The sunlight produces an abundance of complimentary, clean, renewable power. In fact, in simply one hour, the sun generates more power than the whole world supplies in a year. Solar power harnesses this energy. Increasing the amount of clean renewable energy is a critical component of Berkeley area efforts to reduce greenhome gases and grow the green economic climate.


Reduce before you create.

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The first action in any type of solar power installation is to implement conservation measures to minimize energy usage. Conservation reduces costs, greenresidence gas egoals, and also minimizes the size of your solar PV or solar thermal mechanism. Check out sources for power performance.

Solar Rights Go Solar California summarizes state regulation on accessibility to the sun for solar units.

SunShares uses solar mass purchasing and electrical car discounts to Bay Area inhabitants eexceptionally loss. Sunshares pools the buying power of occupants, vets the home builders, and also supplies informational workshops. For more information, see

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Solar for income-qualified homeowners: Non-profit GRID Alternatives offer low-to-no price roofoptimal solar to low earnings families. Visit to learn more.

Financing: PACE Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing enables residential or commercial property owners to borrow money to pay for renewable-power units and/or energy effectiveness renovations and spread the price of the upgrade over a duration of time.

What permits are compelled to install solar panels? Electrical permits are compelled for all solar PV installations. Building permits are only required if structural work-related is necessary to support the solar PV system. Solar jobs execute not call for zoning permits or design evaluation. See Solar Permitting and Submittal Requirements.

News! City Wins 2018 SolSmart Award. The City of Berkeley"s job-related to promote roofpeak solar has been recognized via a SolSmart Gold Award, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The City was known for giving clear guidance for the public, streamlining permitting, training staff, and also sustaining group purchase programs like SunShares. Gold is the highest possible designation feasible and calls for 200 points to attain – Berkeley earned 505 points!