Relevance Product Name Chemical Type Container Size Equipment Sale Price - Low To High Price - High To Low
Relevance Product Name Chemical Type Container Size Equipment Sale Price - Low To High Price - High To Low


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Solar Pool Cover Reel Systems

Don’t wrestle through your solar pool cover!

While the benefits of solar pool covers are many, the downside is that the covers have the right to be cumbersome to use. A solar pool cover reel system will assist take the dcheck out out of the daunting task of extending and unextending your pool. 

Depfinishing on the design, a solar pool cover reel mechanism is either automatic—press a button, and it does the job-related for you, or hand-cranked through one manage for a single perboy to crank or dual handles for two civilization working together makes rolling up the cover fast and straightforward. Some models even have actually remote controls!

The objectives of a solar pool reel mechanism are—

- To deploy the cover when the pool is not in use- Uncover your pool once ready for use- Provide a location to store your cover for the swimming season

At"s Pool Supplies Rapid, we proudly offer some of the ideal solar cover reels for over ground pools, in-ground pools, and also commercial pools easily accessible.

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Some models market permanent installation on the pool deck, while other models have actually casters one or both ends for simple maneuvering. The tool is made up of a lengthy metal pole (regularly dubbed the tubing) extended between two T-bars. T-bar style offers included stcapacity.

On hand crank models, the wheel or take care of is turned to spool the cover onto the steel rod. On automatic models, simply press the button or usage the remote.


Aluminum or Stainless Steel Tubing

Aluminum and Stainmuch less Steel both market a sturdy alternative that will withstand also the elements. When choosing which tubing, the main consideration have to be the size of the pool. Due to the fact that a larger pool requires a bigger cover and larger covers are regularly heavier, stainmuch less steel is the stronger element. As such, stainmuch less steel is a far better choice for bigger pools.

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Mil Accommodation

Solar pool covers look favor expensive sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles trap the sun’s warmth and also deliver that warmth to the pool’s water. The cover is made from a thick grade of plastic and is measured in mil (mil=one-thousandth of an inch). At’s Pool Supplies Fast, we lug covers in 5 mil, 8 mil, 12 mil, and 16 mil.

One important element to think about is the better the mil of the cover, the thicker the pool cover will be. When purchasing the reel be certain to pick one that will accommoday the thickness of the solar pool cover you already very own or plan to purchase.

Need some guidance choosing or installing your solar cover reel? Contact a pool pro at"s Pool Supplies Rapid by calling 800.574.7665. We"re below to help - call us today!

IMPORTANT: Completely remove the solar blanket from the pool prior to permitting anyone to enter the pool to swim, specifically little youngsters and pets. If the cover is NOT FULLY REMOVED, it is possible for someone to become trapped under the cover. Swimming via the cover partly removed or folded earlier is a safety and security risk.