Sins Of A Solar Empire Advent Guide

Multiplayer guide for Advent Loyalist, level: Intermediate.

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Guide to Multiplayer


This is a multiplayer overview for Advent Loyalist, level: Intermediate. It concentrates on multiplayer 5v5, Aggressive place.


Build 2 more scouts and send 4 scouts to auto explore.ColonizingBuild 2 colonizer frigate and colonize surrounding asteroids, then neutral.Starting Capital shipBuild Progenitor as the founding capital ship.Starting techBuild Temple of Hostility and study corvette.

Early Game

Capital: Progenitor: pick the initially skill depfinishing on:If you have the right to colonize more asteroids safely: take Colonize.If beforehand fighting vs fleet: take Malice.If vs SB rush: take Shield Regen.Fleet
Build corvettes initially.If vs SB rush, switch to light frigateways.Non-soptimal fleeting.EcoOnly take asteroids if possible.DefenceBeam and Repair if necessary (e.g. on frontier planets).Upgrade earth health if essential.

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Mid Game

Capital ship: can be a great concept to acquire a second one. Some good options:Radiance: tanky and excellent anti-resources ability.Rapture: excellent damages reflection skill (vengeance).Discord: great anti-fleet abilities, especially vs corvettes.Fleet
Corvettes: yes.Illuminator: yes.Disciple: yes if vs SB/flak.Defense: yes if vs corvettes. Do not develop too many kind of, about 10 have to be enough.Iconus Guardian: yes.Drone host: yes if vs mines.EcoBuild 2 Temple of Harmony and also study Culture.Build a society holy place and also upgrade social on homehuman being.Colonize some ice/volcano etc.DefenceBeam and also Repair if required (e.g. on frontier planets).Upgrade planet wellness if essential.

Late Game

Capital ship
Build Titan, initial skills: Unity Mass and Suppression Aura.Research Mass transcendence.Build several Halcyons, all through Adept Drone, some through Telekinetic Push and also some through Amplify Energy Aura.FleetMainly Titan, Capitals and some Iconus through Repulsion.Left-over frigates/corvettes from mid game might support but only if safe (e.g. not vs Titan, SB, Marza MB).EcoUpgrade social on homecivilization.Upgrade culture and max allegiance (consisting of SB via Reverence on homeworld).DefenceSB on homecivilization and also crucial choke points.Upgrade Disorientation and also Meteoroid on SB if necessary.
Written by letsrock.
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