Two of the most well-known diamond forms at the minute are quickly cushion reduced and also radiant cut. However before, it is safe to say that among cushion and also radiant, the elongated variations of these cuts that are most popular. Elongated diamond forms tend to give a bigger confront up appearance. They look flattering and graceful on all hand also forms. Let"s learn more around these two rectangular shapes and decide which one is finest for you!

The elongated cushion vs. radiant conflict is one we check out so frequently. Since both shapes are rectangular, from far away it deserve to even be tough to tell them apart!

For a far better photo, take a look at this video comparing an elongated cushion vs. radiant side by side!


Cushion reduced diamonds come in a selection of ratios. At a ratio of 1.0 they are a perfect square. We uncover many elongated cushions to be in the ratio of around 1.1 provide or take. Anypoint longer than that is even more rare and also can look like an oval form.

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Comparable to the cushion, radiant reduced diamonds will come in a selection of ratios. However we perform discover that the radiant cuts have the right to get away via an also more elongated form and also appearance than the cushions. For instance you can easily opt for a radiant with a 1.2 and also over ratio while still preserving that beautiful rectangular appearance.


Cut Comparison


Cushion cuts are recognized for their soft appearance as a result of their rounded edges. The cushion reduced diamond will certainly additionally give you a very sparkly appearance if cut well. We specialize in cushion brilliant style faceting featuring bbest flashes of light. Notice in the photo that the cushion brilliant style reduced has actually large facets.

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The beauty of radiant cuts is that they have actually an extremely glittery sparkle featuring smaller sized facets. We would certainly liken the radiant reduced diamond to a crushed ice cushion providing a glittery sparkle. Radiant cut diamonds, like their brvarious other the emerald cut, have actually reduced corners interpretation that their corners attribute straight edges. Tbelow is certainly an edgy, clean, and modern-day look to a radiant reduced due their crisp lines and right outline.

One thing to note is that the prongs on a radiant reduced diamond ring will certainly cover up the reduced corners a bit so that certain detail

Quality Comparison

Both radiant and also cushion are good at hiding imperfections and color. We would certainly leave the minimum shade at J and also minimum clarity at SI2 just if the diamond is clean to the eye. We have the right to aid you through picking an eye clean diamond in this category. If you are even more shade or clarity sensitive then you have the right to easily go up a couple of notches as well!

Weight Distribution

The cushion and also radiant cuts do tend to distribute weight a little in different ways. An elongated cushion tends to be slightly larger whereas the radiant reduced will certainly show up longer but slimmer relying on the diamond you choose. For instance if you have an elongated 2 carat cushion cut it could meacertain 8mm x 7mm. By compariboy an elongated radiant cut have the right to meacertain 8.5mm x 6.55 for a much more slender appearance.

The Verdict

We need to say we LOVE both elongated cushions and elongated radiant cuts! If you are trying to occupy more size area on your finger then radiant might be your finest bet. If you love the softer appearance and also fire of the cushion and also desire to fill up even more area on the width of your finger than an elongated cushion is your choice.