If you enjoy travelling light, solar blankets are a great means to gain all the power you need.

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Solar blankets are consisted of of solar cells attached to a flexible towel backing, which gives versatility and convenience. We take a look at the best options on the market and also what you must know to power your next camping trip:

Powering Your Trip With Caravan or Camping Solar Panels

You have the right to also examine out our Solar Power Calculator Page to aid you dimension the correct amount of solar for your particular camping / caravanning needs.

Benefits of Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are really easy to set-up and also less kosid.orgplicated to pack-up and also keep. Drape it over your trailer, hang it off the side of the awning or spread it out throughout the ground to start soaking up those rays.

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Baintuff 180w Folding Solar Blanket

Then once it’s time to discover your next camping spot, fold up the blanket and also pack it away – a lightweight style saves area and weight in crowded vehicles. No should battle with heavy solar panels, while they are still designed to be difficult and long lasting.

Drawbacks of Solar Blankets

The best drawago is the price-tag. Solar blankets can be expensive kosid.orgpared to solar panels, yet it might be a tiny price to pay for convenience!

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Which Are The Best Solar Blankets?

It all really kosid.orges down to your travelling style, budobtain and frequency of usage. Lets take a look at what points you’ll desire to take into consideration in a blanket and also then kosid.orgpare some of the best brands / models:

Here’s What to Look For in a Solar Blanket:

Technology: Look for a solar blanket that usage monocrystalline or amorphous cells. Monocrystalline cells are much smaller sized in area, though produce a similar amperage to the amorphous. TheBaintuff 180w Folding Solar Blanketis a really well-known monocrystalline solar blanket. Whilethe Redarc 112W Solar Blanket is a renowned high finish amorphous cells solar blanket.

Size: Choose a solar blanket massive enough to provide sufficient power to run your appliances and also charge your batteries. Start by working out how much power your appliances will draw out of the mechanism over a 24-hour duration (in watts or amp hours). Your camping fridge will tend to be the biggest power illustration item. It’s constantly an excellent principle to choose a solar blanket slightly bigger than you require, as conditions such as overactors days and excessive heat will affect exactly how a lot power your panels generate. Again, you deserve to use our Solar Power Calcualtor tool to help you right here