brilliance provides the colors much less noticeable.

Since radiant reduced diamonds belong to the brilliant-cut group, they exhilittle bit more brilliance and also sparkle, having actually an advantage over emerald cut stones, which tfinish to show visible colouration.

Emerald and also radiant reduced diamonds differ significantly in exactly how visible their flaws are.

Due to the fact that radiant reduced diamonds exhibit a higher level of brilliance and sparkle, the fregulations in them will certainly not be that conveniently visible. If you compare 2 diamonds of the exact same clarity grade, the radiant will less likely have actually any noticeable imperfections.

In contrast, fregulations in the emerald cut diamond are more most likely to be visible due to its reasonably lower brilliance and wide facet pattern, meaning you will have to pay special attention to clarity when considering an emerald reduced diamond.