Solar 560a battery charger

Pack it via care, to proccasion shipping damages. Ship it to: Industrial Electronics 1001 East Lincoln Ave Madison Heights, MI 48071 (Reference your REPAIR TRACKING NUMBER on the exterior of your shipping container)

Get Your Approval

We"ll ask you for your approval to proceed (you may get rid of this action by sending your PO with your item needing repair, together with the apshowed amount, turnabout time, and also shipping instructions).

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Refurbished, not simply Repaired

With, your devices is refurbiburned, not simply repaired. Upon receiving your approval, we will certainly repair your item with the turnabout time of your option.

Testing and Quality Control"s proficient, manufacturing facility trained designers and also technicians procedure each repair through rigorous trial and error and also high quality manage measures. A comprehensive report acservice providers each completed repair outlining the item"s faientice analysis, parts supplied to complete repair, trial and error performed, and also any kind of unique instructions to note before re-installation.

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Return Shipping and Tracking

When the repair is complete, your item will be securely shipped back to you in a foam-filled package inside an antistatic bag at the shipping speed that you have selected. A tracking number will certainly be sent to you as soon as the item is shipped, permitting you to track it as shortly as it leaves our repair facility.

18 Month Warranty

Our exclusive 18 month warranty means that the entire unit sent to us for organization is extended, not simply the sections that forced repair. See Policies & Procedures for details.

18 Month Warranty - Repairs are covered by a 18 month "bumper-to-bumper" warranty. This suggests that the entire item you send in for repair will certainly be covered, not simply the parts we solve. See Policy & Procedures fordetails.
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On-Site Service is easily accessible for your Solar* 560A. Call 800-575-5562 to schedule On-Site Servicethis particular day.
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