No toothpaste is needed via the Soladey J3X Titanium Solar Ionic Toothbrush; Ravi Ratan polished silver oval cufflinks attribute WiFi and a surprise USB; and the Flic programmable command button.

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Soladey J3X Titanium Solar Ionic Toothbrush $

As a youngster, I was told to brush my teeth when I woke up and also after eexceptionally meal. I was also told that "four out of five dentists" recommended Cremainder as the toothpaste to usage for brushing. Later in life, the ads touting "four out of five" talked around Colgate as the wanted toothpaste, and after that, Aquafresh became the wanted brand.

What if tbelow was a tool to clean our teeth that didn"t call for toothpaste and also didn"t leave us victim to the latest clintends of Madikid Avenue?

In Japan, a renowned toothbrush does simply that. It"s the Soladey J3X Titanium Solar Ionic Toothbrush.

Ionic toothbrushes are nopoint brand-new. The gadget converts light right into negatively-charged ions. A solar panel in the toothbrush handle works with any kind of light. I am not a scientist, yet the folks behind the product define that as soon as the ions mix via saliva and water, they lure positive ions from the acidic plaque on the teeth to facilitate the removal of plaque and work-related to clean your teeth.

If you"re a person via sensitive teeth or if you endure from bleeding gums, the Soladey J3X may be simply what the dentist ordered. No toothpaste is needed, nor is it also recommended for use with this product.

Ravi Ratan poliburned silver oval cufflinks


In today"s office atmospheres, a couple of executives have already abandoned the tie as component of their work attire. Even rarer is the executive that still wears cufflinks.

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If you"re a tool lover, it could be time to relocate back to French cuffs and also plunk dvery own $250 for a pair of Ravi Ratan polished silver oval cuffweb links, which function a combination of Wi-Fi and a 2GB USB.

The cufflinks come through software to install on your COMPUTER. After inserting the removable USB hotspot from your cufflinks into your computer, you"ll have high speed wireless for use by your mobile phones and other Windows wiremuch less tools.

For a secondary $8, you have the right to also engrave as much as eight personalities on the cuffweb links. And, if you later want to broaden your fashion sense, additionally sells red dice cufflinks, green army men cufflinks, purple brachiosaurus cuffweb links and also many kind of, many kind of more fun deindicators.


$30 or $99 for

You could think your smartphone is programmed to execute many anypoint. However before, it doesn"t always execute those points through simply a push of a switch. My guess is that nearly everyone has watched the commercial with an elderly woguy lying on the floor who plaintively calls out "Help! I"ve fallen, and also I can"t get up." At the basic push of a button assist is on the way-there"s no need to cycle with five screens in order to acquire aid.

The folks behind Flic offer you programmable remote butlots that deserve to summon aid, take a picture, location a phone call, order a pizza or whatever your creativity deserve to think to regimen. This gadget functions with both Android and also iOS gadgets.