Radiant historia party members

I’m in the beginning of chapter 3 or 4 via everyone in their 30s or 40s (except Rosch) but I want to focus on a primary party. I’ve largely been utilizing Marco and also Raynie so much. I desire to like Erica but her spells seem to use a crazy amount of mana and she doesn’t seem as flexible as Raynie. Aht seems like she’d be excellent for grinding xp and money, through her high combo potential, however bereason I’m bad at utilizing traps, I can’t acquire great damage from her. Rosch seems prefer a great tank, however if he doesn’t really usage magic, I can’t imagine him being excellent in the lengthy run.

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How would certainly you rank the party members and also which ones did you usage the most?


Aht is super damaged if you just manipulate the rotate order to push adversaries into her traps, so I mainly offered her, Stocke, and also flexed my third slot. For adversaries you can't relocate, Eruca would certainly simply take Aht's spot. There's one more character via excellent combo potential and also ways to relocate all the adversaries that is also incredibly excellent.

Raynie and also Marco are a little traditional, so they're safe choices yet won't always net you the a lot of damage.

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I supplied Stocke, Raynie and Gafka. You're definitely right around Raynie being more functional than Eruca, I felt the same. And I know Aht is damaged however I wasn't too much of a fan, specifically given that she's not too useful in the time of unmovable boss fights, but there's rarely those. The only move I really preferred was her 7 hit relocate, it was perfect for helping to get lots of exp and also item

They all have different staminas and weaknesses. Aht is the most technological yet there's one side quest that requires you to use her in fight, Erica is more than likely the leastern reliable through MP like you shelp. For the various other 4 primary personalities, their usefulness is pretty a lot determined by exactly how far into their skill-acquisition side pursuits you get. I personally don't choose using Marco bereason he's the leastern offensively concentrated out of the team. The game does an excellent job of transforming scenarios, weaknesses, and also parties so that you're never before totally reliant on one group. Since the primary character can learn the the majority of directional abilities, it's really up to you to usage the turn switching mechanic to play approximately the abilities of your party members.

That being shelp, my individual favorite combo is Gafka, Rosch and also Stocke. Raw power and also big coverage from Gafka and also Rosch and also Stocke have the right to do all the positioning if he hregarding. But you're greatly reliant on items for healing and also there's not many elemental damage, which Gafka partially renders up for with his ki strike.