Akin to the repursuits of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, these are missions world put up bereason they desire something certain done, and will certainly give a certain reward for the completion of that. These missions deserve to vary in between the simple item-provide pursuit to a “go out and also kill a big boss in a tourney” pursuit.

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These quests can have the ability to affect which ending you gain, however, for the a lot of part, they’re simply for fun and also to rise your EXP. and also money/item stocks.


Keep in mind that the Key Quests of the game are not included because they are totally compelled to progression, and therefore following the Walkwith will suffice. (Though some of those not forced are contained.)

“2 Magical Medications” ****

Reward: Babsence Crest

Strategy: If you end up one quest, the various other is never to be completed aobtain, due to plot-based scenarios. For the previous, you need “Lung Medicine”, for the last you require “Euthanasia Serum”.

Anymethods, east of Ginza on the civilization map is the hospital. Defeat the Ghouls within - you’ve probably done this before; they’re weak to Fire - to win some medication.

“A Century of Defense”

Reward: Kutune Sirka

Strategy: You won’t uncover this ’till playing a New Game+. Head to Midtown in Roppongi aget. Remember that vent on 1F near the elevator? Use it, then go through the door to the left to uncover and also fight Take-Mikazuchi.

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He is obviously weak to Force and drains Electric. Move-wise, he likes Berserker God (heavy Physical) and also Ziodyne (hefty Electric). He won’t last lengthy, having probably 8,000 HP, if you use Zandyne or Deadly Wind a lot. That’ll do it, too.

“A Drunkard’s Best Friend”

Reward: 750 Macca

Strategy: Deliver six Birdman Livers to K’s Tavern. These are commonly dropped by Tangata Manu on the third level of Naraku.

“A Grudge from the Streets”

Reward: Pest Crop

Strategy: Head out to Ikebukuro to search for the Killer Hordes. However, they’re supposedly uncovered at random, so I can’t help you tbelow, although the general concept is to sindicate usage multi-target or party-wide assaults to conveniently win.

“Banquet of Flames”

Reward: Fire Pillar

Strategy: For this, head to the Front Entrance location where you first visited the major percentage of Shibuya. In the southeastern corner alcove is a statue you deserve to look at and contact upon Cerberus. You’ll then finish up fighting four Hell Hordes in consecutive order.

They are weak to Ice, repel Fire, and nullify Light/Dark. Stuff choose Mabufula, Mabufu Stones, and also Ice Breath are good here, as are Critical Wave and also Megaton Press otherwise. They have actually about 1,000 HP. After that initially fight, it’ll go an area to the west, then deep into the Dogenzaka area. (You’ll go tright here later.)

Then head to the West Entrance area, two areas before Dogenzaka’s other half that you had actually to visit. In this final fight, he’ll have actually even more prefer 2,200 or so HP.

“Catch the Berserker”

Reward: Tokkosho

Strategy: You find it by speaking through a Formorian on Naraku’s fourth Stratum. See the advent of Capture the Babsence Samurai for more.

“Capture the Sake Thief”

Reward: A Number of Odds and Ends

Strategy: This, you won’t uncover till a New Game+. Head right into the room oppowebsite the Shinjuku item shop. Opt to save watch and also you’ll start encountering a duo of Hsing-Hsing - they withstand Fire, are weak to Force, and also have actually 1,000 ~ 1,500 HP each. After them, you’ll fight 3, then 4, then four even more - as a whole, a straightforward search.

“Chagrin-Slaying Competition”

Reward: 950 Macca

Strategy: Go into the Naraku and also slay 5 Chagrin, which show up on the 2nd and third Stratum. That I should not have to guide you through; note that they are weak to Electric (i.e. Zio).

“Collect Demon Claws”

Reward: 300 Macca

Strategy: This mission is pretty basic. Go dvery own into Naraku and defeat opponents mindlessly until you have actually built up three or even more Gryphon Talons.

It’s mainly based upon luck, so be certain to lug alengthy a couple of Healing Waters. Also, Gryphons are ever-so-slightly more focused on the First Stratum, so start there. Keep in mind that they’re weak to Gun-based assaults.

“Competition for Blood”

Reward: 4-Star Commodity x2, 3-Star Commodity x2, 2-Star Commodity x2, Demon Sneak armor offered in Ueno

Strategy: For this mission, you need to go discover 4 Strix Blood items and provide them; the Strix are discovered approximately the Kasumigaseki Counter-Demon Force Base.

“Comply through My Mass Order”

Reward: Miracle Set

Strategy: You must deliver five Balms of Rising, five Beads, and a Bead of Life. Not a lot I can say around the Balms of Rising - if you don’t have 3 or 4 currently, you more than likely won’t ever before have five. Beads deserve to be bought, and also there isn’t a Bead of Life left - assuming you gained them all - except that one southwest of Tennozu, probably.

“Creating Fireproof Clothing”

Reward: 3,450 Macca, Fireguard armor offered at Q’s Blacksmith

Strategy: For this, you must find four Kaso Hides and supply them to K’s Tavern. You might currently have actually the four yet, if not, they’re uncovered in the Kasumigaseki Counter-Demon Force Base.

“Cu Chulainn’s Training”

Reward: Brionac

Strategy: See intro to the Hunt for the Shinjuku Underground for even more.

“Dance of the Dead”

Reward: Ahazuya Gray (Upper Body)

Strategy: Discussed in New Challenge Quests (Kiccigiorgi & Naraku), mostly at the finish.

“Death on Wings”

Reward: Pluto Corpse x3

Strategy: Head to Blasted Ikebukuro and also into the overcivilization to discover Azrael northeast of the damages. He is weak to Ice, resists Physical and Fire, and has actually around 2,500 HP. You ought to be able to defeat him in a single turn if everyone has Bufudyne or Cold World, easily.

“Defeating the Demon”

Reward: None

Strategy: See Another Shinjuku Quest Cleanup for even more.

“Deliver the Film”

Reward: 2,500 Macca

Strategy: This one is quite basic. Once embraced, go to the item shopsave to the southern of the Association in Ueno. Once such is done and also you acquire the appropriate information, move on to the Shinobazu Pond we combated a boss in and departure to the north. Get in the red “!”-noted to complete the quest.

“Demon Guarding the Shrine”

Reward: Bushi Tasogare

Strategy: See Shinjuku Quest Cleanup 2 for more.

“Demon-Haunted Man”

Reward: Glass Magatama

Strategy: Found in my first New Game+ playthrough, but you need to wait until after the execution to perform it. The Bai Suzhen in question is uncovered on the 2nd Stratum, due south of the stairwell-based entrance; she is weak to Fire and also simple to beat. You have the right to pick to kill or spare her. Alignment +1 = Let her go Alignment -1 = Finish her

“Dragon Slaying Competition”

Reward: 13,000 Macca

Strategy: The Fafnirs necessary are uncovered in the Lucifer Palace.

“Eggs for One Hundred”

Reward: Lu Incense x3

Strategy: See Ueno Quest Cleanup 1 for more.

“Escorting Your Comrade”

Reward: 10,000 Macca

Strategy: First go to the end of the Kiccigiorgi Forest to accomplish the rather familiar guy (heh), then ssuggest go back to the primary Mikaexecute map. You can’t go into the Terminals for now, so you will head right into Naraku. Blaze with the lowest level - it shouldn’t be hard - then to the overhuman being dvery own in Tokyo.

You will certainly fulfill up via some powerful demons at points on the method, such as on the 4th Stratum, however they’re largely just beefed-up enemies; nopoint to issue about. After fighting the Kazfiel (weak to Fire), you deserve to enter the Sky Terminal and also go to Shinjuku.

From there, go to the area north of the Hunter’s Association, then north another area, then to Fujiwara’s area in the northeast corner.

“Excavate Some Coffee Beans”

Reward: 3-Star Gadacquire x3, 2-Star Gadget x3

Strategy: The Coffee Beans required are found in the Shinjuku East Entrance Main Street, wright here you dealt with the Corpses. Head eastern of the entrance, as if you are going to the following area. Hug the southern wall as soon as it sharply comes approximately you near the exit and also the relic hotspot tright here must yield the Beans.

“Excavate Summoning Devices”

Reward: Magic Mirror x2

Strategy: You’ll need to fly (finish “Resurrection of the Kousoushin”) for this one… The Smartphones deserve to be discovered in a relic hotspot east of the desert south of Tennozu, at Ooi Wharf, yet you need to fly there. The chances of finding a Smartphone are random, so it’s ideal to grind in this area and examine the hotspot consistently.

“Find the Tears of the Messiah”

Reward: Incense Set

Strategy: See Sidequest: Downtvery own Ginza for the details on acquiring the compelled item.

“Food to Survive Tomorrow”

Reward: 3,000 Macca

Strategy: For this, you need to uncover 3 Babylon Birdmeats. They can be found by beating Anzu, the bird-prefer demons (as in the overworld) found simply around the Shinjuku base.

“Gather Some Naraku Lichen”

Reward: Holy Fruit x2

Strategy: Follow the walkwith in Naraku if you don’t have them.

“Heavy Weapon Recovery”

Reward: Golden Gun

Strategy: For this, you must head to Ikebukuro. Tright here, go near the far eastern location that brings you to Shinjuku - you need to enter Ikebukuro, go back to the highmethod, and also then the overcivilization map. From tright here, run up and down alengthy the wall to the northeast; there is a hole in it to the various other side.

Head north to uncover a Domajor at the Jujo Base. It’s randomized, though… The boss, Grendel, is conveniently beaten. It has actually approximately 2,100 HP and also the just genuine difficulty is a Physical and also Gun resistance. After the Doprimary disappears, you’ll gain the SDF Equipment to supply.

“Help Me Exterminate the Demons”

Reward: A Number of Foodstuffs

Strategy: For this, you need to head right into Shinjuku National Park (after Gabby sends you there) and also kill eighteenager Manticores running almost everywhere the area.

They have about 1,100 HP and are weak to Force, and come in groups of 3 - in various other words, you have to uncover six teams in the area as red canine-choose demons (not difficult, because you have the right to watch into the distance, and the courses are all linear). Mazanma/Mazandyne are the prime abilities to use right here.

You will certainly also have to fight an Abaddon at some suggest, who repels Fire and also is weak to Electric and also has around 2,500 HP.

“Aid Me Get Some Servers”

Reward: ID Card Lv2

Strategy: The item required can be uncovered by complying with along with Hunt for the Shinjuku Underground.

“Help Us Get Some Fuel”

Reward: Chakra Pot x5

Strategy: You understand those “???” opponents you’ve been finding recently? Proceed together with the primary game for currently and also you’ll uncover them to be Pluto Soldiers once you attack Pluto Castle. Kill them as you will; they’re pretty weak, also for spider-bots.

“Help Us Transport a Cannon”

Reward: 10,000 Macca

Strategy: Once accepted, head to the overcivilization close to Shinjuku. Go northeastern to the sandy area, then southeast to the structure of Camp Ichigaya. Tbelow are two entrances: one on the southern side, one on the north.

The last - your taracquire - is really simply a place to watch a cannon. Take the cannon earlier to Shinjuku and mission completed. Your client is in the room simply north of the Association.

“Her Memories”

Reward: Ag Incense x5

Strategy: This search will certainly need you to have actually the camera from “Deliver the Film”’s completion.

Basically go take a picture of the bar in the Golden Gai area - go to the initially area wright here you battled the Corpses, then north a room and eastern one more. The bar itself is in the eastern side of the northeastern of the main structures. Then carry ago the images.

“Hunter Tournament Finals”

Reward: Hunter Crown

Strategy: The area needed is found to the north of the Tokyo Station near Kasumigaseki. Go north towards the river, as if you were going to use the overview. Go east about the river. Due north of wright here the ferryman/Hunter is is wright here you’ll find the battle arena.

Sadly, this mission deleentrances itself to a slaughter if you have actually moves choose Critical Wave or Titanomachia party-wide, plus some elepsychological strikes. Note that killing your opponent will certainly reduced your alignment by one, and sparing them raises it by one.

“Hunter Tournament Prelims”

Reward: Showdown Ticket

Strategy: This takes area in one of the buildings to the south/southeastern of Ueno. It is composed of a number of battles against strong demons. In general, multi-taracquire or party-wide attacks job-related well; it gained me with pretty well. Keep in mind that sparing your opponent will certainly up your alignment by 1, and also killing him lowers it by 1.

“I Require Ample Weaponry”

Reward: Sword of Hope

Strategy: For this, gather the “Firearm Box” item. See Starting Investigation, the fifth paragraph under “Tokyo Overcivilization Map”, for more details. It’s basically to the north of the area.

Keep in mind that it may be discovered after a randomized Domain. I initially didn’t acquire one prior to trying out Shibuya, and also did after receiving this research and also experimenting randomly for the Tokyo Dome.

“I Want a Classy Down Quilt”

Reward: 750 Macca

Strategy: Gather 5 Fuxi Feathers, discovered by killing Fuxis. They reside all throughout what of Naraku you’ve explored therefore far; you might even currently have actually them!

“I Want to Make the City Bright”

Reward: Business Trip Set

Strategy: The essential stuff coincides with Find the Military Base (Part 2) and also Peallaidh Extermination.

“I Will Give You My Babsence Card”

Reward: Babsence Card

Strategy: Following Sidequest: Downtown Ginza will assist you unlock and complete the mission, if you have deep sufficient pcokets.

“Ikebukuro Free District”

Reward: 5,000 Macca

Strategy: One of the images necessary have the right to be uncovered in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine Front by examining the passanger side of the automobile due north of the highmeans entrance. The various other is near the poison pool, north of a taxi whose trunk spawns relics.

“I’m No Good at Demon Fusion”

Reward: Mikaperform Custom

Strategy: A Kanbari is a Special Fusion needing Mou-Ryo, Gaki, and also Mamedanuki.

“Invitation for Angel Hunting”

Reward: 15,000 Macca

Strategy: Tright here are five Herald Hordes to fight in the desert north of the Naraku tower. They are weak to Fire, specifically multi-target/party-wide assaults because … well, they’re a Horde. Whenever before you kill the actual Herald Horde - the northeasternmost one - the mission concludes.

“Isis’ Search for the Coffin”

Reward: St Incense x5

Strategy: See the intro to Finding the Counter-Demon Force Base

“Missing Child Search”

Reward: Silver Necklace

Strategy: First head to Mikacarry out Castle, then the Castle City, then the City Outskirts. Head from there into Kiccigiorgi Forest. There, you deserve to simply follow the course pretty a lot to where you found the Babsence Samurai on your previous visit - you must remember this.

(If not, head eastern to the fork, then south. Go south along the western branch of the course and also follow it a while to a north/southern fork. From tbelow, go north.) Once you meet via Timothy tright here, note that Flynn deserve to just “Run” or pass his revolve in fight.

While you have the right to fight the demons (your demon allies will execute it), it’s not exceptionally recommfinished bereason Timothy is damaged once Flynn is… Anyways, you could desire to simply sideaction these adversaries. Once Timothy is went back, you’ll gain the Silver Necklace.

“Multi-Demon Fusion”

Reward: Great Chakra x2

Strategy: Head to Ikebukuro’s underground location and outside to the east. Go southern and into the room in the west wall and also opt to usage the elevator. Call out to the human beings at the peak to make battle with a Baphomet. That much is easy.

After that, though, you should fight Cernunnos and also Pales, which need to be encountered through multi-targain assaults. Pales is weak to Fire, so you know, and also Cernunnos is weak to Force.

“Mysterious Story of Tennozu”

Reward: Shinno Rounds

Strategy: Head to Tennozu, then go right into the desert to the southern. Use the middle of the eastbound paths and you’ll shortly reach the destination building.

Not much to say about the Red Knight, other than he repels Electric and also has roughly 3,100 HP. After is Baal. He regularly usage Mazandyne and also Maziodyne, drains Electric, and also has around 4,400 HP.

“Naglfar Material Collection”


Strategy: For this, you need to get 20 Deceased’s Nails, mainly discovered by battling the undead. (You more than likely already have actually them all.) The person to whom you are to supply them is waiting underground in Ikebukuro. To reach the room, go as much west as possible, then as much southern. You must land ideal in front of it.

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“Newcomer’s Competition”

Reward: 1,000 Macca

Strategy: You should slay eight Nues, found on the 4th Stratum in Naraku. They are weak to Gun and Force, and are straightforward to beat, however discovered randomly.

“Operation: Slay the Berserker”

Reward: Ahazuya Gray

Strategy: You should find the Berserker and Rakshasa in Naraku. One remained in the southeast corner, I recall, and also one more much to the north of tbelow. They’re straightforward opponents to beat, not much worse than a normal foe.

“Osiris’ Resurrection”

Reward: Balm of Rising x5

Strategy: You should uncover the 4 pieces of Osiris and also carry them to Iris, who is in a space to the eastern of Shibuya and also Roppongi, close to the Eiffel Tower thing. Here are the pieces. You understand the sorta gridular area eastern of the desert northeast of Ginza? There.

Head into the desert much southwest of Shibuya. Go northeast of Ueno, cross the river, and go southwest of the western desert. Northwest of Shibuya, on the ledge northwest of the toxic pits Once they’re ceded, you will certainly fight Seth aacquire. He is weak to Ice, nulls Electric and Force, and has actually about 3,000 HP.

“Phantom of Madness”

Reward: Ma Incense x4

Strategy: For this specific quest, you’ll discover that some Insane Hordes are wandering roughly Shinjuku. There’s also little to them to make them boss-worthy; simply know that they’re weak to Fire and also enemy-party-wide strikes hit three times on them.

It will be accessible after finishing Corpse Disposal and also the monsters in the area wbelow you execute sassist mission are uncovered on the map (after finding the one in the northwest edge of the East Entrance: Key Street), so easy-pbasic thatta method.

A demon boss, Chernobog, is fought simply after the fourth Horde, but has nothing distinct about him and also no true weaknesses; just an immunity to Dark.

“Pluck the Buds of Rebellion”

Reward: Steel Hoe

Strategy: Head to the Mikaexecute Castle location and also right into the Back Alley to accomplish and follow, then fight a man-demon. It’s an easy fight.

“Preparing for the Day to Come”

Reward: Great Chakra

Strategy: You will need the “Bazooka Set” item for this. See Starting Investigation for even more.

“Proccasion a Deal with an Overlord”

Reward: Claymore

Strategy: Found this one on a New Game+. Anymeans, head alengthy to the Metropolitan Building - far west of the Shinjuku Association, then go north an area and also west two. Head to the area where you met and also more than likely combated Kuebiko in the lower west-main room.

Speak the routine and also you’ll first fight 3 Anzu, who are weak to Force and drainpipe Electric and have actually around 1,500 HP each. After is Astaroth. He likes to usage party-wide attacks like Hades Blast (Physical) and also Mabufudyne (Ice), so be all set through several Tetra-/Makarakarn.

He additionally repels Ice. After about 1,000 HP of damage, the Ring of Gaea woguy will intervene via a Horde: Babylon’s Might. In all honesty, one Titanomachia had actually them dvery own.

You then have to go find Astaroth aacquire, found 2 locations ago eastern. He has actually the same elepsychological resistances as before, but dies after around 8,000 HP of damages.

“Protect the Tower”

Reward: 5,000 Macca

Strategy: Head to Ueno through the Terminal and backtrack to the Sky Tower that is Naraku; external is a Pest Horde, which is rather weak to Electricity - lug along lots of Mazio/Mazionga users or the identical stones to quickly win. You will fight 5 in a row. Nopoint too difficult, really.

“Quality Food”

Reward: 2-Star Gadobtain x5, 3-Star Gadget

Strategy: For this, you must deliver 4 Succulent Porks to a Hunter Association. These items are typically dropped by Katakirauwa, uncovered regularly exterior Ueno’s underground district.

“Rebirth of the Great Overlord”

Reward: 15,000 Macca, Aquila’s Sword

Strategy: After killing Baal and accepting this pursuit, head back to wright here you fought him. Regardless of how you respond to him once prompted, you will certainly battle him. Like before, he repels Electric, but bit else matters, although I uncovered Physical and Gun assaults unusally efficient (yet not marked as weak).

The Red Knight has around 3,500 HP. After is Beelzebub, who drains Gun. All this bug does is use Luster Candy to rise his stats while likewise chaining many Megidolaon (heavy-damages, Almighty, party-wide spell). (Not always that, but mostly so.) So heal eextremely rotate while making use of your best high-critical-rate moves.

I will certainly note that Beelzebub will usage Heavenly Bow (heavy-damages, Gun, to all) if you carry out not have Tetrakarn on. I’d fairly stick through Megidolaon, personally. It’s a lengthy fight, through this guy having about 8,500 HP, and difficult if you absence offers, so seriously consider stocking up in some method.

“Rebirth of the Lady”

Reward: White King (Lower Body)

Strategy: Begin by heading north of Kasumigaseki to the St. Nicholas Cathedral. After the scene tright here, you basically fight a Horde; in various other words, use multi-target moves. Yeah … that’s basically it.

“Redeveloping the Human being Race”

Reward: Amrita Set

Strategy: This, I think, was gotten from a demon in the overpeople. Basically, you have to acquire five Kingu Bloods and five Gogmagog Meat. The Kingu Blood have the right to be discovered by beating Kingu, found approximately Ginza. Gogmagog Meat is from a Gogmagog, found in the Bay Area around Tennozu.

“Relic Recovery: PC”

Reward: 2,200 Macca

Strategy: See Corpse Disposal for more.

“Relic Recovery: Power Cable”

Strategy: This calls for you to carry the three Sacred Treasures right into the shrine southern of Shinjuku. The prizes are thorough in Hunt for the Shinjuku Underground and Killing Yuriko, 2 in the initially, one in the second. After the delivery, go north of the Kasumigaseki base to enter a building.

“Retrieve the Tablet”

Reward: Dx Incense x6

Strategy: This is a delivery pursuit found by speaking via demons in a New Game+. To complete it, you have to discover the Heaven’s Tablet, which deserve to be gained by beating the Horde of Anzu east of Shibuya - an easy fight done through party-wide assaults. Then just head to Ginza and also provide it.

“RxW Smacktacular XIII”

Reward: 8,500 Macca

Strategy: To begin, head to Shinjuku’s underground. Exit it to the north of the Association room and also, in that area, enter the room close to the northwest corner. Within, opt to be in the show. Now you have to go around and kill hordes. An Apsaras Horde (weak: Fire) is to the southeast, close to the entrance.

In the location to the north, you deserve to find a Lorelei (weak: Fire) roughly the top-left edge. Go east a room to discover Persephone (weak: Electric) along the north street. Finally, go into the location east of the founding area to find a Silky (weak: Fire) in the southerly alcove.

None of these enemies are really any kind of danger to you at this point, hopecompletely, so there’s no suggest in going right into a lot further information. After every one of this, a final opponent, Tiamat, will certainly show up. It absorbs Ice, nulls Fire, and also is weak to Electric; it just has around 2,000 HP, so you’ll be okay via a couple of Electric strikes on-hand.

“Samurai and also Hunters United”

Reward: Silver Mars

Strategy: See Kasumigaseki Quest Cleanup for even more.

“Samurai School in Nakano”

Reward: Black Crest

Strategy: For this, head to the northwest of Shinjuku in the Tokyo overworld; pretty a lot the just usable location is the one in Nakano.

Marici is of little bit trouble to you; her assaults deal little more than 50 damage, and also the only actual elemental point concerning her is the blocking of Fire. Just use those high-critical-rate moves to get rid of her ~3,100 HP and win.

“Save the Old Man”

Reward: 10,000 Macca

Strategy: Head to Shibuya using the Terminals. Tbelow, go to the east, up the ledge, and east and exterior. Head north there to accomplish the man; sheight via him. But you’ll be soon required right into a fight, albeit a straightforward one by now. Then another.

The third fight is versus Thor. He resists Physicals, absorbs Electric, and is weak to Force; fairly annoying as soon as he has actually about 3,700 HP. He is quite hard with many 100+ damages strikes, Megidola being party-wide and Mortal Jihad actually being a high-critical-rate.

“Serial Kidnapping + Arson”

Reward: Eco-friendly Gunner

Strategy: From Shinjuku’s underground, go to the much west and much north, outside. Then head west a space from tright here and enter the southeastern room. Backtrack into the underground and also head external via the northeastern exit north of the Association.

Outside, to the northeastern will be the Horde, laying in the interarea. This Wicker Horde is weak to Fire and just has around 1,600 HP - you can kill it in a single turn. Anvarious other will lie to the southeast, then one more in the southwestern corner.

At that suggest, Cernunnos will arrive. This man can usage Megidola offensively to hit everyone for 100 damages or so. He will certainly repel Electric moves, really resist Physical and Gun, and also is weak to Force. He’s still not a lot to attend to, having actually just 2,400 or HP, at this point…

“Shelter Inspection”

Reward: Olive Camouflage (Head)

Strategy: This will be simple. Just go right into the briefing room wbelow every one of the computer systems wbelow in the Kasumigaseki Counter-Demon Force Base - you can obtain tbelow through Terminal. Then simply provide the photo to the client.

“Slay the Demon in Hiding”

Reward: Evil Bazooka

Strategy: Found in my initially New Game+ playwith. From Aquila Plaza, head to the Castle, the Castle City, then the Bakery. Sheight with the male tright here to fight a Dantalian demon. They re weak to Electric, and easy to beat

“Slay the Pirate Demons”

Reward: 1,900 Macca

Strategy: I only found this in my New Game+ playvia. Anymethods, you need to go beat Piprice Hordes in Ameyoko Way, which can be reached through the vent to the eastern of the Terminal. The Hordes pop up at random, however are simple to beat if you have actually multi-taracquire moves on you.

“Slaying the Dragon of the Lake”

Reward: Ahazuya Gray (Lower Body)

Strategy: See New Challenge Quests (Kiccigiorgi & Naraku) for even more.

“Sunset for a Demonnapper”

Reward: Antidote Ring

Strategy: See Bookkeep Huntin’ for more.

“Take a Picture of Ginza for Me”

Reward: 6,250 Macca

Strategy: The Luis Wilton keep you need to take a snapshot of is in Harumi Way B of the Ginza downtvery own location. See Sidequest: Downtown Ginza for more.

“The Cauldron”

Reward: Excalibur

Strategy: I foracquire where I gained this: demons or Hunters. Anyways, accept it and head to Naraku via the Sky Terminal. Go west and into the room where you first uncovered the Bruce Gun waaay earlier. You will gain the Cauldron there; once having it, you have the right to only Run or pass your rotate in fight.

If it gets damaged, simply lug it ago right here. Use the Terminal to go to Tennozu, then go south and along the eastbound highmeans to Daiba, then furtheastern into the exhibition facility to fulfill Brigid.

“The Cursed Gauntlet”

Reward: 1,000 Macca

Strategy: See The Cursed Gauntlet.

“The Deal in the Forest”

Reward: Summon Stone x5 and also more Quests

Strategy: From Mikacarry out, head to the castle, then the city, then the Kiccigiorgi Forest. Tbelow, go eastern to the fork, southern, then west and also due west at the following fork right into the “room”.

Soptimal with the man there of the pursuit and… Well, that was a basic five Summon Stones. However, you deserve to gain more by speaking with this guy. Quests, I intend.

“The Great Drunkenness”

Reward: Babsence Gunner

Strategy: Follow in addition to Sidequest: Downtown Ginza.

“The Lion’s Roar Within Naraku”

Reward: 1,000 Macca

Strategy: Covered in To My Fellow Samurai

“The Malevolent Star Falls”

Reward: 5,000 Macca

Strategy: For this, you should fuse together a Baldur demon. It took some trial and error on this one… Anymeans, right here are a nice few combos:

Fortuna through KelpieFortuna via ZouchoutenHooligan via ChurelInti through Jack FrostInti via Pyro JackKoppa Tengu via GucumatzMad Gasser with PretaMandrake with MacabreMayahuel through Jack FrostMayahuel with Koppa TenguMayahuel through Pyro JackNight Stalker through ChurelNight Stalker via Mou-RyoSkogsra with MacabreSkogsra via QuicksilverTattooed Man with Mou-Ryo

**"The Only Food Source"**

Reward: Great Chakra x2

Strategy: See Anvarious other Shinjuku Quest Cleanup.

“The Poisonous World”

Reward: A Number of Odds and also Ends

Strategy: See Another Shinjuku Quest Cleanup.

“The Secret to Durable Clothing”

Reward: Valuable Documents

Strategy: For this, you to find one Orcus Blood. You can uncover them by beating Orcus far to the north of Ueno. Go to the overcivilization and also head north of Naraku and also you’ll discover a hunter that deserve to take you to Minami Senju. That’s wright here the Orcus lies. He’s not tough to beat, but hard as hell to find.

“The Voice of Arrogant ‘Evil’”

Reward: Sophia’s Sword

Strategy: Accept this and head into Naraku via the ground and also go up in the direction of the monitoring deck. There, you’ll fight Demiurge. He resists Ice, Force, Fire, and Electric, and also takes normal damages from Gun and also Physical. So basically usage those high-critical-rate assaults prefer Titanomachia till he’s dead.

Tetrakarn is likewise great, provided his recurring usage of Attack and Riot Gun. He will also begin to use Antichthon (Severe Almighty strike to all), so be prepared to heal. It’ll take a while; he has actually around 8,400 HP.

“Tokyo Cosmos”

Reward: ID Card Lv3

Strategy: Once got, head to the shrine southeast of Ikebukuro to receive the Orb of Gates, which will take damage in fight if hit. You have to discover and also defeat the 4 Devas without breaking it. This is an annoying pursuit to take on without help…

Anymeans, one Deva deserve to be found near the Ikebukuro entrance (prefer where you first entered the region; you have the right to fly near there), to the northeast and past the wall. The following is to the west of Shinjuku, in a district somewhat choose a square.

The 3rd is in the desert southern of Tennozu, and the fourth is in the desert northeast of Toyosu, near Minami Sunamachi. All four fights are pretty easy; these adversaries mainly use Physical attacks, so if you’re having actually trouble, Tetrakarn and Attack Mirrors are the way to go.

After the fourth fight, you’ll fight all four at when. Tetrakarn and also Titanomachia is pretty much a basic win, below.

“Training Battle 1”

Reward: 1,000 Macca

Strategy: This is meant to teach you about the Reflection method. Note that all Training Battles cannot cause a Game Over in any type of method. Anymeans, once an element can be “Repel(led)”, this means the damages is nullified on the targain and also turned ago to the attacker or one of his allies.

Generally, you can’t perform this because of Flynn always being an open spot; view Upper Body Armor for my point. However before, items or abilities prefer Tetrakarn can Repel stuff. In this situation, Gun and Physical attacks. So, the solution?

On Turn 1, use Tetrakarn and also have everyone else just pass their revolve. On Turn 2, just pass your revolve. Loop between those 2 until you win.

“Training Battle 2”

Reward: 1,000 Macca

Strategy: This fight is expected to teach around foe weaknesses. Make Flynn use Lunge on Jack the Ripper, make Kaso pass his rotate, then make Naga usage Bufala on Pyro Jack, make Flynn pass his revolve, then make Kaso usage Maragi.

“Training Battle 3”

Reward: 2,000 Macca

Strategy: Only Flynn must usage Blight on the first rotate. On the second, have Flynn lug in Zhen, who have to use Pandemic Bomb. Then perform nothing on the final turn.

“Training Battle 4”

Reward: 2,000 Macca

Strategy: Use “Next” till Aeros gets a revolve and also then uses Mazanma.

“Training Battle 5”

Reward: 3,000 Macca

Strategy: In this order, usage Tetrakarn, Spirit Drain, Tetrakarn, Spirit Drain, Salvation, Spirit Drain, Tetrakarn, Spirit Drain, Salvation, Spirit Drain, and also Tetrakarn.

“Training Battle 6”

Reward: 3,000 Macca

Strategy: Have Flynn and the Gnome use Next, then swap Undine with Taotie, that also provides Next off. Make the Salamander swap via Kanbari, and also use Next until turn ends. On Turn 2, usage Next till you gain to Kanbari, that swaps via Undine.

Use Next off till the next turn. On Turn 3, make Flynn summon in the Salamander and everyone else usage Next. Finally, have actually Flynn summon the Kanbari, make Salamander use Next off, and the Kanbari usage Tetrakarn.

“Training Battle 7”

Reward: 4,000 Macca

Strategy: In this order, usage War Cry, War Cry, Diarama, War Cry, Attack, Diarama, and also Attack ’till the finish.

“Training Battle 8”

Reward: 4,000 Macca

Strategy: Swap Ame no Uzume for the Tattooed Man, that offers Taunt. Placed him back in the stock and also usage Next off. On Turn 2, lug in Hel. On Turn 3, swap Hel for Pixie, who heals Flynn, then swap her earlier right into the stock and also usage Next.