Solar And Eric Nam Ep 1

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emikoa20) and also I have been creating something for a bit. A new theory/analysis that we"d like to share with you all. ... A quick disclaimer...

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We decided to rerelocate these articles as a result of involves around protecting the image of both Eric and Solar after the newly revealed k-nampyeon anti-Solar hate mobs have actually resulted in both fandoms to end up being much more protective and also begin doing their own investigating. While theories are fun, they"re definitely not worth stirring up even more dispute. If you desire to review it, please reach out to the twitter gc.

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Emi and also Cinnaminskies, 


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Hey !OMG yes, I totally feel you !! The "us" at the finish of his statement provides my heart flutter and feel all kind of ways. But I"m trying to not be delusionnal, and also tell myself it"s just around him being sad not being on a phase :((( Or need to I just provide up upon any kind of rational thoughts and also start fantasize around an underlying interpretation ? 


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Some cute interactions:



Hey !OMG yes, I entirely feel you !! The "us" at the end of his statement provides my heart flutter and feel all sort of methods. But I"m trying to not be delusionnal, and tell myself it"s only around him being sad not being on a stage :((( Or have to I simply provide up upon any type of rational thoughts and begin fantasize around an underlying meaning ? 



Thank you emikoa20 !!

Awweee actually that renders feeling anymethod. He might be referring to “us” (FANS). Nonetheless, my ddongie heart has actually climbed to its grave after just how many kind of months hahahaha. Ddongie shippers were incredibly happy to check out them in one screen again and to watch just how they are having actually fun and also being comfortable as before. Btw

Ddongie August 2020 Updates:


Eric mentioned Solar on Naver Now Hyungdon and also Defcon Radio on the 10th:

7:43Hyungdon: Best Couple Award? What"s this for?Eric:우결 (We Got Married)...via SolarHyungdon: Who...that was it with?Defconn: Solar.Hyungdon: Solar?Eric: Solar-ssi *laughs*Defconn: The sunlight, the sun, Solar, yes.Hyungdon: Who"s your wife?Eric: *laughs* Who was my wife? It was Solar.


Jessi has become close with Mamamoo freshly and also Eric went on Jessi"s Showtersee on the 13th and her reactivity as soon as she uncovered out Eric and Solar were on WGM together was so cute:


Then on the 27th, Solar stated on Solarsicarry out that she would be open up to collabing through Eric, dubbed him "oppa" a number of times, and also also told their fans to soptimal fighting. Hopetotally we"ll see him on Solarsicarry out at some point soon!

Hey, I am a fan who reuncovered this ship. If you go all the way ago you could find some old write-ups. Anyway, is tbelow still a twitter gc for updates? I provided to be component of the kakao one. It"s nice to see people still following this. There are some genuine detectives.

Hey, I am a fan who refound this ship. If you go all the way ago you can discover some old short articles. Anyway, is tbelow still a twitter gc for updates? I used to be part of the kakao one. It"s nice to check out people still complying with this. Tbelow are some real detectives.

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Hi venn it"s been a lengthy time. Yes we actually execute have one. Pls sfinish me your take care of and also I"ll add you in.

emikoa20 i would certainly love to sign up with twitter upday also. 

Guys new brand-new shipper below. I just love just how when with Eric, Solar tried to do many brand-new things (go fishing, eat brand-new food,...) and also you deserve to tell once in a group setting she always talked and also giggled via Eric (the type of chemisattempt prefer she sassist through her members).

And i love how they both look really natural (choose no force skinship or cheesy romantic line).

Oh oh and she spoke English a lot more (esp when they were in Dubai) and I love just how Eric simply sat ago and let her converse through locald even though it would certainly prob much faster if he just did it himself. 

I am so happy found this thread... I am newbie here..

After I watched eric and also eddie talking around wgm in kpopdaebak show, i am gaining curious about ddongie couple. I search everything about them. That"s just how I discovered this threview. This thcheck out is exceptional, the upday, the concept, the thought.... say thanks to you so much...Actually i am curious around what is fandom shelp poor about ddongie couple, so their interactivity become awkward and also mindful in front of camera. But I coudnt uncover it.