Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology Possible History Guide

Possible History is a new timeline added to the 3DS variation of Radiant Historia. If you"re playing in Perfect Mode, a series of story events will lead you to the encounter of Nemesia. While if you"re playing in Append Mode, the game will certainly offer you an introduction of Nemesia"s encounters. Once you reach Granorg in Standard History: Chapter 1 (Must beat the game in Append Mode), the Mysterious Prism in your inventory will glow, which lets you accessibility the Possible History on Historia.

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Note: Completing every one of the Possible History will let you check out the new ending of Radiant Historia.

Anymeans, after the first event, you will end up in the Dunamis ship.

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Examine the shiny object to your ideal. Then meet up through Nemesia. Then accept the first obtainable side quest, Suprise Attack. This side pursuit is simply a story occasion follow through a boss battle. When that is cleared, leave the Possible History timeline for an occasion scene. Rerevolve earlier later on to finish other requests from Nemesia.

When all vital pursuits are completed, the story will certainly put you to the brand-new conclusion chapter of Radiant Historia.

Quest NameReward
Supclimb Attack2000G
Echoing ScreamShield Fruit
The Prophet Speaks2500G
War-torn HeartsArt of the Gull
Promise Beyond TimeGrowth Book
Thaumachine RampageMachine Stud
Battlefield Breakout3000G
Death MarchStrength Fruit
City in Fear4000G
A Curious RelicAgent"s Badge
ToxicityGrowth Book
Treacherous Crusade5000G
Rejected SalvationArt of the Stars
Marco the BouncerArt of the Fortitude
Haunted HappinessArt of the End
Red Tome"s Wielder7000G
The Desert KingBandit"s Doll
Warrior PrincessArt of Stance
Raging StormHowling Spear
Surpassing a GodArt of Flurry
Noah"s Disciple8000G
The War GoddessRadgrid
Loathsome Divinity20000G
Lost ProsperityGrowth Book
Eternal Prosperity12000G
Will of the PeoplePatriot Dress
Homeland also HeroesValiant Edge
After the End15000G