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Today we have rather a unique watch on display screen. The Seiko SSC081Adundertaking Solar Standard is a high top quality casual watch through a solar edge. Seiko has actually honed its abilities over the previous 120+ years and we have actually come to suppose the incredibly ideal from them. They have a dedication to relocating through the times in terms of imaginative style and innovation and the fact that this piece functions solar is testament to that.

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At initially glance the watch draws you in through its shiny stainless steel situation and also bezel. It looks choose tright here is a fair amount happening on the watch so this would certainly additionally ignite some curiosity. You will check out a compass on the dial and also 2 crowns. We will talk about these functions in a little bit even more detail lower down. In reality rather a fair amount needs to be discussed so let’s jump right in.

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Double Crvery own and also Compass

The Solar Standard SSC081engages its adventurous admirers through its compass attribute. Before there is any kind of confusion around this compass it is important to note that this is what the second crown is for. The compass isn’t magnetic and self-rotating so it will be vital for anybody that is planning on taking it out on a trip to use it that you are well versed in utilizing it in connection with the position of the sun to determine true north. The second crown on the optimal left of the watch is supplied to turn the compass appropriately. The second crvery own at 3 o’clock is for the usual setting of the date and time.


I discover that the crown for the dial on the height left possibly turns a little too conveniently which indicates if you aren’t mindful tbelow is a good chance the compass would certainly rotate a bit without you understanding it. That aside the compass is an amazing function for the adventurous traveller. If, choose me, all the adventuring you perform is in the massive city it still shouldn’t dominance this one out bereason it is a looker, at leastern you won’t have to problem yourself over the technical use of the compass.

Babsence Dial

The matte black dial contrasts beautifully with the stainmuch less steel case and also the stitched brown leather strap. The 6, 9 and 12 are big Arabic numbers and the rest of the dial is embellished with various markers for the various other hrs and also minutes. Tbelow is no 3 on display screen bereason this is wbelow the date is uncovered.


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The Solar Classic is casually sporty and also functions a chronograph with the timer overlapping the 12 o’clock numeral. You will view a 2nd timer at the bottom which is offered to set the alarm. A small note is that the alarm is something you will need to get attuned to yet at leastern it doesn’t scream at you. There is additionally a hardflex crystal over the watch confront which isn’t as challenging as your sapphire crystal but well attuned to be able to take a little bit of a knock.

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LumiBrite modern technology is used to light up the attributes at night. The meaning of making use of LumiBrite is that it doesn’t need a lot of time to power up the luminous components and likewise doesn’t usage any radioenergetic materials.


One of the a lot of superior elements of this case is actually what is inside it. This piece is powered by a Japanese quartz v172 solar motion mechanism. This solar quartz finds its power with sunlight and also man-made light so it isn’t a large deal if you uncover yourself indoors throughout the day. This battery will the majority of most likely not require replacing unmuch less it is used for a few years.


The case is a glossy stainmuch less steel with a much more bruburned complete on the lugs. It regulates attention because of its looks but at least not because of its size. The situation is about 40mm via a thickness of 13mm. It is a little little thicker than some of the various other quartz watches however this doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort.

Final Thoughts

This is a fashionable item and also though it is made for casual wear it can be worn as a dress watch if you are searching for a slightly down played yet stylish look. The stitching in the band also and the glossy situation is what makes it suit worthy in my opinion via the just issue being that tright here is a lot happening on the dial and around the watch. The modern technology powering this watch and also the mind passist to maintaining it aesthetically pleasing make the reasonable price tag seem exceptionally generous.

The Seiko SSC081 Adventure-Solar Standard have the right to really go everywhere via you and also hence I thought I would leave a tiny pointer for those that don’t already understand how to find true north. Place ‘South’ between your hour hand also and 12’clock then point your hour hand also towards the sun. Now you’re all set for some adundertaking or at least have a brand-new party trick. The Solar Standard will be a great partner for either of those.

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