Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan

In sunny Florida, warmth and humidity are constant, but attic fans have the right to aid provide relief and also cooling to make your house more comfortable! Your attic traps the solar warm from the sunlight by taking in it through the roof.

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The warmth then finds its method into your living space, making you turn up the air conditioning and also inevitably raising your energy expenses. If your house was developed through inadequate ventilation or inadequate air extransforms, these deserve to produce also even more worries such as trapping humidity, soaking insulation, and encouraging fungal development. Decay and also plyhardwood delamicountry can take place as a result. 

A quality attic fan deserve to fix these concerns, functioning all year long to save your residence safe and also comfortable. An even better solution would be a solar powered attic fan, which deserve to mitigate all these issues and while not use any kind of electricity. The Solar Guys are happy to share via you the benefits of attic fans as your right ventilation solution, and also the peak five finest attic fans easily accessible for your residence. 

The Benefits of Attic Fans


Attic fans keep your attic cool in summer and all year long despite the common humidity and warmth in Florida. A cool attic suggests lessened opportunity for damages to your roof, less heat radiating right into the living spaces in your residence, lessened strain on your air conditioner, and lower utility prices as a whole.

An attic fan not only reduces heat in your attic, however likewise lowers accumulating moisture. Moisture can encourage the growth of mold and fungus, inevitably damaging the framework of your home.

If you choose a solar powered attic fan, you will certainly get all the benefits of an eco-friendly product that doesn’t require extra electricity. A solar attic fan lowers your electric bills while allowing your air conditioner to feature optimally, not overtime. Plus, bereason tbelow is no wiring, solar powered attic fans are simple to install and straightforward to maintain!

The Top Five Attic Fans for Your Home 


Natural Light Solar Attic Fan – The Natural Light Solar Attic Fan is a 36-watt design that can be set up on a range of angled or sloped roofs (no level roof installation option).

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This high-quality solar fan is made in the USA and features an effective DC motor to efficiently relocate hot air and also moisture from your attic area. The solar panel is adjusecure for higher performance and comes through a 25-year restricted warranty. With no wiring required, the kit comes finish and all set for installation. 

Remington Solar Attic Fan – The Remington Solar Attic Fan comes through a quiet brushmuch less motor and also the capability to cool up to 2,500 feet. Pre-installed thermostat and humidistat on this 30-watt fan emphasize its eco-friendliness. This solar attic fan additionally features a high-quality solar panel with a 24V DC motor. It deserve to be installed on a lot of roofs and also comes via a risk-cost-free guarantee. 

iLiving Smart Solar Attic Exhaust Fan – With its compact style, the iLiving Smart Solar Attic Exhaust Fan provides reliable procedure and also excellent looks. The iLiving Smart Solar Attic Exhaust Fan functions an IP68 waterproof rating with an effective 20W adjusteady solar panel. This fan also boasts a brushmuch less motor, a smart thermostat and an enable/disable regulate. The fan comes through a 15-year warranty and also offers additional add-on attributes, which are offered independently. 

Rand also Solar Powered Attic Fan – The eco-friendly Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan provides 435 CFM capacity via a long-life brushless motor. Featuring an 8-watt roof ventilator, this efficient solar powered fan is best for smaller sized houses or in instances where you would like to install multiple units. The Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan comes through a 20-year components warranty. 

The Solar Guys Can Help


If you are considering solar attic fans for your residence, The Solar Guys have the right to help! We promise to deliver a custom solution right for you that features the industry’s greatest quality commodities and the ideal customer company in the organization.