Solar Air Septic System

The Solar Air aerobic sewage treatment mechanism is an extensive aeration caused sludge process. This type of treatment counts on the air introduced into the wastewater from your house as soon as it enters the treatment unit. Aeration gives dissolved oxygen that mixes via the wastewater, helping to break down the organic solids that enter the therapy plant.

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1. The pretherapy tank receives raw sewer from the resource and traps non-biodegradable waste.

2. The aeration chamber introduces oxygen quietly and also effectively.

3. The clarifier sepaprices solids from the liquid, through set off sludge being returned to the aeration chamber.

4. The chlorinator disinfects, once forced.

5. Holding tanks keep the chlorinated effluent for discharge.

6. Liclose to air pumps help microscopic organisms digest solids in wastewater.

7. The regulate facility monitors and also controls the system, via low cost and also maintenance for any kind of user.

Get a high high quality device
Efficient one-item design

- One-item construction

- Low-expense installation

- Installer friendly

- Eextremely component of the system is acessible

- No plastic or fiberglass inserts, and also a heavy duty reinrequired concrete

- No relocating parts to wear out

- No filters clogging

- Maintenance is simple

- Environmentally friendly

The system is basically a scaled down version of bigger township and also municipality sewer therapy plants. Call today to learn more.

Top-notch functions

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We market a 24-month warranty on any kind of 4 Compartment Solar Air System!


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Eextremely SOLAR AIR aerobic treatment device is warranted to be complimentary from defects in workmanship and materials from the day of installation for a period of no even more than twenty 4 (24) months. When properly set up and also registered by the manufacturer or appointed representative, the manufacturer"s sole duty under the warranty shall be to repair or exreadjust any kind of component, F.O.B. manufacturing facility, that in the manufacturer"s judgement is defective. This warranty applies only to the treatment device itself and also does not include any of the purchaser"s plumbing, drainage and/or disposal mechanism or home wiring.

This warranty does not cover any type of system that has actually not been appropriately installed, has been flooded by any type of outside implies, has actually been infested by ants, has been disassembled by any unauthorized perkid or has actually had anything other than normal household wastewater introduced into it. Losses due to acts of nature are not extended by this warranty.

The Manufacturer is not responsible for nor clintends obligation for any type of delays or dameras led to by defective components or for losses incurred by interruption of business or for the labor expenses of repair or replacement of parts extended by the warranty.

A proceeding service policy via terms comparible to the Initial Service Policy is easily accessible through the SOLAR AIR dealer. Contact your SOLAR AIR dealer for information.

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