Solar charger for camera

What Voltaic solar chargers deserve to I use to charge my camera?

With the appropriate cradle, eexceptionally among our solar chargers have the right to power your digital video camera. Tright here are wide performance distinctions and also exceptions, so we suggest you watch our Solar for DSLR Camperiods video listed below. Click here to view our USB electronic camera chargers.

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What adapters or accessories do I need?

The charger supplied via your cam most likely calls for AC power and also will certainly likely not have the DC power input required for solar charging. We lug a selection of battery charger cradles available that accept USB input and have been tested to occupational well.

To gain the correct cam cradle, recognize your battery type and purchase the appropriate version. Sindicate rerelocate your battery and also look for the model number on the load. This is generally a short alpha-numeric code. Below are examples of the Canon NB-2LH.



How perform I use solar power to charge my video camera battery?

You have the right to use any type of Voltaic solar charger or battery and also our USB Camera Cradles to charge your DSLR camera. Our USB cam battery chargers are quick and also provide up to 800mA at 7.4 Volts (5.9 Watts) to your video camera battery. If you’re trying to charge multiple experienced DSLRs a day or a DSLR and a lapoptimal, we imply utilizing either our Arc 20W Kit, Fuse Lapheight Solar Charger, Array, or 17 Watt Kit. For occasional DSLR charges, look for any kind of of our tablet chargers. For point and shoot camperiods, any kind of of our smartphone chargers will certainly do.

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Charging from the Voltaic battery

Connect the USB cable from battery to cradle and activate the power output of the battery.


Do I need to test before I leave on my trip?

Yes. Camera batteries have the right to be slightly trickier to charge than cell phones. We highly recommfinish testing your setup prior to you leave on your trip and contacting us via any questions.

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How lengthy will it take to charge my electronic camera battery?

On the battery, you"ll watch a Voltage (frequently 3.7 or 7.4 V) and capacity (e.g. 1200 mAh). Multiply these numbers together and divide by 1,000 to calculate Watt-hours. A 7.4 V, 1200 mAh battery is an 8.9 Watt-hour battery. With our 4-Watt solar bags and also solar chargers, each Watt-hour of battery capacity takes about 35 minutes to charge in direct sun. So an 8.9 Watt-hour battery will certainly take about 5 and also a fifty percent hrs to charge. For our 9- and also 10-Watt bags, each Watt-hour takes around 18 minutes. Our 17 Watt and 20 Watt lappeak chargers will be also much faster.