Solar charging iphone 5

Is tright here a solar charger easily accessible for the iphone 5. Our weekend retreat has no electricity so we depend just on fire and solar power!


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Yes, I discover 2 solar charger may meet your requirement. One is an iPhone 5 solar charger case: Another one is usb solar charger,, you require insert your iPhone 5 cable to charge.

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I"ve been making use of this one for a couple of weeks and it"s excellent so much. Would charge the iPhone totally 2 or 3 times (never before required that many type of yet!). Solar constantly charging, even if overcast. Only flegislation, naturally you do not face your phone ago up.

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I really favor the PowerAdd Solar Battery Charger. It provides solar to charge a battery load which you have the right to also charge via a wall outlet. It holds enough to charge an iPhone 3 times however for those time as soon as you are amethod from power the solar attribute is really handy.

I have a Suntactics solar charger and also it has actually really operated excellent for my iphone 5. It charges my phone directly without any type of batteries and also very conveniently. Sunstrategies clintends that the on-board kind solar battery chargers really execute not have actually the ummf. If the internal battery goes dead then you need to wait for it to solar charge. My charger starts charging appropriate amethod via the sun of course. I think that their chargers can additionally charge many type of types of USB batteries if you require the power for later use though.


Hey, tbelow are most great solar chargers out on the market right currently. The one that I recommend and use is the Anker Foldable Solar charger. I have owned this negative boy for awhile and also it had actually charged up all my devices. I found it on

It"s a really great site that I discovered that has actually all kinds of solar devices. Well excellent luck and also I hope you discover what you are looking for.

Check out the newest solar charger that just funded on Kickstarter. Its made to work-related perfectly via tools.

I usage the Nexcon Solar Charger through my iPhone 6 and iPad Mini. It works excellent especially on camping trips!

Maclife provided to have one for sale on their Deals page - yet they dont seem to be supplying it anyeven more - try browsing Amazon

sorry didnt look at the date - it was on the first page of the Accessories Forum so i simply assumed it was recent

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