Solar Covers For Spas

Getting a solar warm tub cover is perfect if you are trying to find a good means to defend your Jacuzzi and a means to gain complimentary sun produced heating.

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Doing this will help mitigate your power bills.

This is because making use of a floating solar Jacuzzi spa cover indicates that you deserve to use solar energy to heat the water in your spa.

Whether you choose a floating spa blanket or opt for a spa cover, you will certainly find every little thing you need to recognize in this post.

Purchasing a solar cover have the right to be a very confutilizing and also possibly expensive endure when you don’t recognize the basics.

So in this post, I will certainly tell you how to pick the correct solar hot tub cover for all your Jacuzzi demands. You will certainly additionally discover indevelopment on solar spa panels if you like this course instead.

Solar Hot Tub Cover Reviews

What is a Hot Tub Cover?

A hot tub cover is ssuggest a cover that keeps your tub protected. If it is the type of cover that has actually air pockets then it will capture power from the sunlight and job-related just favor a greenresidence.

They are occasionally referred to as things favor “tub covers” or “solar blankets”. A solar cover is environmentally friendly and a sustainable implies of maintaining your tub.

This is bereason it functions off renewable solar power thereby reducing your should usage constant electrical energy.

The a lot of renowned warm tub covers look simply choose a plastic bubble wrap however don’t judge it by its standard looks.

The cover transfers warm to the water underneath in the time of the day as soon as the sun is out. And then it helps to store the water warm at night.

In reality, some covers are able to rise the temperature of water by as a lot as 15 levels Fahrenheit. This will certainly help alleviate the have to warmth your tub at the start (prior to you jump in to soak).

Why Does My Hot Tub Need a Cover?

The factors for obtaining a warm tub spa cover are a lot even more plenty of than you can think. Here are some of the reasons why many type of warm tub owners discover them invaluable:

It also stops large debris, such as twigs and also leaves from finishing up in the filter, pipes, nozzles or pumps.Using solar panel covers means that you deserve to possibly run the entire device from this power source.Even if you are only able to usage the solar cover to run it some times – this will certainly still result in a reduction in power bills.Hot tub covers are great for residences through children or pets. However before, if this is your major factor for gaining a warm tub cover then you should opt for typical plastic covers that are incredibly sturdy.

Solar Hot Tub Cover Basics


Micron is exactly how the thickness of the cover is measured. A “micron” essentially implies an extremely small unit of millimeters. 200 micron is the thincolony lightest warm tub cover while 900 is the thickest and heaviest.

Air pockets

The bubble wrap is not tbelow to make it look nice.

It is what enables your solar cover to retain warm – simply remember to make sure the bubbles always confront dvery own.


Choosing the shade of your solar cover have to not be an aesthetic choice. Different colors have actually different features.

Silver/Gold/Blue/Black and also various other dark colors will certainly aid prevent the development of algae. If you desire several warmth then think about getting silver or gold as they can much better reflect the sun’s rays deeper into the water.

Opaque/clear/transparent is ideal for hot climates. This is because a clear cover will certainly be better able to absorb and also let in infrared or UVA light which will pass through right into the water thereby maintaining it warm.

Electronic Solar Powered Spa Covers

The electronic versions of solar covers perform every little thing the standard bubble wrap covers perform however via 100% more intensity and effectiveness.

This is why I will only be reviewing electronic solar warm tub covers from this allude onwards.

Solar Hot Tub Cover Reviews

Natural Current NC30WSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Any stationary spa (non-inflatable).

The Natural power spa cover NC30WSPACOV Savior gives you through 25W of solar energy. This is a serious amount of wattage that is enough to warm water to whatever before level you want.


The complete list of what this solar panel cover deserve to execute is superior. This contains filtering your water via a UV light for points favor bacteria and it comes with ultrasonic sound waves.

The Bad The panel is large and also may require two civilization to assemble.The GoodCan be regulated through Wifi.Made in the USA.Easy to install and straightforward to usage, also without previous suffer through solar panels.25 watts of power can keep your water incredibly warmth.

Natural Current NC120WSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Any stationary spa (non-inflatable).

The NC120WSPACOV is a greater energy alternate to some of the other lower voltage solar panels on this list. This solar panel will certainly fit on top or on the sides of your hot tub.

The Bad This option is just one of the the majority of expensive.Some Jacuzzi’s might not be strong sufficient to have actually both panels placed on height at the very same time.

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The GoodComes in a set of 2 60-watt (120-watt in total) panels which allows for extremely effective heating.Easy to clean via a straightforward glass cleaner.It goes well through various other Natural Current products.Made in the USA.

Natural Current NC220WSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Any stationary spa (non-inflatable).


The NC220WSPACOV Savior Natural Power Solar Power Case is a 240-watt solar panel package that provides you via numerous solar power when you need it the majority of.

Set this up as a pack of 4 solar panels or just usage 1 or 2 if you feel that is sufficient. However, making use of all 4 will provide you through all the solar power that you will ever before require.

The BadThis is a costly alternative.The panels sell little protection against breakage.The plates have the right to be as well hefty for the sides of some tubs.The GoodEasy to install and also maintain, even without previous solar panel suffer.Designed to keep your spa functioning for multiple applications without needing to recharge.Extremely powerful heating is feasible through 240 watts of energy.

Natural Current NCTHRSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: smaller spas.


The present solar-powered cover display screen of the NCTHRSPACOV Savior power generator is an excellent solution for anyone via a smaller Jacuzzi that could be searching for a means to harness the sun’s energy for heating objectives.

Being a smaller sized heater for your spa method that it works best through 5 ‘x 5’ Jacuzzi’s. Even so, it is a great solution that can help you alleviate the cost of generally running your warm tub.

The BadSuitable for smaller Jacuzzi’s or may only cover part of a bigger Jacuzzi.The Good
This heater is designed to work well with other commodities from Natural Current.This heater does not acquire dirty quickly and also have the right to be preserved clean via a continuous gentle rinse or wipe down.

Natural Current NCOZSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: all Natural Current Panel commodities.


This product is suitable for use via any type of solar-powered solar panel. It converts the solar power from your panels right into power that you deserve to use in your hot tub.

This contains heating up the water so that you use less power. And it functions for both pools and hot tubs.

The BadIt does not have all the crucial settings to manage the plates properly.It is well-known that the external casing deserve to break throughout prolonged use.The Good
Its sturdy plastic instance protects the inner also as soon as exposed to water.Designed for usage with any type of Natural Current product.You can use this via either a warm tub or swimming pool.Easy to install and also even easier to preserve.Made in the USA.

Natural Current NCFBSPACOV Savior Solar Powered Spa Cover

Compatible with: Natural existing NCFBSAPCOV solar panels

The existing solar-powered spa cover NCFBSPACOV Savior is great it you desire your solar panel to float directly on the surface of your spa. It has actually a vast and also huge surchallenge location that will capture the maximum amount of solar energy.

The BadIts base does not support world so it can be a danger to children that might be tempted to gain on height of it.The base additionally doesn’t carry out defense for the solar panel glass.**2021 UPDATE** current customer reviews report this to be a product that is prone to breaking down. BUYER BEWARE!!!!The GoodMade in the USA.

Which Is The Best Solar Hot Tub Cover?

Solar warm tub covers don’t simply save your warm tub spanned so that it doesn’t get damaged by the aspects it deserve to be a power source also.

Covers are completely crucial if your warm tub is exterior.

Twigs, stones, debris, leaves, insects and also even some animals will certainly uncover their means right into your hot tub if you don’t use a cover.

And there is no informing how much damages these things have the right to do once they enter your tub device.

Getting a tub cover is also an excellent principle if you have actually young children or pets in the house.

However before, modern-day covers are capable of heating your tub water too.

If you’re going to be making this type of investment then it’s worth considering the electronic ones rather of the basic bubble wrap versions.

They are more efficient and pay for themselves in the long rung through all the money you save on electrical energy bills.

My favorite solar tub cover is the Prestige range. It is a good product that functions extremely well and also uses great value for money.