Sins Of A Solar Empire Rebellion No Super Weapons Mod

I am speaking up versus the Super Weapon Cap. It is the worst principle versus the players of this game. One of the biggest tempt of this game that I have actually delighted in given that 2008 has been that it is an area game that keeps via what a actual nation have the right to perform. You totally damaged that when you cap the Super weapons. It additionally destroys my game style. I generally play the Varari and play maps 5 or 6 star units. A Super Weapon Limit provides them completely usemuch less. It takes forever before to sfinish a weapon blast from one solar device to another. It renders it so I can not usage it at all now. Any complaints against Super Weapons were addressed in the Entrenchment growth. I hope that in the following patch that you rerelocate this offensive adjust to in my opinion the best video game ever made.

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Reply #26April 25, 2012 6:47:02 PM
fromSins of a Solar Empire

Guys prefer you aGAvAare the factor I don't play Multiplayer. You're so self-centered. All you deserve to think about is what you want, and also to Hell with whatever else. The numbers - 95% to 99% - carry out not lie. And not as soon as have I viewed you acunderstanding anyone else's opinion, or even a fact, as proclaimed over, as pertinent. All you carry out is state what you think, and flame everybody who disagrees. People like you disgust me.

Oh, and also add PBHead to that list. He's the very same means. Speaking of, I'd rather listen to Stardock, who is responsible for the game's financial and buisness side, than Steam, which has actually never before been stable as a table through 3 legs.

As for the OP: As proclaimed before, Supertools are gaining buffed in the next patch, hopecompletely big time, so that I'll think about re-allowing them for my personal use. Also as stated over, we don't need an additional threview like this. Read the first. Its not that tough.

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Reply #27April 25, 2012 6:49:30 PM
fromSins of a Solar Empire
Quoting Greg30007,
reply 25
well vicious ai starts to develop them and also shoot them as early on as 15 min right into the game.

they did i been playing a 4 hrs game and also havent heard one single super weapons yet

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Reply #28April 25, 2012 6:54:39 PM
fromSins of a Solar Empire
Quoting Pbhead,
reply 24
Lets count the variety of people online on rebellion ICO.Lets count the variety of human being steam states play rebellion.When i did this i acquired ~130/1000 = 13% of the players who played sins that day were all online at ONE TIME.allows not be stupid dumb and also usequestionablestatistics which are plainly incorrect, and also out of date.

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I'm reasonably confident that the civilization who make the game and also run ICO have actually a reasonable idea of exactly how many human being are actually utilizing it, as compared to a selection predisposition skewed beta population.

And we wouldn't need to get into it at all if we didn't have world making asinine suggestions prefer only listening to the MP neighborhood rather of the massively bigger SP community around an issue that was an totally SP trouble anymeans.

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Reply #29April 25, 2012 8:41:34 PM
fromSins of a Solar Realm

It wasn't a singleplayer or multiplayer difficulty, it was an AI worry. It still is. Do you really think the 4 per player limit matters to the AI on a small map wright here a player possibly occupies 6 or salso planets? I tmakes no difference to them, they wouldn't have actually developed even more than those 4 in the first place.

On bigger maps you're most likely have multiple opponents at as soon as, definition if anypoint it provides the problem worse by multiple AIs spamming the nukes on YOU (yes the AI still gangs up on people also if they are not allied via each other) with no chance of retaliation. After all, you just have actually 4 nukes, and they have actually 4x9 (worst case), in clean numbers 36 supertools relocating about. Way to shoot yourself in the knee.

As I view it now tbelow are 2 means of managing the superweapons:

1. Rerelocate the frickin limit, make a lever before in startup screen to deactivate them (and also resolve the delivarence. Won't ever gain worn down of noting this). The way supers are currently they are even more of support powers than anypoint else. Players can trip over them once or twice, but that's it...

2. Limit supers to 1 per faction and make them actually SUPER. Including all the benefits and backdraws. You need to sink lots of money right into them. When they are completed they have zero AM and have to charge up for 10 to 15 minutes, likewise huge fat warning for all players ("our researchers noticed a large source of energy charging up" or whatever). If the player maneras to shoot they have to impact multiple planets at as soon as, through the center planet (the one you aimed at) acquiring the worst of it. The superweapons are expected to force players right into action, break stalemates or pointer the balance of battle. If human being freak when hearing the superweapon announcement GREAT, that's what they are suppposed to carry out.