Keep Your Austin Attic Ventilated With ATX Radiant Barrier and Insulation’s Solar Attic Fans

Why Solar Attic Fans?

Austin gets hot! You understand how our summers are below, miserable, warm and also humid. An attic fan ventilates your house by rerelocating the warm air from your attic and putting it earlier external wbelow it belongs. In doing so, this permits your AC mechanism to run much less bereason it doesn’t have to compensate for the warmth that was invading your residence and also making the temperature increase.

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Provided that your residence is also insulated adequately through fiberglass insulation and also through radiant obstacle, you will enjoy reduced power bills monthly because you are not running your AC as a lot to save your home comfortable. Attic fans work-related via your entire insulation mechanism in your attic. The cooler your attic, the much less your AC runs everyday, and also the lower your monthly electric bill will certainly be as a result of it.

Solar Attic Fans are a Great Equipment for Your Home

The industry-leading specialists at ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation offer the installation of the best solar attic fans made today. With our solar fan in your house, you will certainly have improved air circulation.

Benefits of Installing Our Solar Attic Fan!

Reduce the Amount of Work Your AC Uses to Keep Your Home Cool

Solar attic fans are a simple and environmentally cautious solution that will save you money. Solar powered attic fans run totally on solar power, this sleek and efficient vent is both compact and quiet. The solar attic fan is operational right from the box, it installs quickly, through no electric wiring, and without an expensive electrician and city permits. And let’s not forgain powerful! The solar attic fan operates at a whopping 850 cfm, a solitary unit deserve to completely vent approximately 1200 square feet. Place the solar attic fan wherever before you require improved circulation; attics, garperiods, lofts, workshops, storage sheds, and also even barns.

Increases The Lifetime of Your Roof!

The solar attic fan is put near the peak of the roof to attract warm air out of the attic. Just as in a vehicle in the sunlight with the windows all closed, the air in an attic have the right to reach 150F in the summer. This makes the air conditioner work-related harder bereason it hregarding fight versus the heat from above. The attic fan pulls the warm air out of the attic, illustration outside air in through vents, cooling the attic, and also reducing the need for air conditioning. Because the temperature had newly been in the 90s, this was on our minds.

Takes The Heat Load Off of Your Insulation!

A warm attic will certainly fill your insulation via warm leading to too much heat move from your attic to your living space. By reducing this warmth, you will certainly enhance the efficiency and comfort of your residence.

Solar Attic Fan Concept.

Critical Factors that impact solar powered attic fans unique to our product:


Minimizes backpressure of exhaust gas.Natural Light incorporates an angled throat within the flashing that gives a venturi impact, which increases aircirculation.Natural Light was designed from the ground up to minimize obstructions in the flashing and shroud.Maximizes sun expocertain to solar panel.Natural Light designed a mounting bracket that homes the solar panel that allows for angling the panel.The mounting bracket enables for remote mounting of the solar panel that offers for optimal panel/flashing replacement.

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Minimizes ambient temperature of a solar panel given that power output conveniently decreases as temperature rises.Natural Light powder coats the whole solar attic fan assembly in a neutral gray color for this reason ensuring that it does not act favor a warm sink.The solar panel mounting bracket permits for an envelope of cooling air to continually circulate the whole solar panel.Adaptable to any type of location or roof form, in any type of atmosphere.Natural Light solar attic fan is created of .080 (14gauge) aluminum, the flashing and also shroud are seamless ensuring weather tight installations.Stainless steel animal defense display screen.Stainmuch less steel hardware throughout.Powder coated to withstand any kind of setting.Fifty year Neutral Cure silicone bonds the flashing to the roof.

Thanks to the industry’s leading manufacturers of solar panels (BP), low voltage DC electric motors and also the usage of high quality products and specific building and construction approaches employed by Natural Light, the solar attic fan is extended by an sector leading 25 Year Warranty on the real estate, 10 years on the panel and also 5 years on the motor.

Thanks to the industry’s leading manufacturers of solar panels (BP), low voltage DC electric motors and the usage of high quality products and also precise construction methods employed by Natural Light, the solar attic fan is covered by an industry leading 25 Year Warranty on the real estate, 10 years on the panel and also 5 years on the motor.

Solar Power is Eco-friendly Energy at its Finest

Let’s confront it, as much as green power goes, and the assets contained wind and solar are at the top of the list. With a solar attic fan, the guessoccupational is rerelocated because the mechanism charges itself by utilizing the Sun’s rays to power the unit and also once it senses that your attic is getting as well warm, the fan initiates and also pulls that warm air out of your residence and also earlier exterior wright here it belongs.

Solar power has been around for many years, however just in the last decade have actually tbelow been technical developments that deserve to now be took pleasure in efficiently by consumers and also businesses alike which can help in energy conservation and minimize the carbon footprint on the world.

Choose Austin’s Best Solar Attic Fan Installation Company

Like a lot of points, no two solar attic fans are developed the very same. At ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation, we take pride in utilizing just the ideal solar attic fans. Our fans are produced best here in Texas.

Our solar attic fan was developed, designed, and also engineered to sell our customers the finest in solar ventilation. No issue the space being ventilated, we offer the ideal solution for solar powered attic ventilation. ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation’s solar attic fans not just have actually an adjusteady panel and also an 85 degree on – 70 degrees off the thermostat, however it likewise supplies a humidity sensor which will turn the fan on when humidity is over 75% and also rotate it off as soon as humidity drops to 60% maintaining the attic dry.

Call us today to find out more around Austin’s high-performance solar attic fans.