Radiant Vs Princess Cut

Diamond buyers regularly compare radiant reduced and also princess reduced diamonds due to their equivalent outlines. Although these two cuts share some traits, numerous functions collection them apart. Let’s find the differences between radiant reduced vs princess cut diamonds and also watch what elements to consider as soon as choosing in between the two.

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What Is a Radiant Cut Diamond?



Like many other diamond cuts, radiant cut and also princess cut diamonds may look similar at initially glance. They both have big tables, brilliant facet pattern and square or rectangular shape. However before, at a closer look, the difference in design becomes apparent.

Radiant reduced diamonds have actually cropped corners, typically at a 45° angle, providing them an angular shape, while princess reduced diamonds attribute sharp corners giving them a much more geometric appearance.

From a durcapacity perspective, the princess cut is even more prone to chipping, particularly if the diamond has inclusions cshed to its sharp corners.

Cut and Facets

Both the radiant and princess cut belong to the brilliant-cut team. Their facets are arranged in a way to maximize a stone’s fire, brilliance and also scintillation. However before, from a normal viewing distance, one deserve to alert that they have a different face-up outline.

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The distinction is resulted in by the difference in the shape and the variety of facets. The radiant cut has 70 facets, while the princess commonly features 58 facets. However, the number of facets in a princess reduced diamond have the right to range from 50 to 144 relying on its modification.

Brilliance and also Sparkle

Because the classical radiant cut features more facets than the princess cut, it normally shows even more light than an equally well-cut princess diamond. However before, since many kind of princess cut diamonds variety in the number of their facets, they have the right to come very cshed to the radiant in brilliance and sparkle.

It is additionally worth mentioning that the brilliance and sparkle of these two cuts are various. The princess reduced reflects light even more neatly bereason of the straight setup of its facets. The radiant cut, in contrast, have actually even more fiery brilliance. That is why once comparing a princess cut diamond through a radiant cut diamond, the previous will certainly reflect light in a more constant pattern while the latter will certainly present an extra random reflection.

Colour and also Clarity

Brilliant cuts tend to hide imperfections in a diamond due to their facet plan and also great light performance. Because both radiant and princess reduced diamonds belengthy to the brilliant-cut group, tright here is no substantial distinction in between them in terms of colour and clarity.

However, store in mind that the princess reduced may have lower brilliance as a result of its modifications, meaning the flegislations and tints in the stone might not be masked and also they would be in the very same high quality radiant reduced rock. That is why the colour should be compared on a case-by-case basis.