Solar attic fan vs electric

Be mindful. Attic fans – either solar or electric – are not as efficient at cooling overheated attics as manufacturers case.

You may be tempted to use attic fans because they are inexpensive compared to various other choices, or because they are straightforward to install.

But attic fans have the right to be very inreliable or also counterfertile. They just should be used as a last reresource, in overheated attics.

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Alternatives to attic fans

Reflective and also light-colored roofs and attic ventilation making use of a well designed system, deserve to lower attic temperatures.

But tbelow is just one very reliable means of resolving thermal problems linked through overheated attics: airtight attics (to avoid hot air to escape to the living space) via extremely high levels of insulation (to prevent heat transport via the products that consist of the ceiling).

execute never before usage Attic Fans in poorly sealed attics

Do not ever before use attic fans - either electrical or solar - in poorly sealed attics. Fans will certainly attract air from the rooms listed below, increasing your cooling bills instead of lowering them.

Sealing is also vital to prevent back-drafting and also moisture troubles.

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Also think about carefully your attic ventilation, before installing any kind of fan. See if the roof vents aren"t blocked and also are big enough.

Solar vs. Electric attic fans

Solar powered fans are based on a tiny photovoltaic solar panel powering a small motor. Their capacity varieties from 800 to 1200 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), which is less than the capacity of many electric fans.

Because they run without fuel, they deserve to save you some money; and given that attic overheating periods coincide with high solar sources, their capacity is not affected in the time of the periods as soon as the fans are most needed.

Another substantial benefit over electric fans is that they not need wiring, which makes them a lot less complicated to install.

In some models, their solar panel is installed separately, utilizing a bracket to permit the panel to be tilted towards the sunlight as squarely as feasible.

Prices & Warranties

The finest solar attic fans are more expensive than electric units.

Electric fans deserve to expense you, virtual, $50-$100, while solar devices prices are in the variety $200-$300+.

Electric attic fans vs. Solar powered attic fans

Electric attic fans are even more effective and also cheaper than solar attic fans, however they consume many power. If you execute choose to use an electric attic fan, think about one with a thermostat (an practically typical feature) and also collection it for 130ºF or above. This will certainly minimize power consumption…

They additionally have actually a tiny warranty (frequently 1 year for parts), as soon as compared to new solar units: some solar attic manufacturers are providing a 25-year warranty on solar panels, fan housings and electric motors.