Solar 2 175 welder

I'm brand also brand-new to welding so I am sure you guys are sick of hearing standard inquiries like mine.  But I'll provide it a shot anyhow.  I gained my hands on an old solar 2175 welder from a colleges auto shop that was closing.  I just finiburned upgrading my electrical so I currently have actually 220v and also hooked the welder up and also it feeds wire fine so thats an excellent begin.  It did not come through a gas bottle and so prior to I buy one I want to make certain the welder works.  I was going to gain some flux core wire, yet I required to understand if there are differences in flux core wire or anypoint I have to watch out for.  Also has anyone heard of these welders?  I have actually watched they were made by century about two decades earlier.  Should it be fine for hobby use?  Anything I have to be cautious of founding out?  I have review over a basic welding book a couple of times currently, and also I run demolition derby cars so I have actually product to practice on :)Thanks,Adam

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Welconcerned the forum Adam!Good questions by the way.If you are going to begin through FCAW you must make certain it is "gasless FCAW,"  dual shield FCAW will certainly not job-related without gas.Most supply dwellings will have actually tiny rolls of E71T-GS,  This is the stuff that is very well-known with hobby welders... It runs in all positons, no gas, slag comes off pretty well.  A suggest to store in mind... Most gasless FCAW wire runs DCEN, Direct Current Electrode Negative  also known as (straight polarity).  This is different from most solid or gas shielded wires... Just remember this once you perform your setup.
Hello Adam, as Lawrence said, welcome to the forum, and additionally, as usual, Lawrence beat me to an answer. He offered you an extremely concise response for obtaining started through your machine. When he described the polarity of the machine as soon as using the gasless fluxcored wire you will have to pay close attention to this. Many makers that are qualified of being used for GMAW, gas-shielded FCAW, and also gasless FCAW will certainly have provisions for changing the polarity of the output of the machines. With an equipment that deserve to run GMAW and gas-shielded FCAW(dualshield), the welding gun will be associated to the + side of the machine output and also the ground will be linked to the - side of the output of the machine. For making use of the machine through the gasmuch less fluxcored wire you will have to connect the welding gun to the - side of the output terminal and also the ground will certainly should be associated to the + side of the output terminal. these transforms are many times done under the cover wright here the feed mechanism is housed. With the gasmuch less fluxcored wire pay attention to the stick-out of the wire(distance the wire exhas a tendency previous the call tip to where it forms the bead as welding is progressing) as said by the wire manufacturer and also usage a backhand also method for welding through this certain procedure. Many gasmuch less fluxcored wires will certainly having a beginning stickout of about 1/4" and extfinish up to roughly 1 1/4" or so, depending on wire diameter. Good luck on your welding testing and don't hesitate to ask concerns later. Regards, aevald
wow many thanks for the quick thorough responses.  I didn't think around the polarity.  I'll need to take a good look at it and also watch if the fittings are the exact same to simply swap the gun and also clamp or just how it would certainly be done inside.  I didn't think around doing that. 
By 357max
I would indicate a flux cored wire E71T-11 such as the Hobart 21B. The E71T-GS is a single pass wire. You will certainly more than likely desire to exercise your Welding PHD (Pile it Higher & Deeper) on thicker product. For that reason E71T-GS would not be a great selection.
I like the way you think 357!
Ok I am still a tiny puzzled around changing the polarity so I can run flux core wire.  It is an older welder so maybe I have to change it manually?  I can't just plug the ground clamp in the gun spot and also vice versa (although it sounded choose an principle lol)  I have actually taken some pictures of the welder with the hood off so perhaps you guys can take a look?  They are at'm sorry I don't understand much around welders, yet I am pretty mechanically inclined.  I would guess I would certainly switch the position of the wires in the blue point in the ago of the picture?  I might just go through a gas bottle, but for my requirements the flux wire must gain me more penetration.Thanks aget,Adam could be someone to contact for information and parts for that machine. Generally tright here is a area to interadjust the gun and also ground feeds if the machine will perform both polarities. Look for wright here the gun power lead hooks up, this will be in between the feeder and also the end of the gun conduit. If this goes directly to the power suply it is not supposed to change polarity, if the lead goes to a terminal block through the occupational lead cable that is wright here the adjust is commonly made. Those machines were marketed to body shops and garages, by the tool truck venders. I doubt many type of welding supply shops will certainly be really familiar through them. You could try and also view if You acquire any kind of weld output via solid wire without gas, You will acquire a crkosid.orgy weld, but You will check out if there is output.

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First of all, I'd like to echo Larry's "Weldcome"!!!Next, before you even start to usage the machine you've gained there You've gained to clean it up!!! Dust is the enemy of electric tools regardmuch less of what it's provided for!!! Please clean the area where the wire feeder/drive rolls are... After that secure those babsence cables so that they do'nt get in the means of the wire that's going to be fed... at this suggest, move dvery own to wbelow the transprevious and the rest of the "Guts" that consist of the power source but, do'nt begin the machine yet!!! In truth either disconnect it from the plug or fuse box first for safety's sake!!! Then clean the insides bereason you've got alot of dust accumulated inside!!! If you have access to a shop-vac wet/dry vac cleaner usage that first then, if you cannot remove the rest, use compressed air at no more than 60 psi yet, make sure you do'nt blast any type of kind PC-board if you have the right to because the electronic devices are quite sensitive so in that case, use the vac rather. Is there a possibility that you can take a picture or two of the front and ago of this machine?I ask this bereason, the pics you have are mirroring the sides of the machine and also it's guts via the exception of the top side watch of the drive roll device. In other words, i desire you to take a picture of the machine develop the front wbelow the mig gun is hooked as much as and also wbelow the on/off switch, all of the knobs and butlots are... You understand, the settings!!! Did you hkosid.orgen to check out if tbelow was a manual about for that equipment???Once you acquire those to us ,we deserve to assist you set the machine up so that you can watch if it works or not???Have you tried to strike an arc via it yet also though you do'nt have a bottle of gas yet???I look foward to your response :)Respectfully,Henry
Thanks for all your aid men.  I will certainly clean it up and attempt and also acquire an arc tomorrow.  I took all the pictures I can think of if you require somepoint clearer let me know
Hello aacquire ahall13, when I looked at the various photos that you posted, they indicate that this machine might not have been initially designed to have the polarity readjusted. Being a tinkerer by nature however I carry out think that you could in truth do a few adjustments to adjust that. The block wright here the wirefeed drive rolls are located is an isolated piece and also has a cable attached to it that is offering the Confident power. On the front panel tbelow is a twist plug type of receptacle that the ground cable is attached to that is supplying the Negative link for the ground cable. You might disattach the positive cable that is attached to the wirefeed drive block and install a female twistlock welding connector to this lead. Next make-up a 1 1/2 foot or so lengthy cable with one more female twistlock welding connector on one end and a terminal lug on the various other finish, then affix the terminal lug to the link point on the wirefeed drive block that you disassociated the positive supply cable from. Now make-up a 1 1/2 foot lengthy jumper cable with a male twistlock welding connector on each finish, one finish that will match the twistlock that is on the front of the machine that presently supplies the connection for the ground lead and also the other twistlock connector that matches the female finish that you have actually attached to the brief cable that is associated to the wirefeed drive block. When the machine is to be operated as it was originally designed(reverse polarity) the ground will certainly be plugged into the exact same receptacle that it is now and the jumper lead via the 2 male ends will certainly make the connection between the positive power cable and the short lead that you would certainly have associated to the wirefeed drive block. When you wanted to run the machine on directly polarity you could plug the ground cable twist lock into the female connector associated to the positive female twistlock connector and also plug the jumper with the 2 male ends into the ground receptacle on the front of the machine and also the short cable that you would certainly have actually associated to the wirefeed drive block, this would make the gun connection negative and also switch the machine to straight polarity. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU CONNECT THE JUMPER CABLE BETWEEN THE POSITIVE CABLE AND THE NEGATIVE TWISTLOCK CONNECTOR ON THE FRONT OF THE MACHINE, this would cause a dead short in the output circuit of the machine!!!! One drawback to trying to make this alteration could involve rerelocating the original twistlock ground receptacle on the machine and also replacing it through a prevalent type of twistlock to match the othe connectors that you would need to have to make this all work. The scenario I defined below is not for an individual who doesn't have actually a relatively great principle of electrical schematics or exactly how electrical devices job-related. So if you aren't fairly confident about these sorts of things I would certainly not attempt to carry out what I have actually described. As Henry discussed, if tright here isn't currently an existing polarity switch on the front or rear panel, then this machine was originally designed to run hard wire with a shielding gas. It is a small little bit underpowered for running gas-shielded FCAW so I don't think I would certainly bvarious other through that. But if you would certainly really like to run the gasless FCAW it can be done by following what I have actually defined above. As everyone else has currently shelp SAFETY, SAFETY, and be really careful if you attempt to modify the machine. If you understand any electricians have actually them read these instructions and view if they feel that they would work-related for you in this situation. Regards, aevald
many thanks aevald!I understand what your saying and I kosid.orgreciate all the time you required to figure that out.  Because I am simply trying to learn welding best currently I don't think that me transforming a maker would be the smartest principle for me.  I figured it can be done and perhaps later on this will be an choice.  I think I will certainly try and also view if I obtain an arc best now and also if I execute then I will buy a gas bottle.  what sort of reactivity will certainly I get founding the machine with continual wire and no gas?
Hello again ahall13, if the machine is in a condition that it will indeed make an arc and try to weld, you will certainly see a weld puddle try to form however it will spark and also splast quite excessively and the bead(if you deserve to call it that) will look choose swiss cheese and will certainly be incredibly ugly and misformed and also unalso. Shielding gases administer the protection to save out undesirable components that are present in the environment, that's why they are compelled through the solid type wires and also "some" of the fluxcored wires. The assorted types of shielding gases will provide different ploffers and also minoffers concerning the bead and depending on the gas mixtures and also percentperiods, spatter can be reduced, penetration have the right to be raised and also other points have the right to be influenced. I would likely indicate an Argon/CO2 mixture for a shielding gas that is described as 75/25 (75% Argon, 25% CO2), this is a sensibly great gas to use for hard wire on a device of the size that you have actually. Good luck and also have fun. Regards, aevald
Thanks so much for everyones help.  I cleaned the inside of the machine out tonight and also fired it up and I did obtain and also arc and the wire fed excellent.  I am hkosid.orgy about that as it was an old machine you never before understand.  Next week I'll be acquiring a gas bottle and also it'll be time to start discovering.Thanks again you guys are excellent.Adam
Here's what they look like once new:Solar 2175130-amp MIG 208/230 volt - boundless heat and also wire speed controls - 160 height amps Welds from thick, 5/16-inch steel to thin, 26-gauge sheet steel.    * Electronic wire rate manage (0 to 700 inches per minute) and also unlimited warm manage quickly tune the specific rate and also warm essential for the job    * Wire feed meter monitors wire speed for accuracy and basic reset    * Quick-release drive device permits easy wire adjust without added tension adjustment    * Convection cooled (no fan) make it wonderful for body shops    * Built-in spot/stitch timer lets you repeat spot (plug) and stitch welds    * Convenient purge/breakthrough switches enable separate gas purge or wire breakthrough for effective use    * Small to big spool capacity renders wire even more economical    * Excellent for welding stainmuch less steel and also aluminumComes Complete:    * Full welding cart    * High-high quality, heavy-duty, 10-foot wire feed gun    * Ground cable assembly and clamp    * Assortment of contact tips (6 <.024>, 6 <.030>, 6 <.035>)    * Steel welding nozzle    * Wire spindle adapter and spool tensioner    * Spare fuse    * Cable wrap brackets    * Easy-to-understand instruction manualHere is wright here you have the right to obtain some of the MIG gun parts: I zoomed in on the image of the front manage panel, i could'nt tell whether or not it had a polarity switch in the front because every little thing looked blurry however, it must have one!!! attempt looking in the earlier panel... If it does'nt, I personally would'nt recommfinish you to job-related inside unless you have enough endure in functioning via such tools to change the polarity :) However, it can be done as lengthy as care and SAFETY are the number one priority as soon as functioning through this equipment.Hope this helps and good luck in finding a user's hand-operated unmuch less you currently have one :)Respecttotally,Henry Forum News & HelpAmerideserve to Welding Society Services- Certifications- Technical Standards & Publications- Conferences & Shows- Learning & EducationWelding Industry- General Welding Discussion- Technical Discussions- Inspection & Qualification- Welding Fundamentals- Processes- ASME Codes- Welding Safety- Metallurgy- Welding Documents & DownloadsThe Welders- Education & Training- Welding Equipment ClassifiedsSections- Section 7: San Francisco- Section 32: Rochester- Section 39: Colorado- Section 41: Puacquire Sound Olympic- Section 55: Arizona- Section 81: Nebraska- Section 110: North Florida- Section 112: Florida West Coast- Section 135: Nevada- Section 156: Inland also EmpireChit-Chat & Non-Welding Discussion- Off-Topic Bar and also Grill