Renewable energy consulting jobs

Renewable power consultants bring out power surveys and also audits and advise clients on sources of renewable power. These include wind, solar, marine, wave, tidal, hydro and also bioenergy. They likewise advise on sustainable remedies within the developed setting and also facilities sectors. They are sometimes dubbed sustainability consultants.

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The Work

You might be:

carrying out power surveys, feasibility researches, greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and also carbon footprintinganalysing technological data and functioning out how much power is or have the right to be producedoffering energy efficiency advice to clients in the public and also personal sectoradvising on UK green energy policies and also carbon reductionrecommfinishing renewable and sustainable materials and also energy solutionsdoing approximates and creating reportscompleting eco-friendly impact assessments for companieslogging data into specialist software for analysisreviewing ecological papers and also permits for clients. Pay

The figures below are only a overview. Actual pay rates may vary, depfinishing on:

wbelow you workthe kind of market or service you work forthe size of agency or organisation you job-related forthe demand also for the task.

Starting salaries for renewable energy consultants have the right to range from £20,000 to £25,000 a year. Salaries for knowledgeable consultants deserve to be from £30,000 to £60,000 a year or even more. You can acquire additional income from a bonus or shares system.

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ConditionsYou would job-related in an office yet you may visit clients onwebsite.You might have to take a trip to meetings in various other parts of the nation or abroad. Renewable power is an international industry.Working hours could be long to accomplish deadlines.
Getting InYou have to have actually a pertinent degree in a subject such as renewable power, ecological management, eco-friendly scientific research, design or sustaincapacity.Enattempt demands for level courses are commonly 4-5 Highers including Maths and also a scientific research or technological subject plus English at National 5.Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) uses a Higher National Diploma (HND) course in Environment-friendly Technology. Enattempt is 2 Highers consisting of Geography or a scientific research topic plus English and Maths at National 5.Some employers might choose a postgraduate qualification. Many type of Scottish universities offer postgraduate courses in renewable power.For many vacancies you must have appropriate endure in the renewable energy industry.It helps if you are a member of an correct professional body.You might need a complete, clean driving licence.

You would normally job-related in a renewable power or engineering consultancy. Tbelow are also jobs through maintenance home builders, offshore carriers and building firms.