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11533 Gamel Cemetery Roadway Festus MO 63028 Get directions


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My friends Cord & Carla invited me to this church ten years ago,, the Cavern kids company is the ideal & Randy always has actually the right message

Awesome location to join with like-minded believers providing God glory and also worshipping in heart and also in truth!

It was a blessing to visit tright here this day .we had the ability to endure the bible quizing seeing the word of God prosper in these younv children and the qord of God prospering threwout the church body was a blessing pastor did a awesome job bringing the message.

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I was ministered to. I"m still meditating on the Word that was taught. I believe for the perboy that is hungry to be real through God and also prosper, this is a great church!

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The Peace and also Hope of Easter: Please reap this brief video: surpassing peace is found in Jesus Christ.

The Christ Child: A Nativity Story: Please enjoy this brief video and also make your Christmas even even more meaningful.

United Gospel Fellowship: Family oriented! Great teachings based upon the Word of God! I appreciate the mission to reach the masses, the lost, the destitute, the lonely, the yout...

St Francis De Sales: We"re from out of tvery own and arranged our schedule to attend 11:30 mass and obtain the eucharist per your webwebsite. When we obtained there, nobody was tright here....


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