Find Out why Southern Californiahomeowners have relied on Secure Roofing & Solar for 30 years.

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Find out exactly how a lot you have the right to save with Solar in just a couple of measures.





Save money and also live even more sustainably by goingSolar now. Join the over 15,000 happy Southern The golden state homeowners and also businesses that made a decision Secure Roofing & Solar for professional and also top quality installation.

Start conserving on your monthly energy bills.

At Secure Roofing & Solar, we GUARANTEEyou"ll be happy via our occupational. Call today and also discover why we have beena trusted Residential, Commercial and Industrial Solar and Roofing skilled in Southern California for over 30 years.

Protect your investment and also boost your residential property worth.


We just companion via industry-leading manufacturers and service providers to offer you the best commodities for your Roofing and Solar job.

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We stand behind our occupational and GUARANTEE that simply favor the even more than 15,000 customers we've functioned through, you'll be happy through your project.

With the Home Equity Investment (HEI) from, you can accessibility $35,000 to $250,000 of house equity for your residence advancement task.

People Love Us on Yelp.Read what our Clients have shared around their suffer through Secure Roofing & Solar.

We interregarded a couple of other service providers and also chose to go via Secure Roofing and Solar. Dave Massey defined whatever in information and also presented an market we can not refusage. Though we hit a couple of bumps alengthy the way, they responded easily and corrected the problem instantly and this is why we are extremely pleased through their organization values and one on one attention to detail.

The roof looks exceptional, the solar went on without a hitch and also the exterior paint of the residence looks beautiful! People drive by and compliment how attractive the home looks.

Dave, his entire team and also the solar installers yielded on point and we cannot give thanks to them enough. We truly appreciate all that they did and would recommend them to anyone for their roofing, solar requirements and also paint.

When you choose Secure Roofing & Solar, you obtain access to the entire

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SIRC FAMILY OF COMPANIES is made up of 4, family-owned carriers providinghigh quality service, andinnovative and award-winning specialization that you can count on, all “under one roof!"