Solar Community Housing Association

Solar Community Housing Association (SCHA) is a non-profit that has actually offered affordable, sustainable, and also participating housing in Davis, California since 1979. SCHA is governed by its resident members (~90) and also is made up of 3 participating dwellings (Sunwise, J Street, and also the Cornucopia Corner Co-op) in addition to 2 student co-housing communities on the UC Davis campus (the Baggins End Domes and also Tri Co-op Houses) that we lease from the College. Over the last 5 years, SCHA has competent fast growth and also growth and also is currently functioning on integrating a set of social justice purposes to ensure its communities are more inclusive, equitable, and also simply.

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Our mission

"SCHA is committed to giving low-earnings cooperative real estate that functions to confront and critique units of oppression with ecological awareness, inclusive self-administration and also alternate economic models."

SCHA cooperatives are mutual, living-learning spaces that empower residents to educate themselves, organize, and inspire community. SCHA holds the complying with values:

Cooperative Community

Striving to produce a radically empathetic, inclusive, safer space, we are passionately collaborative, invested in units of support and teamwork, acknowledging and welcoming the lived experiences of eextremely generation/age of perchild, and obtainable in the way we share resources, interact in neighborhoods, and also democratize knowledge. We emphasis on the process of asking for and interacting consent, functioning through arguments through mediation, and communicating our wants through respect and also compassion.

Shared Leadership

As a non-hierarchical, self-governing organization, we are committed to developing management through empowerment and common obligation. We acknowledge that power and management have the right to take many kind of develops. We work to recognize, encourage, and support management in traditionally marginalized and disinvested neighborhoods. We create processes for moving abilities and understanding over time and also engaging/integrating brand-new members. We do this because we recognize that fairly distributing power organizationally calls for making good effort to respond to systemic privilege and inequitable distribution of sources.

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Social and Economic Justice

As establishments that assert the maxim "living and learning", SCHA cooperatives seek to face oppression and hierarchies that exist mutually exterior of and also within our homes. We specifically acknowledge the prevalence of white dominance, both within the organization and without, with the hope of dismantling it. In this method, we are a area committed to collective liberation. We encourage educational programs, foster an awareness of climate change, and various other mediums of sharing knowledge. We strive to empower one an additional as co-inhabitants and also employees, and also we work together to produce a safer open space that nurtures dialogue around social and also financial justice. We support sustainable financial models that are community-based and respect the natural worth of civilization and ecodevices. We constantly strive to acexpertise the privilege we organize as a neighborhood of mainly settlers, and also the emigration and recurring genocide of Native Americans we are naturally complicit in.

Ecological Awareness

We strive for an energetic awareness of the land and also sources we occupy, as an facility largely consisted of of inhabitants on this land also. We actively encourage sustainable relationships between people and the land also. We occupational in the direction of low-impact, environmentally aware lifestyles and deindicators. In hoping to keep a conscious engagement via conquered land also and racist food units, we try to resource our produce in your area and also grow our very own food.