Solar automatic watering system

No need for power or a tap - best for greenresidence watering, garden watering, vertical gardens & green wall surfaces, hanging baskets, raised beds, allotments & holiday watering.Just drop the inlet filter into the water butt, position the regulate unit somewright here sunny, switch on and also leave.It waters eincredibly 3 hrs - currently the clever little - it automatically waters for much longer when sunny - plants love it!


Just drop the inlet filter in to the water butt - it pumps water directly from the barrel as much as 5m in elevation - no more lugging around hefty watering cans.No accessibility to a water barrel? Water straight from a tap making use of the reservoir.

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Drip irrigation is an eco friendly method of watering your plants by using water straight to the roots - the systems water eexceptionally 3 hrs and for much longer once sunny - just what your plants have to thrive.


For watering elevated beds or flower or vegetable beds - |rrigatia offers extension kits to water your plants with leaky hose or for much longer runs usage the micro porous hose.

See more: Project Solar System On Ceiling, Ceiling Solar System weather responsive SMART irrigation controllers uniquelyusage solar power to detect the weather and also transform wateringaccording to the problems and also the seaboy, giving plants withthe exact watering they should aid them flourish.

Easy to install and set up, they will certainly water automatically withminimal supervision. Ideal for little to medium gardens orallotments, and have the right to be used for pots, increased beds, hangingbaskets, vegetables and also greenhouses


I purchased this unit several years earlier at an RHS show. Like a couple of things one buys at shows, it didn"t acquire put up for some time (years). I kbrand-new I was going to be away for days at a time last year and also would not have the ability to water my hanging baskets. So finally, up it went. Instructions were basic to follow and also I will never before understand why I waited so long it was terrific. I had actually intfinished to provide up on hanging baskets bereason of the watering maintenance however never aget, this kit is awesome and also I can very recommfinish it. Even though I am in the UK, there was not worry with solar light levels to power it. I am just around to but my second kit.

Customer quotes

“A clever principle which really works”“Brilliant time saver and also plants are flourishing better”“I have a really busy life being away from home a lot and offered to come house to wilting plants which took eras to recover - currently I come residence to a healthy jungle which looks amazing”“I found that using rainwater from my water buttwas the ideal irrigation water for my garden”“Excellent principle - not just safe, however efficient,resource mindful and also leaves you to get on witheven more essential points while the plants gain onwith growing. Superb!!”Read more

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