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Star Wars: Interregnum is an upcoming mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that builds off of the highly successful Enhanced 4X Mod. Fleeing the unknown terror that is chasing the Vasari, the factions of Sins of a Solar Realm stumble on a momentary wormhole that takes them to a galaxy far, far amethod. The sudden arrival of armadas through trillions of refugees and also thousands of warships between the events of Episodes 5 & 6 forever before transforms the Star Wars cosmos and plunges the galaxy right into an unmatched period of chaos and also violence. Begun, a brand-new conflict has.

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Jul 19 2015 Anchor

Is tright here any type of way to readjust the frequency of random events?

Right now I"m playing a tool sized map, myself plus two AI. So far I"ve discovered the Centerpoint terminal and also 5 Star Forges (one planet has actually two Star Forges, one more has both a Centersuggest and Star Forge). I"ve also encountered 5 planets owned by minor factions (rogue Imperials, etc.) Tright here are at least 4 gravity wells via the Katana fleet in it. And I"ve explored around 3/4 of the map so much.

I"ve more than likely played approximately 10 games via Alpha 3, and I"ve been lucky to find even more a couple minor faction planets on a map. I"ve found the Centerpoint station I think every game, commonly even more than as soon as on a map, but just encountered the Star Forge one time.

I can uppack the save for anyone that desires a little amusement.

I"ve messed about through a couple of files for my own use, however I do not think I"ve touched anything that hregarding do through random occasions. I have actually no idea how to edit the frequency of random events so I may have actually done somepoint accidentally, however I can"t think of exactly how. Also I"m not sure if minor factions or Katana Dreadnaughts are even thought about random occasions.

This isn"t a complaint or anypoint, I"m simply wondering what"s up. Despite the phrase "Never before tell me the odds", the chances of all this stuff popping up on the very same map at once do not seem favorable.


Those aren"t random events. I contact those Random Encounters, since they randomly spawn at the game start and also you encounter them as you explore. Random occasions were included by the Stellar Phenomenon DLC, and also are one-of-a-kind occasions that create as the game is in progression.

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All map connected generate generate opportunities are managed by the GalaxyScenarioDef file (it is basically a bridge between the .galaxy map papers and also the entity files). Believe it or not, the Star Forge and Centersuggest have actually an equal possibility to generate. I think they have actually a 5-6% each per habitable planet to generate. The 2 Star Forges is a tiny weird, that might more than likely be fixed, however there"s nothing that can really be done about both the Star Forge and Centerpoint spawning on the same earth. Though if you usage the "All E4X Random Encounters" minimod, it re-adds the E4X Ancient Structures, and thus lowers the generate rate of all of them to 1.3 or 2.3% since tbelow is currently 8 or so to select from instead of 2.

Minor factions generate depending on the specific planet type. Rouge Imperials always manage Terran and also Industrial planets, on the idea that the Empire would organize on to the many practical planets, though this will likely adjust later on. Likewise "Non-aligned Worlds" (AKA the Rebel Minor Faction) manage eexceptionally oceanic world. The Vanilla Sins minor factions have a chance to generate on certain planets; the Advent deserve to spawn on Dead Asteroids or Desert planets, Trader mining swarms on Volcanic or Swamp planets and so on. The Katana Fleet functions in a comparable method, except only on Non-colonizeable planets (because the fleet wouldn"t be lost if they weren"t in deep space).

So yeah, dig in the GalaxyScenarioDef file for all of that. Though I warn you, it is a large and also complex file, and also it is very basic to break somepoint because it appears to have actually most little rules that you do not understand exist until you hit them and the mod crashes. :p