The owner of a solar-panel installation company has actually been accprovided of scamming customers out of numerous thousands of dollars in a multi-count indictment filed in Pima County Superior Court.

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Michael Allen Fricker, owner of Phoenix-based Salt River Solar and Wind, is accsupplied of maintaining customers’ rebates and also not paying manufacturers and also dealers for solar panels.

The 35-count indictment claims Fricker and also his firm took even more than $350,000 from residential customers and also solar panel carriers between 2009 and late 2013.

“The attorney basic and also the FBI will certainly investigate and also prosecute individuals for their alleged criminal conduct, which undermines the economic climate, victimizes consumers and also aboffers government incentives,” Assistant Arizona Attorney General Mike Jette shelp.

The 11-web page indictment accoffers Fricker and the company of illegal manage of an enterpclimb, money laundering, fraudulent schemes and also artifices and theft.

Prosecutors shelp Fricker told customers they necessary to pay upfront for solar systems and installation on the premise that rebate money would certainly later be returned to them or provided to offset additional expenses.

The attorney basic said the rebate money never made it to customers and work was regularly left incomplete. The indictment identifies 10 victims that shelp they were cheated out of countless dollars.

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In addition, court records say at least two solar panel manufacture or sales companies were defrauded.

While the firm does not have actually any kind of civil cases filed versus it in Pima County Superior Court, it was the defendant in at least 13 civil situations in Maricopa County Superior Court.

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