Any suggestions? and also how many type of watts will the iPhone 6 plus have to charge? I watch a wide range of different outputs in solar panels.

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If it really offers 14 watts and also an output voltage of 5 volts (meaning a existing of 2.8 amps) it must charge the phone directly in around 2.5 hours. The phone can"t usage 2.8 amps, yet, it can just usage 1.5 amps. If the battery power pack can usage the full 2.8 amps then it will be quicker to usage it in the lengthy run. I really didn"t know there were solar panels qualified of giving 14 watts in a portable size. I"ve got to look right into this. Thanks!

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I discovered out fairly a bit after a pair days of research.I purchased a 14W Powerinclude Solar Panel, and a Poweradd Pilot S 12000 mAh Battery Power Pack for it to charge off of. Solar Panel CAN charge the iPhone 6 Plus straight with the plug-in, but it will take 5 -6 hrs or much longer, depfinishing. However, plugging in the solar panels to the battery pack, charge it in a tiny less time than 6 hrs, BUT you can charge your iPhone 6 Plus up to 5 times and the power in the battery load lasts for several months if not provided. Great purchase for any kind of traveler!

Nedr time ask your question effectively. With a name like Travelling Kangaroo I presumed you were travelling Australia rather of being a rude dude, and also recommends the conventional van set up. So I don"t understand what it is you want. Next time ask your question via some detail.