Includes Remote Control and also Solar Controller Module -- Compatible through 9920TR and also 1020APV Fan Models Only

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Product Features

Run your Solar Powered Attic Fan after dark through the optional house electrical power feature

Intelligently controls electrical power use as soon as associated to home power

Displays attic temperature and also family member humidity on the remote regulate unit

Remotely regulate the thermo-switch

Remote regulate displays fan operating status

Control up to three fans through a single remote


Nighttime Operation

Enables fan procedure when no sunlight is available


Status Updates

Temperature, humidity, and fan procedure display

The enhancement of the Solar Controller via Dual Mode Technology will permit your Solar Powered Attic Fan, Solar Gable Fan All Purpose Ventilator, or Garage Ventilation Kit to run after sunset or when tbelow is no light available from the sunlight.

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When tright here is no sunlight easily accessible to power the fan and the Solar Controller has actually the optional home power connection allowed, the Solar Controller will certainly cycle residence power for 15 on, 15 minutes off every half-hour in order to power the fan. This will certainly enable your attic temperature to proceed to drop after suncollection and also help rerelocate the warm, stagnant air that deserve to construct up on those warmth summer evenings.

Run your Solar Powered Attic Fan after dark via the optional house electricity featureIntelligently controls electricity use once connected to home powerDisplays attic temperature and family member humidity on the remote manage unitRemote regulate screens fan operating statusControl approximately three fans with a single remote

Real-time standing updates

The readout on the had remote regulate sends out a radio signal through your wall surfaces and ceiling to give you a real-time standing upday on fan operation to let you understand if your fan is running and if the power source is from the solar panel or the residence electricity.

Tright here is no even more questioning if your fan is running! This patent-pending, industry-first advancement will certainly offer you the peace-of-mind that your fan is functioning and also your attic is being ventilated.

Attic temperature and humidity display

The contained remote manage unit will certainly also display the existing attic temperature and also family member humidity. Ssuggest push the STATUS button and the indevelopment is transmitted from the Solar Controller to your hand-hosted remote.

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An intelligent device

The Solar Controller monitors both temperature and also humidity; optimizing your fan"s operation for maximum performance in all weather conditions.

The Solar Controller intelligently boundaries the amount of electricity provided to power the fan, so it is a perfect alternate to traditional, electric-powered vents. With the integrated temperature and also humidity sensors, the Solar Controller can monitor attic conditions and also utilize solar power or home electrical power to optimize the run-time of the fan by removing extreme heat and moisture.

Temperature Sensor

Monitors the attic temperature and also will turn on the fan as soon as the temperature reaches 80 degrees and will revolve off the fan as soon as the temperature dips below 77 levels. This allows the fan to only run once it is important to vent hot air from the attic area, extending the life of the motor. The unit comes through the temperature switch disinvolved. It is recommfinished that the temperature switch remain disengaged to enable year-round venting. However, you may connect the temperature switch if wanted.


Too much humidity in the attic have the right to cause condensation which have the right to cause the development of mold and mildew. The integrated humidistat monitors the attic humidity and also will turn the fan on if the attic air reaches 75% loved one humidity and also will rotate it off at 65% relative humidity.