What are actual customers saying around REPOWER America, formerly recognized as Solar Universe?

Solar Universe/REPOWER is a unique agency that enjoys good reviews, though that does depfinish to a particular extent on area. Today, let’s dive in and also check out exactly just how this firm functions and also what provides them so unique. We"ll also seewhat real customers need to say by analyzinga couple of Solar Universe reviews, eventually helping you decide whether to job-related via this unique firm.

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Solar Universe is a major player in the The golden state solar industry. While still somewhat little compared to giants SolarCity and Sunrun, the company has actually set up 10,500 devices because 2008 and incorporates over 190 installers.

The story behind this firm is rather strange. Back in 2008, Solar Universe founder Joe Bono owned several Quizno fast food franchises in The golden state. Seeing an opportunity in the solar industry for a business with a comparable structure, he sold off his restaurants and also started Solar Universe. It was rebranded as REPOWER America in 2017.

How REPOWER America Works

As a franchise, the agency is structured a little differently than various other solar installers. SolarCity, the biggest residential installer in the US, is a ‘vertically integrated’ firm that owns and also operates the entire installation procedure – from sales to installation to financing. While they have actually many type of branches across the country, each branch is owned by SolarCity.

Sunrun – the second biggest residential installer – does organization a little in a different way. Instead of owning every part of the installation procedure prefer SolarCity, they contract out installations to neighborhood third party installers. These suppliers are completely independent and most likely work-related through Sunrun, a couple various other installers, and also sell their own devices as well.

Sunrun posits that hiring out the actual installations leads to reduced overhead expenses and, by extension, lower complete installation costs (though historically Sunrun"s been more expensive than SolarCity. That’s one more story, though).

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Despite being a collection of independent businesses, REPOWER seems to be able to administer continuously great customer service and high quality installations for customers. And while our analysis is based upon less than a hundred reviews – a a lot smaller sized sample than what we uncover for various other nationwide companies – the scarcity of 1 and also 2 star reviews proves that they deserve to, and also execute, administer repetitively high customer assistance.

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The biggest hinderance to REPOWER America is their little dimension and also lack of indevelopment virtual. On their very own website, they don’t provide any kind of indevelopment on the equipment they sell or accessible financing (we’ve checked out from the reviews that they sell cash, loans, and also PPA/leases, however REPOWER doesn’t lay that out on their very own site). Also, finding customer reviews of individual franchises external of California – their home base – is also beside impossible, likely because of their dimension.

#3 REPOWER America/Solar Universe vs Other Solar Companies

How do the reviews for REPOWER America compare to various other installers? Obviously 5 stars is great, yet perform other installers likewise enjoy 5 stars? Is that even somepoint to be proud of?

Well, most installers – particularly massive, nationwide service providers – many absolutely execute not gain 5 star reviews, or anypoint close to that.

SolarCity suffers from 2 out of 5 stars on Yelp, based on 272 reviews, for their San Mateo branch. Customers comordinary of bad communication and poor customer organization, specifically in after-sales assistance. The San Francisco branch of Sunrun enjoys a mildly-higher 2.5 stars based upon 161 reviews, with customers aacquire complaining about business and support after installations are complete.

Both of these scores pale though when compared to REPOWER"s near perfect scores throughout the board.

#4 Should You Work via REPOWER America?


It"s time for the big question: must you work through REPOWER America? While all the reviews allude to the affirmative, through over 190 installers, it’s difficult to give a blanket ‘yes’ to that question.

In the section above, we looked at reviews for 5 of their installers in the California market. If you’re in one of those areas and deserve to job-related through one of these branches specifically, it seems prefer you’d be in good hands working via REPOWER.

However, some branches – especially in the northeast states - experience from little bit to no information virtual and actual customer reviews are fairly scarce. This isn’t to say functioning with them is off the table, but you’ll should perform some localized study to vet their professionalism and also quality. Ask about to friends and also household to check out if anyone’s worked with them prior to.

If the California branches are any indication, you’ll be in great hands via any kind of REPOWER branch, however it’s approximately you to ensure that’s the case in your area!