Founded in 1986 via over 5000 happy customers on Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island.All Equipment are Warrantied (parts & labor for 5 years, solar panels and inverters for 25 years)20-Point Quality Control Checklist

Matias Besasso / Greetings from Rising Sun’s Owner

Aloha & Welcome!

Starting via the seventh installation on Maui in 2003, Rising Sun is this day the biggest solar energy company in the state with workplaces on Maui, Big Island also, Oahu and also Kauai. For 17 years, Rising Sun has led the solar market in Hawai’i. Our company offers design, installation, financing and maintenance for solar power systems of all sizes and also types.

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We are advocates for solar incentives and grid access. We assist create market finest methods, boost public awareness with community involvement, and invest in workpressure education. Our customers are constantly our first priority.

Mahalo for visiting – our team is here to aid you go solar smoothly and successfully.

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Matias Besasso

Rising Sun’s Featured Solar Properties

Rising Sun Home

Our showcase home on Maui’s North Shore. Explore the solar modern technology in this exceptional room.

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Haiku Home

See Rising Sun’s mounted solar + storagein this Haiku house.

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